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On the list below, you will find the second part of the 112 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of January 2023. Part a and b of this issue contain 56 entries each.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of these are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. The following is a current selection of our posts…

Enjoy browsing and reading!

Achievements Report 2018-2022 (PREVENT THE SPREAD of violent extremism in the prison context via UNODC):

New York State invests $500K to upgrade crime analysis center, add ballistics tech (statescoop):

Hate Speech. Linguistic Perspectives (De Gruyter Mouton):

Leveraging World Knowledge in Implicit Hate Speech Detection (arXiv):

Covertly communicated hate speech: A corpus-assisted pragmatic study (Journal of Pragmatics):

Marseille: comment lutter contre la radicalisation des jeunes? (BFM Marseille):

Tackling Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism With Artificial Intelligence (Peter Carr):

Anti-hate speech website launched by Belgian social media managers (The Brussels Times):

The three cases that could break the internet (The Sydney Morning Herald):

Women and young girls should be able to go online without abuse, says BARONESS MORGAN (Express, UK):

Tech companies and the public interest: the role of the state in governing social media platforms (Information, Communication & Society):

Prisons: the path to extremism? (XCEPT Breaking Cycles of Conflict via SoundCloud):

The impact of a global EU/UN initiative working with violent extremist prisoners: Nurlan’s story (UNODC):

GW Study Links Offline Events to Spikes in Online Hate Speech (George Washington University via NewsWise):

Indian social platform pitches solution for ‘online toxicity’ at Arsenal game (The Hindu):

Interfaith Alliance and Their Battle Against Online Hate (Good Faith Media):

Serbia: IJAS launches new platform for the safety of journalists ‘On The Line’ (European Federation of Journalists):

Tweets with moralized language are more likely to get replies that use hate speech (PsyPost):

AI and online moderation: why context is everything (transform magazine):

Twitter hate speech up in large foreign markets after Musk takeover (The Washington Post):

That’s so cute!: The CARE Dataset for Affective Response Detection (ACL Anthology):

Respect in the Commonwealth Toolkit (The Commonwealth):

Moralized language predicts hate speech on social media (National Library of Medicine):

NCCE to launch education on violent extremism in Oti Region (Ghana News Agency):

How many tech industry jobs have been cut in the past few months? (PBS):

UNESCO calls for intensified collective efforts to combat antisemitism online (UNESCO):

Study: Features of prison subcultures in Canada mitigate radicalized and extremist messaging (

U.S. Mayors on Combating Hate Crimes and Violent Extremism (C-SPAN):

2022 Trends In Terrorist Behaviour Online (Tech Against Terrorism):

Online hate (Drivetime):

Hate in the Headlines: Journalism and the challenge of extremism (NPC Journalism Institute):

Call to stop rogue algorithms ‘pushing’ antisemitism online (Independent):

Eye on 4R Network: Behind the hieroglyphic streets: Conspiracy theories as a coping mechanism for reintegrating extremists (Counter Extremism Project):


Michael Gove wins fight for a tougher report on radicalisation in UK (The Times):

Human rights must be defended in the fight against terrorism: UN chief (UN News):

Mapping the Ideological Landscape of Extreme Misogyny (ICCT):

RAN cross-cutting event, The Online Dimension of Extremism and Improving Online P/CVE Efforts, Berlin 27 September 2022 (EU RAN):

How AI Can Rid The Internet of Fake News and Bias (spiceworks):

Condemn Hate Speech Within Media Space – Deputy Interior Minister (The Ghana Report):

Online hate speech is often hidden in plain sight (A.R.U., UK):

Training Albanian Prison Staff in Radicalisation Prevention (IPS_Innovative Prison Systems):

Morocco’s Strategy to Fight Terrorism, Extremism Presented in Kenya (Agence Marocaine de Presse):

Proceed with caution: on the use of computational linguistics in threat assessment (Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism):

Eye on 4R Network: In-Community Reintegration & Rehabilitation – The case of Central Asia (Fighting Terror, CEP):

Hate crime legislation vague and inconsistent among 50 U.S. states (

“Éviter de parler de religion en classe, c’est sous entendre que c’est mal, ce n’est pas ça la laïcité !” (radiofrance):

Ligante#3 – Radikalisierungsfaktor soziale Ungleichheit? (BAG RelEx):

A Diachronic Cross-Platforms Analysis of Violent Extremist Language in the Incel Online Ecosystem (Terrorism and Political Violence):

Lawmakers ask online gaming companies for details after report reveals increase in hate on platforms (WPXI):

Deny, Deceive, Delay Vol. 2: Exposing New Trends in Climate Mis- and Disinformation at COP27 (ISD):

New War Studies Podcast episode reveals how trauma drives violence and peace in conflict zones (King’s College London):

‘Petri dish of hate’: Why more Australians are being urged to report this type of crime (SBS News, Australia):

Repatriation of child returnees from Northeast Syria: A child-rights approach to their management, rehabilitation, and reintegration (ICCT):

Can Big Tech make livestreams safe? (Financial Times):

Are Our laws Efficient In Deterring Hate Speech Flaring Through Media? (Feminism in India):

Automated Sentiment and Hate Speech Analysis of Facebook Data by Employing Multilingual Transformer Models (paperswithcode):

Washington plan to fight extremism could be model for nation (OPB/PBS Newshour):

Police technologies: Gender dimension bias and the impact upon criminal justice. Artificial intelligence and machine learning (via FUNDACIÓN TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION):

Safer Internet Day a Great Time to Review Online Safety (ConnectSafely):

UNiting Against Hate episode 1: Monitoring hate (United Nations):

Free articles and analyses on soft counter-extremism and on countering hate speech:

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