Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. November 2022 (II/II, Part b) |

On the list below, you will find the second part of the 190 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of November 2022. Part a and b of this issue contain 95 URLs each.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of these are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. The following is a current selection of our posts:

Be Aware of the Malware: When technology and gender-based violence meet (OECD Forum):

The Rising Threat of Domestic Terrorism: A Review of the Federal Response to Domestic Terrorism and the Spread of Extremist Content on Social Media (Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee via

Protective Factors In Risk Assessment: Practitioner Perspectives (CREST Research):


Breaking the Building Blocks of Hate: A Case Study of Minecraft Servers (ODA Loop):

Audio… Security and extremism on social media (Wisconsin Public Radio):

Legal and normative frameworks for combatting online violence against women journalists (unesco):

Twitter moderators turn to automation amid a reported surge in hate speech (The Guardian):

Hitting Rock Bottom: The Radicalising Potential of Celebrity Culture (GNET Research):

Gendered Online Messaging, Women’s Insecurities and the Impact of COVID on Violent Extremism Throughout the ASEAN Region (GNET Research):

France demands Twitter ensure it can preserve ‘safe environment’ (Reuters):

Women Help Nonviolent Campaigns Succeed, But Nonviolent Discipline Remains Crucial (United States Institute of Peace):

Online activism both a boon and a bane in fighting gender-based violence (Eco-Business):


Journalists Undergo Skills Training In Violent Extremism Dynamics (Kenya News Agency):

Online Platforms as Gendered Sites: Why We Should Pay Attention to Women-Only Forums (GNET Research):

Internet and radicalisation pathways: technological advances, relevance of mental health and role of attackers (GOV.UK):

(Part 1) Countering the use of new and emerging technologies for terrorist purposes – CTC meeting (United Nations):

Call for Applicants. Advisory Committee Members for the Civil Society – UN Independent Engagement Mechanism (Global Center on Cooperative Security):

YouTube, Meta will expand policies, research to fight online extremism (Arab News):

Working With Victims Of Torture (CREST Research):

Video… Stratcom Panel 9: How to Combat Extremism and Hate Speech for Global Good (StratcomSummit22):

MCMC to expedite review process on extremist views, fake news (FMT, Malaysia):

Ulemas have vital role to play in countering extremism: Ajit Doval (The Indian Express):

Committee of Experts on Combating Hate Speech (ADI/MSI-DIS) Background document (Council of Europe):

What Syria’s war has to teach about mental health (Politico ‘Future Pulse’):

Safer Internet Day 2023 (eSafetyCommissioner, Australia):

Artificial Intelligence Act: Council calls for promoting safe AI that respects fundamental rights (European Council):

Digital Peacebuilding: A Framework for Critical–Reflexive Engagement (International Studies Perspectives):

Decoding PM Modi’s message on radicalisation at the ‘No Money for Terror’ Ministerial (oneindia):

Study: Use of ‘Groomer’ Hate Speech Increased on Twitter After Colorado Springs Nightclub Shooting (Montclair State University):

Evaluating Programs for Preventing Violent Extremism. A systematic methodological review (UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism):

180 NGOs Call on Elon Musk to Fight Growing Antisemitism on Twitter (via yahoo! finance):

Risk of Radicalisation among Segments of the Central Asian Diaspora (RSIS):

Lunchtime Seminar – Charlotte McDonald-Gibson: Investigating the root causes of extremism (IOM – UN Migration):

Video… Launch Event of the Compendium of Promising Practices in Rehabilitation and Reintegration (Bulan Institute):

Germany presents new strategy to combat antisemitism (DW):

European Youth Cybercrime, Online Harm and Online Risk Taking: 2022 Research Report (University of East London):

Perceptions of climate change and violent extremism – October 2022 (UNICRI):

Countering the misuse of gaming-related content & spaces: Inspiring practices and opportunities for cooperation with tech companies, November 2022 (EU RAN):

Deconstructing the ‘Jewess’: an Exploration of Gendered Antisemitism (GNET Research):

Dealing with online hate: A crisis management handbook for video game developers (

Clinical Services Addressing Violent Extremism: The Quebec Model (International Journal of Forensic Mental Health):


Radicalisation, Extremism, and Digital Games (GNET Research):

New Twitter Policy Won’t Promote Hate Speech, Negative Content: Elon Musk (NDTV):

Record funding from Mayor to help communities stand up to hate (Mayor of London):

Pushing forward: Preventing violence against women in online spaces (UN WOMEN Arab States):

UN counter-terrorism body backs innovations to fight digital terror (United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism):

Hate Is No Game: Hate and Harassment in Online Games 2022 (ADL):

Session 1: Prevention of Violent Extremism in the Middle East (MERI):

Conceptualising Protective Factors: Strengths-Based Approaches (CREST Research):

Fanning the Flames of Hate: The Transnational Diffusion of Online Anti-LGBT+ Rhetoric and Offline Mobilisation (GNET Research):

Improved AI helps Facebook and Instagram curb hate speech, violence, bullying: Report (The Hindu):

Video… Phänomenübergreifende Radikalisierungsprävention – Möglichkeiten und Grenzen (BAG RelEx):

New training to block, mute and report online hate directed at women (eSafety Commissioner, Australia):

Going to Extremes – Podcast by the UNOCT Bi Hub to Counter Terrorism – S1E3 with Mia Bloom (United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism):

Podcast & Transcript… Counter-Terrorism After 9/11, Episode 5: Counter-Terrorism and International Diplomacy with Amb. Janet Alberda (ICCT):

Journeys through Extremism: The Experiences of Former Members of Al-Shabaab (RESOLVE Network):

Video… Attraktivität des Extremismus – Wie extremistische Narrative in Krisenzeiten Zuflucht bieten (BAG RelEx):

Irish researchers lead European disinformation battle (Irish Examiner):


The Challenges and Potential of Harnessing Technology for the Prevention of Gender-Based Violence and Violent Extremism (GNET Research):

Web giants to submit user data as EU law comes into effect (Arab News):

Video… RAN in Focus – podcast: Current socio-economic challenges and the impact on extremism (EU RAN):

Anti-bullying week: The online pile-ons for good (Vodafone, UK):

Fundamentals of Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalization that Lead to Terrorism (OSCE e-Learning):

Tech Against Terrorism’s Submission to the UK Draft Online Safety Bill Consultation (Tech Against Terrorism):

Ensuring Sustainable Penitentiary Actions in managing rehabilitation of violent extremist prisoners in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ESPA-VEP) (Council of Europe):

Hate speech reforms drastically watered down (Newsroom, New Zealand):

The Role of Youth in Preventing and Countering Extremism in West Africa (Strong Cities Network):

UN Counter Terrorism Committee Open Briefing 2 December 2022 (Tech Against Terrorism):

Twitter, others slip on removing hate speech, EU review says (ABC NEWS):

GUDialog – Über den Umgang mit Online Hate Speech (Institut_GUD):

Including Young People for Peace and Security: A Discussion with AU Youth Envoy Chido Mpemba (Africa Center for Strategic Studies):

The CONTEST Review: What Next for Prevent? (RUSI):

Obama Foundation Democracy Forum (Obama Foundation):

Audio… Reintegrating Extremists: Deradicalisation and Desistance with Sarah Marsden (CoJiT – Combating Jihadist Terrorism and Extremism):

Absolute Free Speech Is A Recipe For Violence: Notes From Paris For Monsieur Musk (Worldcrunch):

National Security Minister calls for collaboration to address terrorism, violent extremism threat (Ghana News Agency):

Does Social Media Use Promote Political Mass Polarization? A Structured Literature Review (

Radicalization Ecosystem As A Confounder of Violent Extremism’s Drivers (SSRN):

Brazilian feminist responses to online hate speech: Seeing online violence through an intersectional lens (Association for Progressive Communications):

Bias + Bullying = Identity-Based Bullying (ADL):

Moralized language predicts hate speech on social media (PNAS Nexus):

“Ein Haufen Schutt”. Die salafistisch-dschihadistische Szene im Umbruch (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung):

Finding The Story: Expanding The Tale (CREST Research):

Experts Are Worried About Hate Speech On Twitter Amid World Cup (NEWSY):

Moving Away From ‘Trauma’ Towards ‘Trauma And…’ (CREST Research):

Video… Digital Radicalisation (EU RAN):

YouTube, Meta will expand policies, research to fight online extremism (Arab News):

Ist das (schon) Hatespeech? – Eine qualitative Untersuchung zum Verständnis von Hatespeech unter pädagogischem Schulpersonal

Working Paper: Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children Returned from Syria and Iraq (Bulan Institute):

Recent Legal and Political Developments in the Repatriation of European Nationals from Northeastern Syria (CEP Germany):

RAN in Focus – podcast: Current socio-economic challenges and the impact on extremism (EU RAN):

More on countering extremism and hate speech:

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