Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. August 2022 (II/II) |

The 30 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and of countering hate speech posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of August 2022. In descending order.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of them are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. The following is a current selection of our posts:

Re-Offending by Released Terrorist Prisoners: Separating Hype from Reality (ICCT):

Opinion: To counter terrorism, we need to stop and listen to survivors like me (The Independent):

Rule-of-law and human rights-based approaches towards children of violent extremist parents

The Radicalization of Youth in the West – How Can Canadian Teachers Effectively Approach this Issue in Their Classrooms? (Preprint):

UNESCO Rallies Teacher Trainers to champion Peace Education and Prevent Violent Extremism in Teacher Education (UNESCO):

Counter-terrorism strategy that reduces violent extremism (The Jakarta Post):

Rethinking Social Media and Extremism (OAPEN):

VIOLENT EXTREMISM IN GEORGIA: A RESEARCH REPORT (Georgian Center for Strategy and Development):

Quantifying the impact of context on the quality of manual hate speech annotation (Cambridge University Press):

Who sent thousands of tweets targeting Islamic extremism in Indonesia? (ASPI, Australia):

The Network Structure of Online Amplification (Northeastern University via ProQuest):

Violent and Nonviolent Terrorist Suspects: a Comparative Analysis Based on Data from the Netherlands (European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research):

Violent Extremist & REMVE Online Ecosystems: Ecological Characteristics for Future Research & Conceptualization (RESOLVE Network):

Gegen Hate-Speech: Den Hass sammeln (Der Standard):

Growing up in a violent extremist environment: an Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) as ‘any other’? (Prepare):

Countering Right-wing Terrorism and Violent Extremism: Is There a Role For the UN? (IPI Global Observatory):

Biden to host unity summit against hate-fueled violence (AP):

Toolkit for human rights speech. Step-by-step guide to human rights based narratives (Council of Europe):

Home Affairs Minister to warn of radicalisation in schools (Sky News Australia):

Hate Speech among Young People in the Western Balkans (SarajevoTimes):

Hass auf Gaming-Plattformen: Warum die aktuellen Gesetze nicht ausreichen (heise):

Analyzing Trends of Violent Extremism in Pakistan and its Counter Strategies (STRAFASIA):

Web3 has been criticized for being used by extremists. That’s not quite the case — yet (GRID):

Domestic Radicalization and Deradicalization: Insights from Family and Friends (National Institute of Justice, USA):

Reported User‐Generated Online Hate Speech: The ‘Ecosystem’, Frames, and Ideologies (MDPI):

Hating on Social Media Symposium. Plenary Video Archives (Ontario Tech’s Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism & Meta Canada):

UN Secretary-General’s message on the International Day Commemorating the Victims of Acts of Violence based on Religion or Belief (United Nations Iraq):

Social media platforms must regulate misinformation and hate speech (The Standard, Kenya):

Google to run ads educating users about fake news (BBC News):

Making Sense of Language Signals for Monitoring Radicalization (MDPI):

More on countering extremism and hate speech:

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