Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. October 2021 (II/II)

The 40 most-consulted LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip. Second half of October, in descending order.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of them are posts of articles and documents on soft counter-extremism. The above is a current selection of our posts:

Women And Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism (CREST Research)

Five paths to tougher UK action against Islamist extremists (The National, UAE)

Will permanently banning extremist influencers detoxify social media? (Study Finds)

Actually, Facebook isn’t making people angrier. Some people are just jerks. People share disinformation to hurt the other side, this research shows (The Washington Post)

The European Observatory of Online Hate defined (via YouTube)

Incels, chads, misogyny and problematic terrorism overlaps: A young person’s perspective (connectfutures)

UK terror-prevention program questioned after lawmaker slain (The Washington Post)

Perspectives on Terrorism, Volume XV, October 2021

Love is wise, hate is foolish. Balancing free speech with curbing extremism (JD Supra)

Pandemic has spurred engagement in online extremism, say experts (The Guardian)

A Call for Orientation and Cultural Competency in Online Extremist Milieus within Prevention Efforts (GNET)

The difficult path of re-integration (OSCE)

Prevent duty self-assessment tool: further education (GOV.UK)

Rescuing the public from political intolerance requires more than addressing extremism (University at Buffalo)

RAN Cross-cutting thematic event Lone actors – Jointly taking stock of recent developments and combining knowledge (EU RAN)

Facebook claims it uses AI to identify and remove posts containing hate speech and violence, but the technology doesn’t really work, report says (Business Insider)

Functions of Conspiracy Theories and Extremism in “Educated” – How do the conspiracies we inherit shape our world? (Psychology Today)

Inequality and Radicalisation – Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies (Terrorism and Political Violence)

Council of Europe recommends measures to protect children against radicalisation (Council of Europe)

Misogyny, hate speech and toxic masculinity (GOV.WALES)

Prevent scheme: Why the government’s programme is so difficult (BBC)

Facebook rolls out campaign to fight misinformation ahead of Australian election (The Guardian)

Les livres, le front oublié de la désinformation (Ouest France)

Rescuing the public from political intolerance requires more than addressing extremism (

Preventing and countering violent radicalization. A guide for first-line practitioners (Universidad de Córdoba e.a.)

Classifying acts of violence. Understanding how acts of violence are classified by subject matter experts (RAND)

Recording… A Woman’s Place: Reflections on Women in Counter-Terrorism since 9/11 (ICCT)

Examining algorithmic amplification of political content on Twitter (Twitter Blog)

Learning through the Grapevine: The Impact of Noise and the Breadth and Depth of Social Networks (SSRN)

The Extremism Equation: Busting Myths About Terrorism (Borgen Magazine)

Facebook grilled by UK lawmakers making online safety rules (Tech Xplore)

Video… Experts testify about domestic extremism on social media in Senate hearing (PBS Newshour)

“The pandemic brought challenges AND opportunities to combat extremism” (UN Women & CTED)

Permanent Twitter ban of extremist influencers can detoxify social media (EurekAlert)

Thinking About the Crime-Terror Nexus in the COVID-19 era (GNET)

A contrarian take on the disinformation panic (VOX)

Module 3 Educational Responses to Extremism (Edurad)

How Latin American Governments Are Fighting Fake News (Americas Quarterly)

Disinformation Is Not Simply a Content Moderation Issue (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Video… Speaker Sir Richard Billing Dearlove at the 20th Anniversary Event of 9/11 (SINCE911)

More on P/CVE, countering hate speech and disinformation:

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