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On the list below, you will find the 80 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of April 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  1. Dogs and Cats Living Together? Explaining the Crime-Terror Nexus (Terrorism and Political Violence):
  2. What to Do if De-Platforming Actually Does not Work (
  3. Incel And The Incelosphere: An Overview Of Current Research And Understanding (CREST Research):
  4. PAVE Open Access Training Modules: Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism (via Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers):
  5. New EU project: Tech Against Terrorism Europe (LMU, Germany):

Enjoy browsing and reading our posts!

Jacinda Ardern takes up leadership and online extremism roles at Harvard (The Guardian):

Handbook on the Management of Violent Extremist Prisoners and the Prevention of Radicalization to Violence in Prisons (UNODC):

Building Community Resilience: UNDP Establishes Advisory Groups on PVE in Tajikistan (UNDP):

Addressing the spread of online hate speech will require more than just tech (

Hate crimes in Alberta on the rise: OPV study (Global News, Canada):

Composite Violent Extremism: A Radicalization Pattern Reshaping Terrorism (FDD):

Gender-based violence. Combating Cyber Violence against Women and Girls (

Episode 9: Preventing Violent Extremism with Resilience and Social Cohesion (DECODING COUNTERTERRORISM PODCASTS, RUSI):

Global conflicts intensify amid climate change, poor governance and extremism: a closer look at the Sahel, Haiti, and Myanmar (AOAV via Reliefweb):

UK Muslim groups linked to extremism face funding cuts, increased monitoring (Arab News):

Study sheds light on how deplatforming after the Jan. 6 riot impacted the larger online ecosystem (PsyPost):

The Evolving Gamification of Online Hate (moderndiplomacy):

The Prosecution of Foreign Fighters under International Humanitarian Law: Misconceptions and Opportunities (ICCT):

Tom Thorely : He knows counterterrorism and has got our backs (#AskAnExpert, Swellcast):

No Easy Way Out: The Effectiveness of Deplatforming an Extremist Forum to Suppress Hate and Harassment (arXiv):

Twitter to label tweets that get downranked for violating its hate speech policy (TechCrunch):

Episode 1: The Impact of Great Power Politics on the United Nation’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy with Naureen Fink (THE GLOBAL POLITICS OF COUNTER-TERRORISM, ICCT):

ENISA Foresight Cybersecurity Threats for 2030 (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity):

Government puts social media giants on notice over misinformation and hate speech during voice referendum (The Guardian):

The platform-media relationship in the European Media Freedom Act (Verfassungsblog):

How the internet is Radicalizing Young Men And Creating Incels | Offline With Jon Favreau (Pod Save America):


Episode 10: The Role of Youth in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (DECODING COUNTERTERRORISM PODCASTS, RUSI):

Cross-Platform Reactions to the Post-January 6 Deplatforming (Journal of Quantitative Description):

Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR) (U.S. Department of Homeland Security):

AI security concerns in a nutshell – Practical AI-Security guide (Federal Office for Information Security, Germany):

Hate Speech and Offensive Language (Papers with Code):

Civic space snapshot: Press freedom and online civic space (OECD):

Hate Crime Online Reporting Statistics 2022 (An Garda Síochána, Republic of Ireland):

AI Chat Bots and The Future of Radicalisation (Ghaffar’s Newsletter):

Cracking the Code on Countering Violent Extremism: Exclusive Insights from a UN Consultant (SUSS, Singapore):

Hate Speech and Discrimination: an Overview of the Portuguese Situation (Technium Social Sciences Journal):

Who Designates Terrorism? The Need for Legal Clarity and Transparency to Moderate Terrorist Content Online (Tech Against Terrorism):

Episode 9: Preventing Violent Extremism with Resilience and Social Cohesion (DECODING COUNTERTERRORISM PODCASTS, RUSI):

How Brand Safe is Twitter Under Elon Musk? (SocialMediaToday):

Deplatforming hate forums doesn’t work, British boffins warn. Industry intervention alone can’t deal with harassment (The Register):

Tech & Terrorism: Online Gaming Platforms Facing Scrutiny Over Extremist Content (Counter Extremism Project):

We need transparency, not censorship, to address hate speech and other harms on social media (ISD):

An Ensemble Approach to Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology):

Auditing Elon Musk’s Impact on Hate Speech and Bots (arXiv):

Composite Violent Extremism: An Original Conceptual Framework (Tackling Hate):

New European center fights online hate speech (DW):

Kyrgyzstan’s social media is a complex process (UNESCO):

Online gaming leading to radicalisation (Prevent West Sussex):

Cyberbullying is when someone uses the internet to be mean to a child or young person so they feel bad or upset (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

What you need to know about the new guide on addressing hate speech through education (UNESCO):

Giving voice to young people to fight for hate-free internet. UNICEF and the Foundation Telekom for Macedonia invite young people to be part of a co-created campaign against cyber-violence and online hate speech (UNICEF):

Bias Mitigation for Capturing Potentially Illegal Hate Speech (SpringerLink):

Revealed: Number of children experiencing online hate speech is growing but are parents talking about it? (internet matters):

Domestic Violent Extremism (UI.S. Department of the Treasury):

Gov’t Launches Curriculum On Preventing Violent Extremism Among Children (Kenya News Agency):

Finding ways to reduce extremism and radicalization | Utterly Moderate Podcast (Magicvalley):

EER Podcast: What Should Western Governments Do About Islamic State Foreign Fighters? (European Eye on Radicalization):

Decoding Antisemitism: An AI-driven Study on Hate Speech and Imagery Online (Centre for Research on Antisemitism, Technische Universität Berlin):

TCAP Insights: Patterns of Online Terrorist Exploitation (via Tech Against Terrorism):

Statistical Analysis of Counter-Hate Speech on Voice-based Social Media (Procedia Computer Science):

HateCircle and Unsupervised Hate Speech Detection Incorporating Emotion and Contextual Semantics (ACL Digital Library):

A Republican Approach to Jerkish Speech on Online Platforms (Springer):

The U.N. and Eradicate Hate Global Summit Joined Liverpool Football Club to Launch Global Campaign (Market Insider):

Tech For Good – Feat. Moonshot (Adlib Recruitment):

Big Tech crackdown looms as EU, UK ready new rules (AP via yahoo! finance):

Time to re-assess terrorism prevention in Africa? (via Polity, South Africa):

Developing Deradicalization Programs for US Domestic Extremism, with Dr. Baiju Gandhi (The Institute of World Politics):

Detection of Hateful Social Media Content for Arabic Language (ACM Digital Library):

Frustration of Basic Psychological Needs Increases Extremism Risk, New Study Finds (Tackling Hate):

Lie Detectors: Body Language Tells Us Surprisingly Little About Whether Someone Is Being Honest (CREST Research):

Beyond the law: Toward alternative methods of hate speech interventions in Nigeria (SSOAR):

What is Hate Speech? The Case for a Corpus Approach (SpringerLink):

Washington: Morocco, U.S. Key partner in countering violent extremism & ISIS terror threat (North Africa Post):

COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION on the 2023 annual action plan for the global threats part of the thematic programme on peace, stability and conflict prevention (Eur-Lex):


Can the Internet survive without the controversial Section 230? (KSBY):

NDP MP introduces bill to combat online hate speech (CTV News, Canada):

DEEP LEARNING BASED HYBRID WORD REPRESENTATION FOR DETECTION OF HATE SPEECH (International Research Journal of Modernization in Engineering Technology and Science):

HateXplain (Papers with Code): |

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