Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. September 2023 (I/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 175 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of September 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are the following:

  1. 4 PDFs… Online Radicalisation in the Western Balkans: Trends and Responses, August 2023 (EU RAN):
  2. What do we mean when we talk about ‘resilience’ to violent extremism?’ (ICSR):
  3. Why Terrorism Researchers Should Care about Criminal Responsibility (Perspectives on Terrorism):
  4. Radicalised teenagers a ‘new and emerging’ threat, warns terror chief (The Telegraph):
  5. The Radicalisation and Recruitment game: How Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups Target Children (CT Insight):

Enjoy browsing and reading these and other documents on our list!

4 PDFs… Online Radicalisation in the Western Balkans: Trends and Responses, August 2023 (EU RAN):

What do we mean when we talk about ‘resilience’ to violent extremism?’ (ICSR):

Why Terrorism Researchers Should Care about Criminal Responsibility (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Radicalised teenagers a ‘new and emerging’ threat, warns terror chief (The Telegraph):

The Radicalisation and Recruitment game: How Terrorist and Violent Extremist Groups Target Children (CT Insight):

Messung der Anfälligkeit für Radikalisierung (Radikalisierende Räume): (go to Publikationen > Schriftenreihe)

Foreshadowing Terror: Exploring the Time of Online Manifestos Prior to Lone Wolf Attacks (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

Engage women in fight against violent extremism, terrorism (bet365, Ghana):

Understanding EU counter-terrorism policy (European Parliamentary Research Service):

Audio… Islamic State Online: Emerging Trends and Tactics (Tech Against Terrorism):

Home Secretary delivers an update on Prevent (GOV.UK):

Videos… Jihadism in Europe – A History (ARTE TV): (1/2) (2/3) (3/3)

Social media, extremism, and radicalization (ScienceAdvances):

Profiles of Individual Radicalisation in Australia (PIRA): Introducing an Australian Open-Source Extremist Database (Perspectives on Terrorism):

FACT SHEET: Biden-⁠Harris Administration Continues to Counter Hate-Fueled Violence (The White House):

CReHate: Cross-cultural Re-annotation of English Hate Speech Dataset (arXiv):

Beyond Terrorism: Understanding the Diverse Violent Outcomes of Conspiracy Beliefs (GNET Research):

Audio… The changing nature of violent extremism: challenges in a new age (The National Security Podcast, Australia):

Online safety regulators stand shoulder to shoulder as global network expands (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government): (Media Release) (First Position Paper)

Countering the phenomenon of radicalization and violent extremism: analysis based on the example of selected Western European countries (Security Theory and Practice, Poland):

Audio… Extremism researcher voices concerns with ‘uptick’ in left-wing activism in society (3AW Melbourne):

Arabic hate speech detection system based on AraBERT (IEEE):

Racism in online gaming is rampant. The toll on youth mental health is adding up (USA TODAY):

G20 Toolkit on Cyber Education and Cyber Awareness for Children and Youth (G20 2023 India):

Digital platform regulators make joint submission on AI (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

Government wants more co-operation to prevent violent extremism (Sverige Radio):

Truth or Dare? Exploring the Importance of Factual Accuracy in Different Deradicalization Counseling Approaches (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

A framework for assessing the mobilization of Westerners by Jihadists in Syria and intervention points for counter-measures (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Cyber Bullying (IJFMR):

Violent Extremism: Agencies’ and Financial Institutions’ Efforts to Link Financing to Domestic Threats (U.S. Government Accountability Office):

Responding to vulnerability and marginalisation in ABVPI (SPRINT, South Africa):

The role of (De)bonding in the legitimation of violence in extremists’ public threatening communication (Systemic Functional Linguistics Theory and Application in Global Contexts):

First-Of-Its-Kind Research Finds Laws Forcing Websites to Host Hate Speech Could Derail Digital Economy (CCIA, USA): (Article) (Report)

Guidance for generative AI in education and research (UNESCO):

Terrorist outfits using technology for radicalisation, moving money from drugs into terror funding: PM (Daily Excelsior, India)

Moderation, Networks, and Anti-Social Behavior Online (Social Media + Society):

MoU inked Strategies to be developed to counter extremism (The News Internatinal):

Extremism has no place in Malaysia: Loke (New Straits Times):

How Far-Right Terrorists Choose Their Enemies (The Soufan Center):

Engaging mosques in countering violent extremism (Pakistan Observer):

PM says cyber crimes can have social, geopolitical implications; need global cooperation to deal it (Take One Digital Network, India):

Introduction to the Special Section on Anti-Government Extremism (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Facebook’s Crowds and Publics: Law, Virality and the Regulation of Hate Speech Online in Contemporary India (UNSW Sydney):

Vulnerable young men, masculinity and extremism (ASPI):

How we uncovered the shared personality profile of violent extremists (The Conversation):

[Prevent Duty] Glossary of terms (UK Home Office):

All Radicalization Is Local: Media Influence on Local Islamist Radicalization Processes in Five German and Austrian Hotspots (International Journal of Communication):

How we’re safeguarding students and learners from radicalisation (The Education Hub, GOV.UK):

Enhanced national collaboration and coordination to prevent violent extremism (Government Offices of Sweden):


Countering the challenge of youth radicalisation (RSIS):

Detecting Hate Speech And Offensive Language On Twitter Using Machine Learning (European Chemical Bulletin):

Jimmy Paul appointed Head of Scottish Violence Reduction Unit (Scottish Violence Reduction unit):

RAN POL – Scenario planning and police capacities for future prevention and countering of violent extremism, Zagreb 25-26 May 2023 (EU RAN):

RAN digital small-scale expert meeting – Ethical guidelines in P/CVE, 27 June 2023 (EU RAN):

Embracing Ethical AI and Digital Literacy: UNESCO Urges Global Action for a Culture of Peace in the Digital Era (UNESCO):

Braverman: Prevent reforms will help train people to spot genuine radicalisation (The Independent):

Conspiracy Theories, Extremism and Violence: Why and When do Conspiracy Beliefs Lead to Violence? (GNET Research):

Combating Discrimination and Hatred (Council of Europe):

Who Do You Speak For? And How?: Online Abuse as Collective Subordinating Speech Acts (Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy):

Biden asks Americans to honor Sept. 11 dead by rejecting extremism (Reuters):

What the Supreme Court Says Platforms Do (Lawfare):

Public opinion poll: 70% of those who faced hate speech would not seek for help (Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman, Lithuania):

State regulation of freedom of speech (PrimeLegal, India):

Innovation and prevention of violence against women (UN Women):

Govt Must Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ and Put a Stop to Recurring Incidents of Hate Speech (The Wire, India):

For the AI Generation, We Need Education as Much as Regulation (GNET Research):

DHS Continues to See High Risk of Foreign and Domestic Terrorism in 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment (U.S. Department of Homeland Security):

Fund launched for community-based initiatives to strengthen Aotearoa’s resilience to disinformation (Fund launched for community-based initiatives to strengthen Aotearoa’s resilience to disinformation, NZ):

Video… San Mig Light Speakeasy Podcast: Drawing the Line between Calling-Out and Bullying Online (CNN Philippines via YouTube):

Islamic moderation in education and the phenomenon of cyberterrorism: a systematic literature review (Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science):

As Violent Extremism Evolves, Local Partners Are Key in Fighting Back (United States Institute of Peace):

Comprehending the Tactics of Strategic Digital Information Operations (SDIOs) (European Center for Policy Studies):

BNPT Prepares Deradicalization Program For FTF Of Indonesian Citizens (VOI, Indonesia):

UNDP facilitates dialogues among parliamentarians on gender-based hate speech and Bangladesh Delta Plan (The Business Standard, Bangladesh):

Special cell established to investigate cases related to financing of terrorism and extremism (Pakistan Today):

‘Let’s Strengthen Ties To Combat Terrorism’ (The Ghana Report):

PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR SOCIAL MEDIA REFORM. Assessing CCDH’s STAR Framework for social media regulation (Center for Countering Digital Hate):

From Conspiracies to Insults: A Case Study of Radicalisation in Social Media Discourse (Mensch und Computer 2018):

Navigating the Age of Polarization: How Social Media Fuels Divides (Kofi Annan Foundation):

Audio… Our Quest to Feel Significant And How It Affects Our Behavior | Arie Kruglanski PhD (Behavioral Grooves Podcast):

Role of Media and Social Networking Sites in Internal Security Challenges (ClearIAS):

Thesis Distillation: Investigating The Impact of Bias in NLP Models on Hate Speech Detection (arXiv):

Understanding Deradicalization Programs for Former Militant Captives (BNN, Nigeria):

Video… ISD’s Julia Ebner speaks to RTR (Austria) about her work in countering extremism (in German) (ISD):

DHS Awards $20 Million to 34 Organizations in Effort to Prevent Targeted Violence and Terrorism (DHS, USA):

Inoculating against extremist persuasion techniques – Results from a randomised controlled trial in post-conflict areas in Iraq (Advances in Psychology):

Launch of a hybrid learning activity on combating hate speech based on Council of Europe’s standards (Council of Europe):

Toxic play: Examining the issue of hate within gaming (firstmonday):

Cognitive warfare: an ethical analysis (Ethics and Information Technology):


We are always there to prevent violence: Justin Trudeau on Khalistan extremism (AWAZ, India):

What turns a child into a bully — mental health professionals decode (My Kolkata, India):

Special cell set up to probe terror financing, extremism (The News International):

Report on a National Survey of Student Experiences of Bullying in Higher Education Institutions in Ireland (Dublin City University):

A study towards contextual understanding of toxicity in online conversations (University of Cambridge):

Combating discrimination, hate speech and hate crimes in the Republic of Moldova (Council of Europe):

Cyberbullying in the 21st Century: A Rising Threat to Youth in Digital Age (The International Journal of Indian Psychology):

Free Speech and the Redefinition of Harm (Palgrave Macmillan):

Joint Declaration on Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association and Misuse of Digital Technologies (Int. Organizations):

Misogynistic Pathways to Radicalisation: Recommended Measures for Platforms to Assess and Mitigate Online Gender-Based Violence (ISD):

Audio… Radikal? Extremismusprävention im Klassenzimmer (Podcast für Politische Bildung, Zentrum Polis, Austria):

Childhood bullying victimization, emotion regulation, rumination, distress tolerance, and depressive symptoms: A cross-national examination among young adults in seven countries (Aggressive Behavior, Wiley):

Rishi Sunak, in Delhi for G20, says ‘Won’t tolerate Khalistani extremism in UK’ (India Today):

EU Knowledge Hub on Prevention of Radicalisation (Opic):

Pakistan: What’s fueling radicalization of young men? (DW):

Sustained financial support and access are urgently needed to save lives in Niger and Sahel region (World Food Programme e.a.):

What Verbal De-Escalation Techniques Can We Learn from Complaint Handling? (SSRN):

Audio… Dr Julie Chernov-Hwang – Pathways To Extremism (Talking Indonesia):

Democracy and Trust: The Troubling Role of Education in Misinformation Belief (Michigan State Law Review):

HateCheck: Functional Tests for Hate Speech Detection Models (ACL Anthology):

Senate drops prevention of violent extremism bill (AryNews, Pakistan):

Online Radicalisation in the Western Balkans: Trends and Responses, August 2023 (EU RAN):

Classification of toxic comments unified through diverse internet forums (AIP Conference Procedings): (click on PDF)

Australia’s e-safety regulator warned Twitter about rise in online hate speech during voice debate (The Guardian, UK):

Men and Psychosocial Support Services Programming (XCEPT Research):

Challenges to Internal Security Through Communication Networks (ClearIAS, India):

Multimodal Religiously Hateful Social Media Memes Classification based on Textual and Image Data (ACM):

Hate Parties: Sharing Links on Fringe Platforms Drives Antisemitic Comments on YouTube (ADL):


Call of Duty’s new AI chat moderator can tell “hate speech” from “friendly banter” (Rock Papers Shotgun):

Addressing Childhood Bullying. When Peer Aggression Goes Too Far (NIH News in Health):

Does adolescent incivility longitudinally predict future bullying? (Journal of Adolescence):

Audio… Institutionalising Counterterrorism Practitioner Welfare (Tech Against Terrorism):

Report on a National Survey of Student Experiences of Bullying in Higher Education Institutions in Ireland (

What Might Critical Research on Right-Wing Extremism and Discrimination Look Like? Reflections on Hegemonic Positionings (DeZIM, Germany):

New search engine rules to tackle AI and child abuse. eSafety Commissioner sets standard for deepfakes (InformationAge):

Countering Terrorism in the Family Courts: A Dangerous Development (ModernLawReview):

Bullying Hurts Your Ability to Remember. Research documents the negative impact of bullying on the brain (Psychology Today):

A Comprehensive Analysis of the Complex Relationship between Political Extremism and Terrorism (Democracy Insight):

Case law on Hate Speech: The Enduring Question of Thresholds (The Future of Free Speech):

Policy Approaches to Addressing Data Access Challenges in the Evolving Online Ecosystem (ISD):

Do we need new strategies to reach men as victims of violence? (Praeventionstag via YouTube):

Summary, Video… NETTZ.Gespräch: Das Geschäft mit dem Hass (Das Nettz):

Youth at risk: cyberbullying epidemic grips Pakistan (APP via The Nation, Pakistan):

World Rugby to step up fight against online hate speech and threats (EurekAlert!):

Culture, Community and Narratives: Key Elements of Violent Conspiracy Theories (GNET Research):

Minister Harris launches report into bullying in higher education (

Truthful meta-explanations for local interpretability of machine learning models (Applied Intelligence):

Elon Musk’s X sues California over law it says forces social media services to block posts ‘viewed by the state as problematic’ (Fortune):

Video… ISD’s Jakob Guhl presents on the evolving landscape of online extremism for CAYET (ISD, 2022):

Violent extremism causes Africa US$1 billion in economic losses — IAGP reveals (Modern Ghana):

School bullying and self-efficacy in adolescence: A meta-analysis (National Library of Medicine, USA):

Cyberbullying Statistics & Facts In The US 2023 (HealthCanal):

Meta Tackles Two of the Largest-Ever Online Influence Operations as Its Security Approach Evolves (SocialMediaToday):

Lowenstein Clinic Proposes Framework to Moderate Indirect Hate Speech Online (Yale Law School): (News Release) (Managing and Mitigating Indirect Hate Speech on Meta Social Media Platforms)

Depolarization of opinions on social networks through random nudges (Physical Review E):

Audio… Episode 5: Sports and Recruitment with Steven Lenos (UNOCT Behavioural Insights to Counter Terrorism):

Bibliometric Analysis of Deep Learning for Social Media Hate Speech Detection (Journal of Information Science and Informatics):

Winners of contest on combating extremist ideas honoured (The Peninsula, Qatar):

Hate Speech Detection in the Arabic Language: Corpus Design, Construction and Evaluation (

CO23121 | Digital Security’s Place in Human Security (RSIS):

Online radicalisation a key factor driving terror threat in Singapore: Shanmugam (The Straits Times):

Kenyan hate speech chatbot gets global recognition (Maudhui, Kenya):

Legal Framework Formulated To Address Terrorism (Kenya News Agency):

Exploring the relationship between workplace bullying and objective cognitive performance (Work & Stress):

RAN Y&E Meeting – How can youth practitioners deal with current polarisation around masculinity?, Berlin 12-13 June 2023 (EU RAN):

Reshare… From the book Human Rights and the Fourth Industrial Revolution in South Africa (Lynne Rienner Publishers, De Gruyter, 2021):

Understanding the multi-faceted drivers of radicalization to violent extremism in Northern Ghana (UNDP):

Social media, extremism, and radicalization (AcienceAdvances):

Audio… Hate speech ‘a trigger for racist acts against people of African descent’ (United Nations News):

Eating disorders affect victims and perpetrators of cyberbullying (Healio):

Silent suffering: Why kids don’t report bullying to adults (KSL, USA):

Online dating (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

MU researcher combats bullying of students with disabilities (EurekAlert):

JOUR YOU – Training toolkit for youth workers on media literacy (EKO Greece):

Hate Speech Detection in Twitter using Recurrent Neural Networks (JETIR):

The State of Bullying in Schools, in Charts (EducationWeek):

German-language article…
“An assessment that has to be made in seconds”. A qualitative study on reasons for missing interventions by educational school staff in hate speech among students (Zeitschrift für Erziehungswissenschaft):

Audio… Hate speech and children’s rights podcast (ExChange):

Report: Hate crimes surged in most big cities in 2022 (Axios):

Towards a Policy Framework for Addressing Violent Conspiracy Theory Movements (GNET Research):

Audio… Folge #16 | Ideologie oder Psyche? Debatten um Extremismus und Radikalisierung (KN:IX): |

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