Digest of P/CVE LinkedIn Posts, June 2020 (I)

The 10 most-consulted posts on LinkedIn on the topic of counter-extremism by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip (first half of June). In descending order:

New Bill to counter violent extremism online

Commission for Countering Extremism launches a legal review to examine effectiveness of existing legislation relevant to hateful extremism

The Rise of Extremism
(Security Magazine)

Implementation of the U.S. Strategy On Women, Peace, and Security

ICCT Live Briefing: Gender and Violent Extremism Today
(ICCT on YouTube)

Action Counters Terrorism Awareness E-Learning
(Highfield E-Learning)

“Help for Sisters”: A Look at Crowdfunding Campaigns with Potential Links to Terrorist and Criminal Networks

Extremism body examines new hate crime

Jihadists see COVID-19 as an Opportunity

Searches for extremist content spiked after Canada’s coronavirus lockdown: report

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