Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, February 2020

We have packaged the 10 most-consulted LinkedIn posts on P/CVE from February by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip. Sorted in descending order:

Stop calling far-right terrorists ‘crazy’ (Politico)

Pre-9/11 Warnings: Why Are They an Inconvenient Truth? (arc-europe.org)

Ideological Factors of Radicalization (Homeland Security Today)

Combatting online extremism: Tech Against Terrorism (Army Technology)

Full Digital Identification of Online Users Impracticable (think-tank-talk.org)

Germany Has the World’s Strictest Hate Speech Rules. Even They Couldn’t Stop the Hanau Suspect’s YouTube Video (Vice)

The Role of Aid and Development in the Fight Against Extremism (Small Wars Journal)

Counterterrorism is a Public Function: Resetting the Balance between Public and Private Sectors in Preventing Terrorist Use of the Internet (Program on Extremism)

How much do we really have to learn from Europe about counter-terrorism? (Capx)

A Sustainable Approach for Disengaging Violent Extremists (USIP)

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