Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, July 2020 (I)

The 20 most-consulted posts on LinkedIn on the topic of counter-extremism by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip (first half of July). In descending order:

Violent Extremism Does Not Pause for Global Pandemic, United Nations Warns, Urges States to Mount Unified Response, as Virtual Counter-Terrorism Week Begins
(United Nations)

A second wave of ISIS extremism is coming

Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement, Annual Report

Avoiding Physical Harm in Counter-Terrorism (CT)
(A.R.C. Europe/PCVE.ORG)

The Effects of Censoring the Far-Right Online
(VOX Pol)

Human-machine detection of online-based malign information

State Religious Institutions in the MENA: Can They Prevent Violent Radicalization?
(EU Bulletin)

Understanding the Online and Offline Dynamics of Terrorist Pathways

Discrete Causes and Triggers of Extremism
(A.R.C. Europe/PCVE.ORG)

Rehabilitating and Reintegrating Child Returnees from ISIS
(Just Security)

Biases in AI (PDF)

COVID-19: How hateful extremists are exploiting the pandemic

Arab states target extremism online — but are they effective?
(Egypt Independent)

More than 1,000 terrorists arrested across Europe as 119 plots uncovered
(The National)

The Hunt: Do terrorism de-radicalization programs work?

‘My son was a 7/7 suicide bomber and nobody’s doing anything to stop radicalisation’

Radicalisation still a threat in UK jails

Policy Brief: A Lifestory Strategic Communications Framework: The Case on Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Strengthening Resilience (PDF)
(Hague Centre for Strategic Studies)

New insights into how communities resist Boko Haram

Covid-19 pandemic is stoking extremist flames worldwide, analysts warn
(The Washington Post)


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