Restraint After the Recent Acts of Terrorism in France

Following the recent, despicable acts of terrorism in France, it is necessary to return to serenity and take reasonable, sustainable steps towards containing the terrorist threat. While there is no excuse whatsoever to ruthless killings and murder, let us be aware of the worldwide consequences that might arise from any public statement which is now being made.

On the one hand, it is crucial to condemn the acts of violent extremism. Not only in the West but also in the Muslim World. On the other, we must be aware that the situation is heated up. Some Muslim leaders have issued dangerous, generalizing and populist reactions, while others, such as Egypt’s president al-Sisi, have been prudent to differentiate between the peaceful majority among the Muslim populations – and a minority of terrorists.

We must understand that Muslim political leaders are now faced with a public outcry, especially during the celebration of the anniversary of the prophet Muhammad, the most important among the prophets of Islam.

There are many conflicts around the globe. Confrontation cannot be the answer during this time. Instead, let us hope that after a while, there can again be dialogue and mutual understanding. Do not let terrorism win.

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
29 Ocober 2020

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