The titles at | February 2023

  • Hate Speech. Linguistic Perspectives (De Gruyter Mouton)
  • Offline events and online hate (PLOS ONE)
  • Hate Speech: ‘Lost in Translation’? (Lexology)
  • Qualitative research into the impact of online hate (via Ofcom)
  • Stepping Forward: Parliaments in the Fight Against Hate Speech (agora-parl)
  • Hate Speech and Offensive Language Detection using an Emotion-aware Shared Encoder (arXiv)
  • An Analysis of Hate Speech Tweets Against Women from a Socio-cognitive Discourse Perspective (SSRN)
  • A Federated Approach for Hate Speech Detection (Paperswithcode)
  • Covertly communicated hate speech: A corpus-assisted pragmatic study (Journal of Pragmatics)
  • Why Is Censorship Important? (17 Reasons) (Enlighto)

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