Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. April 2022 (II/II) |

The 50 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and of countering hate speech posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of April 2022. In descending order.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of them are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. The following is a current selection of our posts…

Literature studies – Counterterrorism and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism
(RUSI via Policy and Operations Evaluation Department, NL)

Priti Patel vows to overhaul Prevent scheme after deradicalisation drive failed to identify string of extremists who went on to commit atrocities
(Daily Mail)

Obama calls for more regulatory oversight of social media giants
(The New York Times)

New study shows how hate speech is largely ignored on social media sites

Terrorists to be kept in separate prisons to stop them recruiting inmates
(Sky News)

A virtual hub for P/CVE training and knowledge sharing
(via Corrections Direct)

Anti-extremism scheme needs overhaul after David Amess murder, Priti Patel admits

NEW ZEALAND. Violent extremism: White supremacism biggest source of illegal content online – DIA report
(New Zealand Herald)

Experts warn about rising extremism in gaming

The Assessment of Individual Risk of Radicalization and Violent Extremism

YouTube Algorithms Don’t Turn Unsuspecting Masses Into Extremists, New Study Suggests
(Reason Foundation)

Courtroom or stage? Performance versus a fair trial in the Paris attacks case

Digital Services Act: Council and European Parliament provisional agreement for making the internet a safer space for European citizens
(Council of the EU)

New internet laws return to Parliament for second reading this week

(University of Birmingham & ConnectFutures)

Breaking the cycle of hate and harassment: talking to the people tackling online abuse
(Safety Tech Innovation Network)

Can fathers challenge extremism?
(Women Without Borders)

Year 2 Online Media Literacy Action Plan (2022/23)

Domestic Extremists and Social Media: Study Finds Similarities, Differences in Web Habits of Those Engaged in Hate Crimes Vs. Violent Extremism
(National Institute of Justice)

Morocco, Finland Share Experiences in Preventing Terrorism, Countering Extremism
(Sahara News)

Who Should Regulate Extremist Content Online?

(via Hypothèses)

‘Charismatic’ terrorist prisoners to be isolated in jail ‘separation centres’
(The Independent)

EU warns Elon Musk that Twitter must play by its tough new rules

Strict website and internet rules planned for South Africa
(BusinessTech, SA)

Identifying and Removing Terrorist Content Online: Cross-Platform Solutions

Expert Review. Best practices and lessons learned from 2020

DHS Unveils Measures to Counter Domestic Violent Extremism in New Equity Action Plan
(Homeland Security Today)

Academic research ‘failing to analyse Islamic extremism’ – Conservative thinktank calls for creation of new study centre to address failure of universities to study radical ideologies

EU poised to unveil rules forcing Big Tech to protect users

Framework of successful principles and effective elements that make up anti-radicalisation activities in Rotterdam

The Global Alliance Against Digital Hate and Extremism
(with participation of NEVER AGAIN)

(Modern War Institute)

RAN REHABILITATION. How to work with middle-aged target groups without socio-economic needs? Online meeting, 18-19 November 2021

Domestic Extremism: No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Disengagement From Extremism Activity or Beliefs, Study Finds

RAN Fireside chat on Islamist Extremism

Targeted Violence: A Review of the Literature on Radicalization and Mobilization
(Perspectives on Terrorism Volume XVI, 2022)

U.K. to Step Up Counter Radicalization Efforts in Prisons After Report Finds Failings
(Homeland Security Today)

Why Local Networks are Key to Preventing Extremism and Hate
(Strong Cities Network)

Resilience Against Anti-Democratic Tendencies through Education. Competences for Democratic Culture in European Social and Youth Work (Institute of Public Affairs e.a.):

Prison service failing to tackle radicalisation in jails, report warns
(The Independent)

Prison terrorism: Warnings over failure to stop radicalisation
(BBC News)

Intelligence agency needs to keep a closer watch on extremism in prisons, report says
(CBC, Canada)

Networks for Peace: Gender and Violent Extremism Research

PROTOCOL: Mapping the scientific knowledge and approaches to defining and measuring hate crime, hate speech, and hate incidents
(Campbell Systematic Reviews)

Report: Social media platforms, gaming sites fail to prevent online hate
(News 12, Bronx)

Social Media Manipulation 2021/2022: Assessing the Ability of Social Media Companies to Combat Platform Manipulation
(NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence)

Will Europe’s ‘Gold Standard’ Clean Up Social Media?
(Bloomberg via The Washington Post)

Germany: Telegram becoming a ‘medium for radicalization’

Cyber Terrorism: Understanding online radicalisation
(Pool Re via youTalk-insurance)

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