Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, June 2020 (II)

The 20 most-consulted posts on LinkedIn on the topic of counter-extremism by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip (second half of June). In descending order:

Priti Patel defies her critics to expand Prevent anti-terror drive amid fears large areas of Britain are living dangerously unprotected from extremists
(Daily Mail)

Beyond counter-and alternative narratives to tackle extremism: the new Format model (PDF)

Flanders stops cooperation with imams on radicalised prisoners
(Brussels Time)

Tech & Terrorism: EU Anti-Terror Law Facing Opposition From Big Tech

Country-level report on drivers of self-radicalisation and digital sociability – United Kingdom

Content moderators alone can’t clean up our toxic internet

Country Reports on Terrorism 2019
(US Department of State)

Preventing Violent Extremism: Building Capacities and Engaging Communities
(ORF online)

Impact of Covid-19 on Violent Extremism and Terrorism (PDF)

Trends of radicalisation in Indonesia
(The Dispatch, India)

Le jargon de la rue français rendu accessible
(T. Koch on LinkedIn)

Preventing and countering terrorism and violent extremism: Council adopts conclusions on EU external action
(EU Council)

Islamic Law: Ordained Sharī’ah Principles v. Man-Made Code
(T. Koch on ResearchGate)

Zuckerberg Gives In To Pressure, Announces Facebook Crackdown On Hate Speech

Shamima Begum and other jihadis jailed in the Middle East ‘should be allowed BACK to their homelands in a bid to break the cycle of extremism’, says report
(Daily Mail)

UK extremism strategy ‘needs complete and urgent overhaul’
(The News, Pakistan)

‘Obsession’ with catching far-right extremists to ‘appease the hard left’ in Britain is diverting police, MI5 agents and public money away from stopping dangerous jihadis, intelligence expert warns
(Daily Mail)

Assessment of the Code of Conduct on Hate Speech on line State of Play
(EU Commission)

Microsoft warns EU anti-terror law is ‘unworkable’

Introductory Handbook on the Prevention of Recidivism and the Social Reintegration of Offenders (PDF)

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