Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. January 2022 (I/II)

The 50 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and of countering hate speech posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of January 2022. In descending order.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of them are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. Below, you will find a current selection of our posts…

This is how the metaverse can become a breeding ground for terrorists (FAST COMPANY)

Trafficking in Human Beings and Terrorism: Where and How They Intersect (OSCE)

HUMANE ANTI-TERRORISM. ‘Moussalaha’ is Morocco’s winning recipe for de-radicalisation (The Africa Report)


Incels and Securitisation: Between Fantasy and Reality (GNET)

To Counter Hate Speech, Push for Empathy? (The Good Men Project)

A better way: How rehabilitated terrorists are helping counter extremism (The Jakarta Post)

Relationship of online hate, radicalization, and terrorism (Praeger)

The Latest Frontier In Radicalization: Gaming (RANTT MEDIA)

No More Red: Idris Elba backs Arsenal and adidas campaign against youth violence in London (Evening Standard)

Inside the Terrorist Brain w/ Dr. Bina Patel (Spies Like Us)

Duty and Defiance: Women in Community-based Armed Groups in West Africa (RESOLVE Network)

Dealing With Radicalised Youth Offenders: The Development and Implementation of a Youth-Specific Framework (Frontiers of Psychiatry)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Online Counter-Messaging Campaigns
Against Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (Rivista Trimestrale di Scienza dell’Amministrazione)

UNODC TOOLKIT for evaluating interventions preventing and countering crime and terrorism (UNODC)

The Swedish Mujahideen: An Exploratory Study of 41 Swedish Foreign Fighters Deceased in Iraq and Syria (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism)

Psy-ops are a crucial weapon in the war against disinformation (Financial Times)

Police and MI5 ‘very much alive’ to danger of extremists freed from prison (Independent)

Winnipeg professor developing tool kit to help teachers spot burgeoning extremism in students (CBC, Canada)

Radicalization pipelines: How targeted advertising on social media drives people to extremes (The Conversation)

Watch | What is ‘hate speech’? (The Hindu)

It-who-must-not-be-named: Covid-19 misinformation, tactics to profit from it and to evade content moderation on YouTube (SOCARXIV)

How parents can learn to recognize online radicalization and prevent tragedy – in 7 minutes (USA Today/Opinion)

Can extremism reduce conflict? (SSRN)

How should Luxembourg deal with fake news, radicalisation, and insecurity? (RTL Luxemburg)

Facebook owner to ‘assess feasibility’ of hate speech study in Ethiopia (The Guardian)

Detection of Radicalisation and Extremism Online: A Survey (Research Square)

Fact-checkers urge YouTube to fight disinformation (AFP via France24)

ICCT Online Annual Conference 2021, Days 1 and 2 (ICCT)

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on terrorism, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism (United Nations CTED)

Violence against women insults God, pope says in New Year’s message (Reuters)

A Strategic Vision for Combating Cyberterrorism (JISCR)

What Prevention and Treatment of Substance Dependence Can Tell Us About Addressing Violent Extremism (RAND)

Online Extremism in North Macedonia: Politics, Ethnicities and Religion (Strong Cities, ISD)

Explained: What Is Hate Speech And How Indian Law Deals With It (India Times)

The threat of terrorism is evolving — are we evolving with it? (The Hill)

Rechtsextremismus und Islamismus – warum es in der Jugendarbeit Parallelen gibt (Deutschlandfunk)

Defusing Radicalisation through bottom-up Counter-Narratives Coming from Complex Organisations: Insights from an EU Comparative Research Project (Rivista Trimestrale di Scienza dell’Amministrazione)

Hate Speech and Radicalisation Online The OCCI Research Report (ISD)

Fact-checkers urge YouTube to fight disinformation (France24)

A Community Toolkit for Addressing Health Misinformation (Office of the U.S. Surgeon General)

Practice your religion but don’t indulge in hate speech: Vice President (Times of India)


RADEX – Mobilising Against Extremism through Countering and Diverting Radicalisation of Young People (RADEX)

The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists, too (The Conversation)


Why people believe misinformation and resist correction (Tech Policy Press)

Swiss army bans WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram for soldiers on duty (Sky News)

Adolescence Online Religious Content Consumption and Their Tendency Toward Violent Extremism (Advances in Social Science, Education and Humanities Research)

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