Twitter maintains a database of counter-extemism resources. What follows is a list of some key Twitter accounts of organisations engaged in Preventing Violent Extemism (PVE), countering violent extremism and radicalisation (CVE), and deradicalisation:

RAN Europe:

Commonwealth CVE Unit:

CVE Forum:

CVE Community:

Violence Prevention Network news in German:

Centre for the prevention of radicalization leading to violence:

Prevention Project Organizing Against Violent Extremism:

Strong Cities:

Exit Australia:

The Stabilisation Network (TSN):

Institute for Strategic Dialogue:

The Program on Extremism at George Washington University:

Disrupt Extremism:


Sawab Center:


The Center on Radicalization and International Terrorism:

Tech Against Terrorism:

CVEMap Project:

Beyond the Horizon:

Should you wish to appear on this list, please get in touch:

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