Negative Traits in Counter-Terrorism

Here are a number of unhelpful traits which may surface in counter-terrorism (German terms in some cases added):

  • actionism instead of careful consideration
  • anticipatory justice or vorauseilende Gerechtigkeit
  • exaggeration leading up to aggravation or Verschlimmbesserung
  • carelessness
  • superficial treatment
  • conclusions and generalizations based on single leads
  • wrong combinations of algorithmic items prompting wrong assumptions
  • lack of actualization and assumption ‘hangover’
  • no double-checking
  • forgetfulness of mitigating circumstances
  • over-reliance on schematic, extreme variables and manifestations
  • non-individual casing
  • ignoring of contextual givens
  • over-estimation of specific institutional regulations
  • over-emphasis of temporal external aspects
  • losing perspective or Verlust der Perspektive
  • individual preferences of officials put upon their targets
  • securitarian tribalism
  • over-fraternizing in partnering
  • securitarian rivalries and hubris detrimental to objectivity
  • partiality
  • objectification of human beings or Verdinglichung
  • unjustified summary treatment or grundlose Gruppenhaftung
  • over- or under-empathic attitudes
  • wrong conclusions due to a lack of skills
  • wrong combinations of skill sets

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
July 2019

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