Free Resources on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech, January 2024 (II/II)

Browse and read from a list of the 130 most popular LinkedIn resources that deal with counter-extremism and countering hate speech, as posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of January 2024.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue:

  1. From extreme beliefs to actual violence: research into terrorist suspects (NSCR):
  2. Why is Terrorism so Appealing to Some Groups? (Ronan Gunaratna):
  3. Self-compassion as a factor in the deradicalisation of extremist offenders (Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology):
  4. INTERPOL whitepaper highlights grooming, radicalization and cyber-attacks as key challenges of the Metaverse (Aptantech):
  5. Sentiment Analysis of Arabic Dialects: A Review Study (International Conference on Computing and Informatics):

Background: since 2017, we have filed more than 13,000 of shares on LinkedIn to a network of – now – more than 6.3k followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism, radicalization, and on countering hate. This is one of the bi-weekly reviews of our posts, hosted on the website

Generating Terror: The Risks of Generative AI Exploitation (CTC Sentinel):

The Hate Speech Crisis: Ways to start fixing it – A toolkit for civil society organizations and activists (Minority Rights Group):

Germany to require social media sites to report hate speech (Republic World, India):

Independent report. National research environment for the study of extremism in the UK (via GOV.UK):

Mentorship programmes and approaches in P/CVE, December 2023 (EU RAN):

Physical Education Teachers’ Perceptions of and Strategies for Managing Bullying: The Influence of Socialization (Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport):

Update on Terrorism-Related Cases Under the Internal Security Act (Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore):

Study analyzes differences among lone, pair and group terror attackers (

Terrorism, Extremism, Disinformation and Artificial Intelligence: A Primer for Policy Practitioners (ISD):

8 Effective ways to prevent cyberbullying in schools (nearpodblog):

Early prediction of radicalisation in online extremist communities (Open Review):

Responsible Research and Innovation for Preventing Online Violence (AFNO, Norway):

Free eBook…
The Challenge of Radicalization and Extremism. Integrating Research on Education and Citizenship in the Context of Migration (Brill open access):

Why I Post Against Extremism and Hate (

Why Media Reporting on Terrorism Matters (Tech Against Terrorism):

RAN Cross-cutting Event – Prevention of violent extremism: A shared responsibility between mental health care and the security domain, The Hague 28 November 2023 (EU RAN):

The parallels between extremism and addiction, measuring recidivism risk, global vaccine diplomacy (RAND):

Prevent, avert, protect and manage: new national strategy against violent extremism and terrorism (Government Offices of Sweden):

From Theory to Action: Incitement to Violence and Hate in UK Conspiracy Theory Online Spaces (Hope not Hate, UK):

Analysis and Detection of Multilingual Hate Speech Using Transformer Based Deep Learning (Preprint via Researchgate):

SA children exposed to online hate and violence (IOL, South Africa):

Spotlight on The Year in Review 2023 (EU RAN):

Psychological operations and strategic communication for national security, By Mukhtar Ya’u Madobi (Premium Times, Nigeria):

Why Does Bullying Happen? (Healthline):

Understanding Hate Speech in the Digital Era with Caitlin Carlson (Hate Speech Around The World):

On the Influence and Political Leaning of Overlap between Propaganda Communities (ACM Digital Library):

A Scoping Review of Anti-Bullying Interventions: Reducing Traumatic Effect of Bullying Among Adolescents (Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare):

Attentive Fusion: A Transformer-based Approach to Multimodal Hate Speech Detection (arXiv):

“How we are protecting Sweden from violent extremism and terrorism” (Government Offices of Sweden):

Hundreds of thousands demonstrate against right-wing extremism in Germany (Reuters):

Explanatory model of cyberbullying, cybervictimization, aggressiveness, social anxiety, and adaptation to university: a structural equation analysis (Journal of Computers in Education):

A Scoping Review of Anti-Bullying Interventions: Reducing Traumatic Effect of Bullying Among Adolescents (Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare):

Grooming, radicalization, and cyber-physical attacks: INTERPOL warns of ‘Meta crimes’ (Economic Times, India):

Ben Shapiro interviews Elon Musk about ‘Social Media and Online Hate’ (MAGNEWS):

The Tenth Coordination Committee meeting of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact (UNOCT):

icommit final publication (icommit):

A Look at the State of Research on [Counter-] Terrorism and Violent Extremism (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Comparative Analysis of NLP Techniques for Hate Speech Classification in Online Communications (G-Tech, Indonesia):

Bullying and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Correlating the Victimization of High-Functioning Autism Students with Educational Practices in the Context of Inclusion in Primary Education (International Journal of Bullying Prevention):

New Study Explores the Impact of Hate Crimes on Victims (Tackling Hate):

Online safety rules have ‘blind spot’ to radicalisation of children, terror watchdog warns (The Standard, UK):

Harnessing Peacetech for Socio-Political Resilience in Benin (GNET Research):

Hate Crime and Hate Speech Victims Support Handbook (STAND-UP):

Spotlight: ISS informs Benin’s response to violent extremism (ISS):

Data Collection in Online Terrorism and Extremism Research: Future Directions (GNET Research):

Annual Report 2023: Commissioner Mijatović calls for determined and collective efforts to regain lost ground and advance human rights (Council of Europe):

Functional and dysfunctional impulsivity mediates the relationships between ‘Dark Triad’ traits and cyberbullying perpetration (CBMH, Wiley):

Review of State’s laws on threats and incitement to violence (NSW Government, Australia):

Arafat for cultural engagement of people to fight against radicalization (BSS, Bangladesh):

Ursachen islamistischer Radikalisierungsprozesse multidimensional betrachtet (ZepRa,Violence Prevention Network):

Informal education and conflict trauma: reducing adolescent risk and building resilience (XCEPT Research):

How to counter online hate and extremism with young people (Internet Matters):

Musk’s X to finally hire 100 employees for content moderation team (Economic Times, India):

The brain and peace: How can insights from neuroscience advance peacebuilding? (Berghof Foundation):

Exploring the Distinctive Tweeting Patterns of Toxic Twitter Users (arXiv):

Episode 3: Anti-institutional extremism in Europe (Anti-Institutional Extremism: Causes and Responses, ICCT):

Climate Change and Radicalization: A Case Study of Indonesia (Harvard International Review):

RAN Practitioners Study Visit: The Dutch Multi-Agency Approach to Rehabilitation of Radicalised Detainees (MAR), 22-23 February 2023 (EU RAN):

Cross-lingual Offensive Language Detection: A Systematic Review of Datasets, Transfer Approaches and Challenges (arXiv):

Masterclass – Deconstructing hate speech – 18/10/2023 (UNESCO Campus):

International Day of Education: Why learning for peace matters (UNESCO):

Digital Violence Guide. Information on dealing with digital violence (Friedrich Schiller University Jena):

New research sheds light on incel community’s connection to mass violence (newswise):

Police probe job ploys luring youth to terror groups (People’s Daily, Kenya):

Predicting Discriminative Personality Profile of Haters from Digital Texts (Knowledge-Based Systems):

Understanding right wing extremism in Australia: testing an integrated unfairness grievance and outgroup threat framework (Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism):

Ideological Parameters For Deradicalization Programs To Measure Changes In Terrorist Ideology In Indonesia (JTS, School of Strategic and Global Studies, Indonesia):

The Dark Side of Social Media (with Imran Ahmed) (Scrolling 2 Death):

HILAC Lecture – Hate speech and incitement: International criminal and humanitarian law perspectives (T.M.C. Asser Instituut)

Grooming, radicalization and cyber-attacks: INTERPOL warns of ‘Metacrime’ (INTERPOL):

Chapter 5. Family, Relatives and Friendship as Channels of (Non)Radicalisation in the Narratives of the Second Urban Generation of North Caucasian Youth (From the book Resisting Radicalisation?):

Fans Power: Uniting to combat hate speech in Albanian Football (UNDP):

Preventing violent extremism through development – a technical note (

Transforming minds: Importance of educating against extremist ideologies (SAWAB Center):

Emotional Intelligence and Cybervictimization: Stratified Multilevel Analysis With Synthetic Data (Preprint via Qeios):

Transforming universities to better combat hate speech on Education Day (UNESCO IESALC):

Concluding Note on Analog Bias in Counter-Extremism (

Learning The Language Of Terrorism (Research Live):

Webinar on FATF report “Crowdfunding for Terrorist Financing” (The Financial Action Task Force):

New community resources to tackle extremism and disinformation (Curtin University, Australia):

CM calls for concerted efforts to tackle extremism, bigotry in society (DAWN, Pakistan):

Religious Observance And Youth Violent Extremism Among Young Arab Students. Implications For Youth Religious De-radicalization (Researchgate):

The Platformization of Violence: Toward a Concept of Discursive Toxicity on Social Media (Social Media + Society):

Zapping up Turnitin to Identify ChatGPT Output in Academia? (

Nina Käsehage: Challenges Posed by Radicalized Children and Adolescents (Global Terrorism Trends and Analysis Center):

UNESCO dedicates the International Day of Education 2024 to countering hate speech (UNESCO):

RAN Small-scale expert meeting – The missing gender-dimension in risk assessment, 14 November 2023 (EU RAN):

Confronting extremism and disinformation – an open-source short course for business professionals, community leaders, and youth (Curtin CERN):

Girls are leading the charge for a better digital world (British Telecommunications via WebWire):

Automated Text Annotation Using a Semi-Supervised Approach with Meta Vectorizer and Machine Learning Algorithms for Hate Speech Detection (MDPI):

[Resolution adopted on 18 January 2024]:
Motion for a European Parliament resolution on extending the list of EU crimes to hate speech and hate crime (European Parliament):

Why Media Reporting on Terrorism Matters (Tech Against Terrorism):

Episode 1: What is anti-institutional extremism? (Anti-institutional Extremism: Causes And Responses, ICCT):

Comparative Analysis of NLP Techniques for Hate Speech Classification in Online Communications (Jurnal Teknologi Terapan, Indonesia):

Episode 2: Anti-institutional extremism in North America (Anti-institutional Extremism: Causes And Responses, ICCT):

‘Degrading AI content’ changing face of cyberbullying (Australian Associated Press via Yahoo! News):

Addressing male conflict trauma (Breaking Cycles of Conflict):

Joint commemoration and remembrance of the victims of past genocides brings light into the darkness (Council of Europe):

The effect of peer bullying on academic achievement: A meta-analysis study related to results of TIMSS and PIRLS (Psychology in the Schools):

How to address hate speech through pedagogical tools? A MasterClass to mark International Education Day (UNESCO):

Extending the list of EU crimes to hate speech and hate crime (European Parliament):

The best digital concepts for preventing and combating disinformation and hate speech have been designated (UUNDP):

Dilemma of regulating speech on social media (The Pioneer, India):

Hate Speech Detection in the Arabic Language: Corpus Design, Construction and Evaluation (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence):

A study of the influence of altruism, social responsibility, reciprocity, and the subjective norm on online prosocial behavior in adolescence (Science Direct):

Differences between lone, pair and group terror attackers analysed in study (Nottingham Trent University):

Introduction To The Problematics Of Bullying, Cyberbullying And Cyber-aggression – Analysis Of Selected Methods Of Prevention And Intervention (14th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation):

Dimensions of Hate – Exploring the State of Hate Speech in Europe (Political Capital, Hungary, via YouTube):

The German Far Right Online: A Longitudinal Study (ISD):

Fort Jackson Policy Memorandum #31 – Extremism and Racism (Department of the Army, USA)

UAE Ambassador to Lebanon Addresses Role of Media in Fighting Extremism (Asharq Al-Awsat):

5 Ways to Reduce the Risk of Cyberbullying (allBusiness):

Hate speech is contagious and leads to harm, says prejudice expert (Science in Poland):

Rahmenbedingungen und Standards für gelingende Onlineprävention (Sonderausgabe Ligante, BAG RelEx):

The Little-Known Harms of Ethnicity-Based Bullying (Psychology Today):

Meme-ingful Analysis: Enhanced Understanding of Cyberbullying in Memes Through Multimodal Explanations (arXiv):

Migration and Religious Radicalization: A Family Issue? (IOS Press, NL):

Social Media and Radicalization: The Latest Threat to Religious Moderation (JIPP, Indonesia):

Explain Thyself Bully: Sentiment Aided Cyberbullying Detection with Explanation (arXiv):

Team Europe strengthens the capacities of women in Kédougou for conflict prevention (Delegation of the European Union to Senegal):

RAN Webinar: Preventive work for girls in and around schools (EU RAN):

Trudeau’s party passes bill to regulate social media, streaming (Bloomberg News):

Countering Violent Extremism, Countering Fear of the Other: State Department Visits NCITE (University Of Nebraska Omaha):

Towards a global approach to digital platform regulation. Preserving openness amid the push for internet sovereignty (Chatham House):

Confronting Bullying in the Cyber Age | Education Now (Harvard Graduate School of Education): |

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