How To Access Posts With Links To The Best Free Resources On P/CVE And Against Hate

Dear Network,

Since mid-2017, I have shared many thousands of posts containing links to free articles, other documents, as well as recordings against violent extremism (P/CVE) and on countering online hate. New connections, just as those who have been following me for a longer time, will be among those who see, in their LinkedIn feeds, some of my daily shares – but not all of them.

There are three ways to fetch your choices of texts from the whole, or most, of my posts:
a. Visit my profile and consult the activity section.
b. Bookmark my activity list to reach it directly via the weblink
c. Visit the website with a bi-weekly ranking of the most popular posts. You can browse the headlines of these rankings and access the original documents from there, by simply clicking on the associated links.

I wish you much good use of the information through the LinkedIn platform and through!

Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip
19 February 2024

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