Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. January 2023 (II/II, Part a) |

On the list below, you will find the first part of the 112 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of January 2023. Part a and b of this issue contain 56 entries each.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn. Almost all of these are posts of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization. The following is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 3 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  1. Audio…
    Penser la radicalisation djihadiste (radiofrance):
  2. The Continuing Threat of Self-Radicalization in Singapore (The Diplomat):
  3. CTED Analytical Brief: Management of violent extremist prisoners and the prevention of radicalization to violence in prison (United Nations):

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Violent Extremism v. Terrorism. Branding a Dangerous Phenomenon (

Counter-terrorism disruptive powers report 2021. Information on the use, regulation and oversight of a wide range of disruptive powers (GOV.UK):

Morocco’s Strategy to Fight Terrorism, Extremism Presented in Kenya (MAP via Kingdom of Morocco):

Hate speech: A growing, international threat (United Nations):

The Internet as a Co-Determinant of Violent Extremism (


Marginalization and discriminatory attitudes are fueled by hate speech, CPD (IPN Press Agency):

Indonesia: Five Essentials for Countering Violent Extremism without Undermining Freedoms (The Asia Foundation):

Mitigating the Impact of Media Reporting of Terrorism (ICCT):

Deconstructing Counterterrorism: What Has Worked and What More Needs To Be Done (European Eye on Radicalization):

Moralized language predicts hate speech on social media (Oxford Academic):

A Guide To Deradicalisation & Disengagement Programming (via CREST Research): (article) (full report) (executive summary)

Managing the Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Their Families: Malaysian Experience (ICCT):

INTERRUPTING THE JOURNEY TO EXTREMISM. Development responses are crucial in preventing violent extremism (UNDP):

Impact of prevention of violent extremism education on the prevention of violent extremism among youths in Afghanistan: A case study of Kabul University students (JLIFLC):

Terrorist content online: Commission takes action to protect people from the risk of online radicalisation and recruitment by extremists (European Commission):

UN: Parts of internet becoming `toxic waste dumps’ for hate (AP):

High-Level Parliamentary Conference in Togo addresses Youth Engagement in Counter-Terrorism and Prevention of Violent Extremism in Africa (UNOCT, APU, e.a.):

A Discussion with a Peace and Conflict Expert & a Look at What Factors Play a Role in Violence Today (At the Edge of it All, USD):

Why visual misinformation online can be tough to stop (Marketplace Tech):


Breaking Cycles of Violence (XCEPT Research):

“Free speech vs hate speech: The journey towards coexistence requires dialogue”, Prince El Hassan bin Talal (Middle East Eye):

Offline events and online hate (PLOS ONE):

Gender, Peace and Security in Natural Resource Management: Land, forest and water management in the Asia Pacific (UN Women):

EU moves to curb terrorist content and prevent online radicalisation (siliconrepublic):

Why is social media such a breeding ground for hate speech? (Technische Universität Dresden):

Down the Rabbit Hole: Detecting Online Extremism, Radicalisation, and Politicised Hate Speech (arXiv):

Gender-specificity in practical P/CVE: Reviewing RAN Practitioners’ activities in 2021 (EU RAN):

Healing-Centered Peacebuilding: An approach to preventing violent extremism (USAID via ConnexUs):

Multilateralism and Countering Terrorism in Heavily Impacted States – A Geneva Security Debate (GCSP):

Managing the Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters and Their Families: Malaysian Experience (ICCT):

The Violations of Politeness Principle in Hate Speech by Haters to Barbie Kumalasari as the Actrees of Indonesia in Youtube Comments (Jurnal Ilmiah Langue and Parole, Indonesia):

How African countries respond to fake news and hate speech (Information, Communication & Society):

YouTube, Meta will expand policies, research to fight online extremism (Arab News):

Media and the coverage of terrorism: manual for trainers and journalism educators (UNESCO):

Shared Endeavour Fund Call Two Evaluation Report (ISD):

Supreme Court Poised to Reconsider Key Tenets of Online Speech. The cases could significantly affect the power and responsibilities of social media platforms (The New York Times):

De-radicalisation and Integration Legal & Policy Framework in Italy (D.Rad):

RELIGIOUS MODERATION IN THE RECITATION ACTIVITY OF MUSLIMAT NU: An Effort to Prevent Religious Extremism (Ulul Albab, Indonesia):

Reporting office against online hate speech: More and more hate on the net (Teller Report according to FAZ):

The Small but Mighty Danger of Echo Chamber Extremism (Wired):

Idolisation to isolation: the echo chamber effect (exposure, UK):

The Hunt: Mass shootings in California compared to terrorist incidents (WTOP News):

‘Urgent need’ for more accountability from social media giants to curb hate speech (moderndiplomacy):

Hate speech: Nations fight back (United Nations):

Parents and Carers: Protecting Your Child From Extremism and Radicalisation (2023) (educate.against.hate):

Meta urged to boost Africa content moderation as contractor quits (Context, Thomson Reuters Foundation):

YouTube, Meta will expand policies, research to fight online extremism (Arab News):

Monguno, Agwai, Others Advocate Community-based Approach To Amnesty, Deradicalisation (Leadership, Nigeria):

Tackling Online Terrorist Content Together: Cooperation between Counterterrorism Law Enforcement and Technology Companies (GNET Research):

Internet and radicalisation pathways: technological advances, relevance of mental health and role of attackers (GOV.UK):

‘The Idea of Man Within Human Rights’ according to Brugger (via Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip):

The Facts about Online Hate and Cyberviolence Against Women and Girls in Canada (Canadian Women’s Foundation):

Mapping and Analysis of Efforts to Counter Information Pollution in Europe and Central Asia Region (UNDP):

Social media: UNESCO leads global dialogue to improve the reliability of information (UNESCO):

Subtle hostile social media messaging is being missed by artificial intelligence tools (Tech Xplore):

Subtle hostile social media messaging is being missed by artificial intelligence tools (Tech Xplore):

Free articles and analyses on soft counter-extremism and on countering hate speech:

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