The titles at | October 2022

  • Conscious or Unconscious: The Intention of Hate Speech in Cyberworld — A Conceptual Paper (MDPI)
  • Online Hate Speech against Women: Automatic Identification of Misogyny and Sexism on Twitter (IOS Press)
  • Tackling online hate speech in Africa and beyond (APC)
  • Identifying Hate Speech Using Neural Networks and Discourse Analysis Techniques (ACL Anthology)
  • Free speech or Free Hate Speech? Analyzing the Proliferation of Hate Speech in Parler (ACL Anthology)
  • BERT-based Ensemble Approaches for Hate Speech Detection (arXiv)
  • 25+ Online hate crime statistics and facts (comparitech)
  • Supreme Court slams TV channels for unregulated hate speech: Check details (Asianet News, India)

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