Free Resources on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech, October 2023 (II/II)

Browse and read from a list of the 164 most popular LinkedIn posts about counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of October 2023.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue:

  1. Addressing Radicalisation, Violent Extremism, and Organised Crime in Prisons: A Multifaceted Approach (Justice Trends):
  2. CO23148 | Indonesia’s Detachment 88 – A Model for Countering Extremism (RSIS):
  3. UNODC’s work on the management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalisation to violence in prisons (Justice Trends):
  4. Protecting Non-Profit Organizations from Terrorism Financing Abuse: Successes, Challenges, and Lessons Learned from the Asia Pacific Region (Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering):
  5. Transnational counterterrorism assemblages: the case of preventing and countering violent extremism in Mali (Territory, Politics, Governance):

Background: since 2017, we have filed more than 12,000 of shares on LinkedIn to a network of – now – more than 6,100 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism, radicalization, and on countering hate. This is one of the bi-weekly reviews of our posts, hosted on the website

How to Talk with Kids About Violence, Crime, and War (Common Sense Media):

Hate speech or legitimate satire? Drawing the line in cartoons (Journal of Language and Communication in Business):

2,168 ex-Boko Haram fighters graduate from Nigerian govt’s deradicalisation program (Daily Nigerian):

Ethnopolitical radicalisation in Kosovo (Routledge):

Canada’s Fight Against Online Hate: New Legislation to Combat Online Harms (Global Village Space):

Cause or Amplification? Digital Radicalization and Analog Bias (

Municipal Policy Responses to Violent Extremism: An Institutional Theory Perspective (Nordic Journal of Social Research):

Social Media 4 Peace: local lessons for global practices (UNESCO):

Can Violent Extremists Leave Their Pasts Behind? with guest host Michael Niconchuk (Tallberg Foundation):

Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill (House of Commons Library):

(En)Gendering the Dead Terrorist: (De)Constructing Masculinity in Terrorist Media Obituaries (International Studies Quarterly, Oxford University Press):

Institutionalising, Mainstreaming, and Coordination of PCVE Programs at National, State and Local Levels in Nigeria: Reflections and Lessons of Implementation of the PCVE Policy Framework and National Action Plan (Jaye Gaskia):

Violent extremism (Step Together, New South Wales Government):

Protecting Free Speech Compels Some Form of Social Media Regulation (RAND):

Multilingual HateCheck: Functional Tests for Multilingual Hate Speech Detection Models (Papers with Code):

Urban geographies of countering violent extremism: spatial patterns in Nordic societies (Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression):

A New Chapter in Content Moderation: Unpacking the UK Online Safety Bill (CSIS):

Evaluation of secondary and tertiary level P/CVE programmes, October 2023 (EU RAN):

Multilingual and Multi-Aspect Hate Speech Analysis (arXiv):

RAUCG: Retrieval-Augmented Unsupervised Counter Narrative Generation for Hate Speech (arXiv):

Illegal content on online platforms. The European Commission adopted a recommendation on measures to effectively tackle illegal content online (European Commission):

UNODC Supports Malawi to Adopt First National Strategy to Counter Terrorism and Prevent Violent Extremism (UNODC):

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Violent Extremism. A handbook of risk assessment and management (UCL PRESS):

Counter-Terrorism Committee holds open meeting on the countering of terrorist narratives (Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate, United Nations Security Council): (news) (background note) (draft agenda)

Regulating Speech by Proxy. Will the Department of Internet Affairs (DIA) Safer Online Services proposals attract the attention of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act (A Halfling’s View via Substack):

Leading the Way: Europe’s Experts and Decision Makers views on Extremism Response. Europe’s Response to Extremist Threats: Exceptionalism or Global Unity? (Justice Trends):

Deprivation and Importation Measures as Predictors of Bullying Perpetration in Young Correctional Institutions (SAGE):

Global Counterterrorism Strategies – Contemporary Trends and is the Battle Being Won? (Perry Lyle, PhD):

Capacity building workshop for CSOs held in Obuasi on violent extremism and peace building (Citi Newsroom, Ghana):

UNDP & Denmark partner to strengthen community resilience to combat violent extremism in West Africa (UNDP Ghana):

Gender Mainstreaming Counter-terrorism Policy (UNODC):

Criminological perspectives on extremist radicalisation and terrorist acts (START, University of Maryland):

European Union’s Regulating of Social Media: A Discourse Analysis of the Digital Services Act (Ideas, Repec):

Hate Speech (New Media Legal Publishing New Media Legal Publishing):

Tracing 400 Years of Mass Media Misogynoir: A History of Weaponisation by White Male Supremacists (GNET Research):

Met Police chief says better extremism laws needed as Israel-Gaza war heightens tensions (The National, Abu Dhabi):

Data annotation tech reddit – A Must Read Comprehensive Guide (DotCom magazine):

Exploring Counterterrorism Effectiveness and Human Rights Law (SSRN):

Online conspiracy communities are more resilient to deplatforming (Oxford Academic/PNAS Nexus):

Undue Influence and Destructive Cults in the Digital Age: Analyzing the BITE Model for the Age of Destructive Internet Groups (The University of Toledo via Ohiolink):

Critical terrorism studies and numbers: engagements, openings, and future research (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

The Role of Formers in Countering Violent Extremism (ICCT):

Effectiveness of Community-Led Approaches in Countering Terrorism in Northern Kenya (Journal of Research Innovation and Implications in Education):

Book chapter abstracts…
Interactive Storytelling. 16th International Conference on Interactive Digital Storytelling, ICIDS 2023, Kobe, Japan, November 11–15, 2023, Proceedings: (Part I) (Part II)

How to Rise Above Online Bullying and Harassment | Stop Cyberbullying (The Confidence Lab):

Contributions of Community Based Approaches to Countering Youth Radicalization in Kenya’s Mombasa and Nairobi Counties (USIU Africa):

MC 10/16: Facebook’s Ex-Counterterrorism Lead on Moderating Terrorism (SLS Podcasts, Stanford University):

Online Hate Speech: International Law and Policy – A Documentary (Dr. Talita Dias):

Resisting racialization: subjectivation of women of color in and beyond school (Springer):

Mission to Skopje empowers youth to counter radicalization and violent extremism (OSCE):

Radicalization messages targeting teens online is on the rise (News4JAX):

Targeted Identity Group Prediction in Hate Speech Corpora (Papers with Code):

Preventing radicalisation through adequate assessment and support during reintegration (Justice Trends):

Far-Right Extremist Exploitation of AI and Alt-Tech: The Need for P/CVE Responses to an Emerging Technological Trend (GNET Research):

Equality between men and women (European Parliament):

Written evidence submitted by Race Equality Matters (via UK Parliament):

Bullying perpetration: the role of attachment, emotion regulation and empathy (Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties):

Dr. Jens Binder – Should Online Radicalisation Be Our Biggest Concern? (Totally Terrorism, Pool Re):

Speakers give suggestions to reduce extremism in society (The News International, Pakistan):

Remarks by Mr. Raffi Gregorian, Director, and Deputy to the Under-Secretary-General United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism Security Council Counter-Terrorism. Committee open meeting on “Countering terrorist narratives and preventing the use of the Internet for terrorist purposes” (UNOCT):

Probing LLMs for hate speech detection: strengths and vulnerabilities (Synthical):

New partners join the Christchurch Call (The Christchurch Call):

Digital Responses to Crises: An Action Plan for Platforms and CSOs Confronting Online Threats (National Democratic Institute):

The EU strategy for the Sahel: an overarching approach to a systematic crisis (VUP Brussels School of Governance):


RAN VoT WG Meeting – Cultural and artistic approaches involving victims/survivors of terrorism, with a commemorative, healing or PVE aim, Vienna 22-23 June 2023 (EU RAN):

Online risk signals of offline terrorist offending (PsyArXiv):

2023 Counter-Terrorism Week in Retrospect (UNICRI):

Sharpening insights of the complexities of reintegrating and rehabilitating returnees through interactive simulations (GCTF):

Puncturing the Knowledge Illusion Does Not Reduce Policy and Political Extremism: Evidence From a Replication and Extension (Political Psychology):

RAN Reporters: ‘Virtual Community Police officers’ look at policing extremism online in Estonia (EU RAN):

Enhancing collaboration between law enforcement and other stakeholders in P/CVE, October 2023 (EU RAN):

Israel-Hamas war: Govt plans ‘stricter clampdown’ on protesters who break law (Sky News):

Probing LLMs for hate speech detection: strengths and vulnerabilities (Papers With Code):

Mapping online hate: A scientometric analysis on research trends and hotspots in research on online hate (PLOS ONE):

JICA Ogata Research Institute and UNDP Seminar Takes on Violent Extremism in Africa (Japan International Cooperation Agency):

Freedom of Expression and the Gender Dimensions of Disinformation (United Nations Human Rights, Complex Trauma Canada):

RAN C&N Working Group meeting – Preventive campaigning using biographical experiences from victims, survivors and former extremists, Berlin 13-14 June 2023 (EU RAN):

Martyn’s Law: the Draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill (House of Commons Library):

Speakers give suggestions to reduce extremism in society (The News International):

International day against violence and bullying at school including cyberbullying (UNESCO):

ISD’s Moustafa Ayad speaks on Mixed and Unclear Ideology Extremism for GWU’s Program on Extremism (ISD): (Video) (Report)

Psychische Gesundheit von radikalisierten Straftätern in Haft und Bewährungshilfe. Die Bedeutung multiprofessioneller Kooperationen (BPB):

New Online Safety Guide to keep students safe in the Middle East (NetSupport): (Free registration to read and download)

Word differences in news media of lower and higher peace countries revealed by natural language processing and machine learning (PLOS One):

Database on Interlinkages between Terrorism and Core International Crimes (ICCT):

Video, transcript…
Key Ethical Challenges for Digital Discourse Analysis (SAGE Research Methods):

Online Incivility and Contextual Factors: Data-Driven Detection and Analysis (asis&t):

Tackling online hate and trolling. Advice to support children & young people (internet matters):

Teachers and educators from all over the world discuss hate speech prevention with guests from UNESCO and civil society (UNESCO):

Fourth Global Summit — Whole-of-City Models for Prevention: An Exchange with New York City’s Hate and Extremism Prevention Policymakers and Practitioners (Strong Cities Network):

New podcast episode! Creating an anti-bullying culture across a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) (Thrive Approach):

Doctors for the Truth: Echo Chambers of Disinformation, Hate Speech, and Authority Bias on Social Media (MDPI):

Relationships Among Self-Esteem, Bullying, and Cyberbullying in Adolescents: A Systematic Review (National Library of Medicine, USA):

Arabic Toxic Tweet Classification: Leveraging the AraBERT Model (MDPI):

Hinglish HateBERT: Hate Speech Classification in Hinglish language (Research Square):

Protecting against online abuse and harassment: resources for the Harvard community (Harvard University Information Technology):

Strengthening an evidence-based approach to designing and evaluating radicalisation prevention and mitigation (Justice Trends):

MetaHate: Text-based Hate Speech Detection for Metaverse Applications using Deep Learning (ICTC 2023):

Anti-Bullying Week: 13–17 November 2023 (Policy Mutual, UK):

Adolescents’ Cyber-Defending for Cyberbullying: A Socio-Emotional, Beliefs, and Past Experience Model (National Library of Medicine, USA):

The Psychology of a Bully: Decoding Patterns and Underlying Intentions (Psychology DIctionary):

Audio, transcript…
A Design Code for Big Tech (Tech Policy Press):

Audio, transcript…
A Design Code for Big Tech (Tech Policy Press):

Fourth Global Summit — Enhancing Global-Local Cooperation: Realising the Potential of Mayors and Local Governments in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (Strong Cities Network):

How terrorist attacks distort public debates: a comparative study of right-wing and Islamist extremism (Journal of European Public Policy):

Developing a European framework for the disengagement and reintegration of extremist and radicalised offenders (Justice Trends):

Prevent Duty Guidance: Safeguarding Priorities for 2023 (The National College, UK):

How do Terrorists use Financial Technologies? (ICCT):

Causal Understanding of Why Users Share Hate Speech on Social Media (arXiv):

Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship Lesson Plan Ideas (Facing History & Ourselves):

A Model and Catalyst for Fighting Violent Extremism in West Africa: The Expanding U.S.-Togo Partnership (U.S. Department of State):

HARE: Explainable Hate Speech Detection with Step-by-Step Reasoning (Papers with Code):

What Peace Speech—The Benign Twin of Hate Speech—Says about a Country (Scientific American):

Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Risk of Being Drawn into Terrorism) (Revised Guidance) Regulations 2023. Volume 833: debated on Tuesday 24 October 2023 (UK Parliament Hansard):


Moral disengagement in youth: A meta-analytic review (Developmental Review, Elsevier):

CSUSB’s Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism is dedicated to defining the future (CSUSB):

New eSafety resources tackle online abuse in sport (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

One third notes hate speech online (Statistics Austria):

Comparing Approaches to AI Regulation with Arianna Evers and Itsiq Benizri (The Lawfare Podcast):

Fourth Global Summit Overview (Strong Cities Network):

Free eBook…
Vulnerability and Resilience to Violent Extremism. An Actor-Centric Approach (Routledge):

Guide on ‘Combating hate speech in the media in the Republic of Moldova’ (EU Neighbours East):

Tackling climate mis/disinformation: ‘An urgent frontier for action’ (United Nations):

Security minister rejects claim UK is ‘permissive environment’ for antisemitism (The Northern Times, UK):

Violence against local and regional elected representatives: a threat to our democracies (Council of Europe):

Expert Consultation on Countering Hate Speech: Findings (KAICIID):

Radicalization Processes and Transitional Phases in Female and Male Detainees Residing in Dutch Terrorism Wings (MDPI):

Achieving Hate Speech Detection in a Low Resource Setting (UtahStateUniversity):

OSCE brings together women professionals from Central Asia and South-Eastern Europe combatting violent extremism and radicalization that lead to terrorism (OSCE):


The Power of Conspiracies (Tech Against Terrorism):

Hate speech and the harm in Indonesian judicial decisions (Cogent Social Sciences):

OSCE training strengthens criminal justice response to violence against women and girls in North Macedonia (OSCE):

Feature Expansion Using GloVe for Hate Speech Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) Method in Twitter (Telkom University Open Library, Indonesia):

The Online Safety Act: the UK’s new law for a safer internet (Center for Countering Digital Hate):

Transfer learning for hate speech detection in social media (Journal of Computational Social Science):

The online hostility hypothesis: representations of Muslims in online media (Social Influence):

Gender-Based Violence and Artificial Intelligence (AI): Opportunities and Risks for Women and Girls in Humanitarian Settings (via Social Development Direct, UK):


What to know about the EU’s landmark digital content act (yahoo! news):

Crowdfunding for Terrorism Financing (The Financial Action Task Force):

CSOs Collaborate with WACCE to Combat violent Extremism; Capacity Building Workshop in Obuasi Highlights Peacemaking Efforts (Ghanaweb):

A Multi Task Learning Approach to Hate Speech Detection Leveraging Sentiment Analysis (Tru Projects, India):

Addressing Workplace Bullying: Protecting Human Rights in the Modern Workplace (Journal of Law and Sustainable Development):

Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill: deliberation; Protected Disclosures Act Amendments to the Practical Guidelines for Employees (PMG Parliamentary Monitoring Group, South Africa): (Overview) (Audio) (Documents) (Bills)

Panel Discusses Ways to Combat Online Bullying (Carolina Alumni Review):


From Pretraining Data to Language Models to Downstream Tasks: Tracking the Trails of Political Biases Leading to Unfair NLP Models (ACL Anthology):

Social Media, Social Control, and the Politics of Public Shaming (Cambridge University Press):

What the Pentagon Has, Hasn’t and Could Do to Stop Veterans and Troops from Joining Extremist Groups (

Ending bullying and violence in school should be a top priority in Asia-Pacific (UNESCO):

Teaching kids how to prevent bullying | National Bullying Prevention Month (ABC WFAA, USA):

The Essence of the Concept of Terrorism and Extremism and the Legal Basis for Fighting Against Them (International Journal of Social Science Research and Review):

Integrated strategy formed to eradicate violent extremism (APP via The Nation, Pakistan):

Hate Knows No Boundaries: Online Hate in Six Nations (Deviant Behavior): |

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