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The 80 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and of countering hate speech posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of July 2022. In descending order.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of them are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. This is a current selection of our posts:

Countering Violent Extremism Through Art and Music (The Stories of Change):

Violent Extremist Disengagement and Reintegration: A Framework for Planning, Design and Evaluation of Programmatic Interventions (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

Podcast… The link between domestic violence and terrorism (Fighting Terror):

Prevention of Violent Extremism: 2021 Annual Report (UNDP):

Tool to assess jailed terrorists before release criticised as unreliable and prejudicial to Muslims (The Guardian):

Non-Groomer-Led Radicalization (

New legislation to make online hate speech a crime in Ireland (IrishCentral):

Combatting Extremism and Conspiracy Theories in the Classroom (educate against hate, UK):

5 Red Flags For Parents & Ways To Respond To Online Radicalization (The Khalifa Ihler Institute):

Schools can play a supportive role in helping to protect young people from extremist influences (Department of Education, Western Australia):

Why Are Experts Warning About Extremism In Gaming? (Newsy):

A New Tool To Investigate Psychological Traits of Violent Extremism Has Been Created (

Video… Like. Hate. Die. Youth Violence Online (arte):

Trainings for first-line practitioners working in the field of violent extremism: An overview of good practices (PREPARE):

RAN C&N Antisemitism as a part of almost all extremist ideologies and narratives, online meeting 29-30 March 2022 (EU RAN):

The Role of Trauma and Mental Health in Violent Extremism (XCEPT):

National Action Plan for the Prevention of Violent Radicalisation and Extremism is progressing (Ministry of the Interior, Finland):

Mass media and persuasion: Evidence-based lessons for strategic communications in CVE (XCEPT via ICSR):

Podcast… The link between domestic violence and terrorism (Fighting Terror):

Video… Ending hate speech in online gaming (CityNews, Toronto):

Space for African women in tackling violent extremism: Engendering conflict transformation in Kenya (University of Otago):

Narrative, Power and Polarisation: The Role of Influential Actors (Institute for Integrated Transitions, Spain):

Extremism: a philosophical analysis by Quassim Cassim: a review (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

New Tool Helps Distinguish Different Psychological Traits of Violent Extremists (Homeland Security News Wire):

The Disengagement and Deradicalization Debate: Both Are Needed for True Rehabilitation (Homeland Security Today):

Extremism in the Classroom (ADL):

Towards a Prevention and Peacebuilding Data Hub: Scoping the Future of Data Services and Capacity Building (NYU Center on International Cooperation):

Review of Evidence: Prison-based Interventions Targeting Violent Extremist Detainees (ICSR):

Social media giants agree to ‘first of its kind’ code of conduct in Aotearoa (Stuff, New Zealand):

UNODC and the Kyrgyz Government Discuss Prospects for Countering Extremism in the Country (UNODC):

Is digital media literacy the answer to our disinformation woes? (OECD Podcasts):

How to Filter Hate Speech, Hoaxes, and Violent Clips Out of Your Social Media Feeds (Consumer Reports):

“What I can’t see can’t hurt me.” Adolescents’ Extremism-Related Media Literacies of Islamist Propaganda on Instagram (Elena Pohl & Claudia Riesmeyer):

Bystanders Join In Cyberbullying on Social Networking Sites: The Deindividuation and Moral Disengagement Perspectives (Information Systems Research):

Analyse #4 „aber ich kann ja jetzt nicht noch Islam so studieren wie Sie“ Praxisorientierte und diskriminierungssensible Handlungsstrategien zu vermeintlich religiös konnotierten Konflikten im Schulalltag (KN:IX):

Correctional Institutions as a Place of Guidance to Counter Radicalism for Terrorist Prisoners in Indonesia (Indian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology):

Counter-Terrorism & Peace Operations: The Impacts of UN Security Council Approaches to Tackling Terror on the Pursuit of Peace (Resolve Network):

Introduction: gender and the governance of terrorism and violent extremism (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Reporting Hate Speech, Terrorism & Violence. Guidelines for journalists and media workers in South East Asia (Public Media Alliance):

Human Rights Lifecycle of a Terrorist Incident Online (GIFCT Crisis Response Working Group):

New handbook describes how to intervene against daily hatred and racism in the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands (

The Importance of Local Safety Councils and the Role of Youth as Promoters of Change (USAID Albania):

Europol: Terror groups used Covid-19 misinformation to ‘advance their narrative’ (

Combating Hate Speech Requires Sustained, Inclusive Commitment (Fez Symposium) (Agence Marocaine de Presse):

Peace Council holds workshop on violent extremism (GhanaWeb):

Podcast… 19. Constructing a Taxonomy of Implicit Hate Speech Grounded in Social Theory … (Diaries of Social Data Research):


Robin Simcox appointed as Commissioner for Countering Extremism (GOV.UK):

Methodologies to Evaluate Content Sharing Algorithms & Processes (GIFCT Technical Approaches Working Group):

Was tun bei Hasskommentaren und Anfeindungen im Internet? (Allgäuer Zeitung):

Review of Evidence: Prison-Based Interventions Targeting Violent Extremist Detainees (XCEPT):

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Is AI the only antidote to disinformation? (World Economic Forum):

Counterterrorism and Violence Prevention: Safeguarding Against the Misuse and Abuse of Artificial Intelligence (Global Center):

Hate speech and rise in promoting enmity between groups cases: Do we need a new, specific law? (Bar and Bench, India):

Mindsets and narratives: A commentary on Quassim Cassam’s Extremism (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Reshare… Reporting Hate Speech in SE Asia (Ethical Journalism Network):

PODCAST: P/CVE & Terrorism Online (GCTF):

ADL PYRAMID OF HATE (Anti-Defamation League):

Themenblätter im Unterricht (Nr. 118): “Hate speech – Gruppenbezogene Menschenfeindlichkeit im Netz?” (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung):


Rule-of-law and human rights-based approaches towards children of violent extremist parents (Prepare):

Children could be radicalised over summer break, Met police warn parents (The Observer):

Good Practices, Tools, and Safety Measures for Researchers (GIFCT Positive Interventions and Strategic Communications Working Group):


Recording… ICCT Live Briefing: Accountability in Transnational Counter-Terrorism (ICCT):

Podcast… Episode 7: The Digital Services Act (Zooming in on Hate):

EU DisinfoLab’s methodology to classify fact-checked disinformation. A codebook (EU DisinfoLab):

Iraqi National PVE Committee Exchanges Best Practices During Study Trip in BiH (IOM UN Migration):

Tech Against Terrorism publishes mitigation strategy to counter terrorist operated websites (Tech Against Terrorism):

Revisiting Instability and Violent Extremism in West Africa (Foreign Policy Research Institute):

The Role of Trauma and Mental Health in Violent Extremism (XCEPt):


Social cohesion vital to safeguarding S’pore against violent extremism: Faishal (The Straits Times):


Moral Disengagement Mechanisms Predict Cyber Aggression Among Emerging Adults (Cyberpsychology):

Measuring extremist archetypes: Scale development and validation (PLOS ONE):

INDEED project 2nd newsletter (INDEED):

Tech Against Terrorism publishes mitigation strategy to counter terrorist-operated websites (Tech Against Terrorism):

Snopes Tips: How to Spot Social Media Bots (Snopes):

Podcast… Book Talks: Conspiracies in Terrorism and Radicalization with Kees van den Bos (Terrorism and Political Violence):

Hate Speech and Counter Speech Detection: Conversational Context Does Matter (Association for Computational Linguistics):

More on countering extremism and hate speech:

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