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– Stablising the Sahel. Livestock as a driver of regional integration (SPARK)
– Migration and Development: Examining the migration development nexus in Kayes Region, Mali (ADMIGOV)
– Employment creation potential, labor skills requirements and skill gaps for young people A Uganda case study (Africa Growth Initiative at Brookings)
– West and Central Africa. Situation Report (OCHA)
– Regional Exposure to Climate Change Events and Conflict Development, a Systematic Review (The George Washington University)
– Evidence-Based Practices: Interventions to Enhance Household Resilience to Food Crises in West Africa (FSP)
– WFP Central Sahel Situation Report 31 July 2021 (WFP)
– Live, learn & enhancing access to protection, educational & livelihoods opportunities, and strengthening national protection systems for children and youth on the move in Western and Central Africa (2021–2023) (UNHCR)
– Climate and conflict: A look at environmental peacebuilding (Sustainability Times)
– Sahel and The Role of the EU: Security Is Not Everything (APRI)
– Power Africa Success Story: Solar Energy Initiative Launched in the Sahel With TBI Support (Tony Blair Institute)
– Anticipatory action to mitigate impacts of the desert locust invasion on food security and livelihoods in the front-line countries of West Africa and the Sahel (FAO)
– Strengthening Regional Water Security for Greater Resilience in the G5 Sahel (Worldbank)

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