Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, April 2020

We have packaged the 20 most-consulted LinkedIn posts on the topic of P/CVE from April by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip. Sorted in descending order:

‘Abstract Radicalization’ Online – Not Necessarily Groomer-Led

The Amalgamation of Virtuality and Reality in Radicalisation Processes

Effective P/CVE Strategies and Interventions: Ms Emily Winterbotham

CTP warn about greater risk of radicalisation during COVID-19 lockdown

Free Concordia-based online course tackles violent extremism

Report on the relationship between inequality and youth radicalisation from existing European survey datasets

Policy Brief: Countering and Preventing (Non) Violent Extremism: Research and Fieldwork Challenges

Facebook Steps Up Efforts To Combat The Spread Of Coronavirus Misinformation

The Shift from Consumers to Prosumers: Susceptibility of Young Adults to Radicalization

Characteristics of ‘Abstract Radicalization’ Online

Self-Isolation Might Stop Coronavirus, but It Will Speed the Spread of Extremism

Ideological Transmission in Extremist Contexts: Towards a Framework of How Ideas Are Shared

Youth Radicalization: Interventions and Challenges for Prevention
(The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Nigerian states urged to tackle violent extremism
(Daily Trust, Nigeria)

Prison radicalisation and deradicalisation in Australia

Global Tech Companies Counter Online Terrorist Content

Podcast – Special Guest Bruce Hoffman

Terrorism Cognition and Violent Extremism as Influenced by Cultural Orientation and Social Anxiety

Is Internet Recruitment Enough to Seduce a Vulnerable Individual into Terrorism? – Homeland Security Today

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