Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. May 2023 (II/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 125 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of May 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  1. “It Gets a Bit Messy”: Norwegian Social Workers’ Perspectives on Collaboration with Police and Security Service on Cases of Radicalisation and Violent Extremism (Terrorism and Political Violence):
  2. The Role of Religious Institutions in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (IOM via United Nations Iraq):
  3. Disengaging and Reintegrating Violent Extremists in Conflict Zones (USIP):
  4. The Oneness of God. Archaeology, Tawheed, and Islam (
  5. Course material… Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism Through Community Resilience (PAVE): (PDF) (Training Site)

Enjoy browsing and reading!

Extremism Finds Fertile Ground in Chat Rooms for Gamers (The New York Times):

Gender, terror and Kenya’s efforts to counter violent extremism (UN WOMEN):

Community-based strategies to prevent violent extremism among youth (EU CONNEKT):

Youth Violence. Preventing Violent Extremism: Taking an Intersectional Approach (ConnectFutures):

A Looming Crisis: Young Men, Education, Employment, and the Rise of Extremism in the Global North (

Indonesia, Australia build community resilience against extremism

Is the “General Deterrence Theory” Up to the Challenge of Domestic Political Extremism? (OODALOOP):


Formers in prevention/countering violent extremism (P/CVE)–Standards (EXIT-Germany):

Preventing violent and hateful extremism: comparing the experiences of domestic Swedish and international humanitarian-development NGOs (Conflict, Security & Development):

Prevalence of Veteran Support for Extremist Groups and Extremist Beliefs (RAND Corporation):

Capacity development of psychologists and social workers involved in rehabilitation of returned citizens from conflict zones on Trauma-Informed Care (UNDP):

Infographic: Strategies for Researchers Analyzing Terrorist and Violent Extremist Content (TVEC) (University of Birmingham, VOX Pol, moonshot, GNET Research):

Violent Extremism and Public Health (

Climate Journalism Handbook (taz Panter Stiftung):

The Role of Religious Institutions in Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (IOM UN Migration):

Pathways to Rehabilitation of Violent Extremist Offenders (VEOs) (UNICRI):

YouTube and Violent Extremism (Cops Office Awareness Briefs, USDOJ):

RAN in the Western Balkans – Online radicalisation and P/CVE approaches in the Western Balkans, 16 June 2022 (EU RAN):

International and local NGOs addressing violent and hateful extremism in Kenya (Conflict, Security & Development):

The Terrorism Acts in 2021 – report of the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (accessible) (GOV.UK):

Is Extremism Inherent to Islam or a Response to Perceived Threats? (European Eye on Radicalization):

Young people take a stand against cyberbullying and online hate speech (UNICEF):

Lethal Words: An Integrated Model of Violent Extremists’ Language (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

Free eBook… Normalizing Extreme Imprisonment: The Case of Life Without Parole in California (Oxford University Press):

Improving School Safety Through Bystander Reporting (United States Secret Service):

Violent Extremism and Radicalization among Youth in Prisons: A Case of Langata Womens, Kamiti and Shimo La Tewa Prisons in Kenya (USIU Africa):

Gaming The System: How Extremists Exploit Gaming Sites And What Can Be Done To Counter Them (NYU STERN):

Countering Terrorism in the Family Courts: A Dangerous Development (Modern Law Review):

Let’s participate in the fight against violent extremism- NCCE (Ghana Districts):

i-RESTORE 2.0. – E-learning course in 7 languages on restorative justice with children (Childhub):

Preventing/countering violent extremism and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: an impact nexus (UNICRI):

Examining the Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors Associated with Adolescent Engagement in Multiple Types of Cyberdeviance: Results from an Australian Study (Journal of Child and Family Studies):

Media and Information Literacy: Resources that Address Misinformation (WebJunction):

Intelligence, AI And Aukus With Former Us Principal Deputy Director Of National Intelligence Susan Gordon (Technology And Security Podcast, The United States Studies Centre):

Countering the Financing of Terrorism. Good Practices to Enhance Effectiveness (IMF):

Terrorism financing: The overlooked risk in Africa (Control Risks):

What Verbal De-Escalation Techniques Can We Learn from Cmc Complaint Handling? (SSRN):

Extremism is becoming a real problem in the gaming sphere (TMS):

Countering Violent Nonstate Actor Financing. Revenue Sources, Financing Strategies, and Tools of Disruption (RAND Corporation):

Backgrounder: How Can Online Anonymity Affect Hate? (ADL):

Audio… Going to Extremes – Podcast by the UNOCT Bi Hub to Counter Terrorism – S1E3 with Mia Bloom (UNOCT):

Age and Hate are not Commonly Connected (

RAN Practitioners Study Visit – Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE)/Violent Right-wing Extremism (VRWE) in the US and EU, New York City 15-16 March 2023 (EU RAN):

Was Zivilgesellschaft und Tech für ein Netz ohne Hass tun können (DAS NETTZ):

Determinanten radikalisierungsbezogener Resilienz im Jugendalter. Entwicklung eines Interventionstoolkits zur Förderung der Resilienz gegenüber rechtsextremen und radikal-islamistischen Ideologien (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin via ufuq):

RAN PRISONS Working Group Meeting – Dealing with false or non-compliance in prison – intervention strategies to mitigate risks, Rome, 07-08 July 2022 (EU RAN):

The U.S National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism (The White House):

Video… Refusing To Accept Violent Extremism With Patrick R. Riccards Of Life After Hate (Puffin Cultural Forum):

RAN VoT WG meeting – Involving victims/survivors in P/CVE, Nice 29-30 September 2022 (EU RAN):

The Role of MHPSS Efforts in the Prevention of Violent Extremism in Africa (European Eye on Radicalization):

Mapping of primary prevention approaches in southern EU Member States, May 2023 (EU RAN):

Video… Games and Extremism (Psychgeist):

RAN Practitioners Study Visit – Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE)/Violent Right-wing Extremism (VRWE) in the US and EU, New York City 15-16 March 2023 (EU RAN):

Radicalisation and Violent Extremism: Causes and Responses (New South Wales Parliamentary Research Service):


Mass Displacement and Violent Extremism in the Sahel: A Vicious Circle? (ICCT):

Role of Mourchidates in Countering Extremism: Morocco’s Experience Highlighted in Vienna (Agence Marocaine de Presse):

OSCE strengthens Kazakhstan’s national capacities in preventing and countering terrorist use of the internet (OSCE):

The Double-Edged Sword of AI: How Generative Language Models like Google Bard and ChatGPT Pose a Threat to Countering Hate and Misinformation Online (Center for Countering Digital Hate):

Students say misinformation abounds online. Experts say critical thinking helps them navigate it (CBC, Canada):

How Parents Can Actually Help Teens Navigate Social Media (The New York Times):

Threads of Hate: How Twitter’s Content Moderation Misses the Mark (ADL):

Gaps in trainings – how PREPARE addresses the needs of practitioners working with children from violent extremist families (EU PREPARE):

Science and collaboration helps fight against violent extremism (GOV.UK):

Six Pressing Questions We Must Ask About Generative AI (ADL):

Terrorism in the Era of Ecological Change (European Eye on Radicalization):

Spotlight on Police and Law Enforcement (EU RAN):

Prosperity linked to curbing extremism (The News International):

Digital Safety Risk Assessment in Action: A Framework and Bank of Case Studies (World Economic Forum):

The Expanding Use of Administrative Measures in a Counter-Terrorism Context – Part 1: In Need of Rule of Law Safeguards (ICCT):

Accountability Issues, Online Covert Hate Speech, and the Efficacy of Counter‐Speech (Politics and Governance):

Video… What Is Counterterrorism? (National Museum of American Diplomacy):

Radicalization from a societal perspective (Frontiers in Psychology):


Counterspeeches up my sleeve! Intent Distribution Learning and Persistent Fusion for Intent-Conditioned Counterspeech Generation (Papers with Code):

Who are the haters? A corpus-based demographic analysis of authors of hate speech (Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence):

Combating hate speech online and offline (CORDIS, European Commission):

Tech layoffs ravage the teams that fight online misinformation and hate speech (CNBC):

How Speech Is Moderated Online in the US (Bloomberg via The Washington Post):

Education initiative aims to counter student radicalisation (University World News):

Study Reveals Just How Pervasive Harassment and Extremism Are in Gaming (GAME RANT):

Eliminating extremism, violence vital for progress, experts at KP conference say (DAWN, Pakistan):

More Than Half of Users Have Seen Extremist Content in Online Games (VICE):

Cultural threats can lead to violent extremism (University of Copenhagen via EurekAlert):

Extremism. Researchers: Deterrence can lead to radicalization (News in Germany):

The Online Gaming Ecosystem: Assessing Digital Socialisation, Extremism Risks and Harms Mitigation Efforts (GNET Research):

A Feminist Theorisation of Cybersecurity to Identify and Tackle Online Extremism (GNET Research):

Audio… An Uncertain Future: Deepfakes and Extremism (The Tech Against Terrorism podcast):

The Expanding Use of Administrative Measures in a Counter-Terrorism Context – Part 2: In Need of a Gender and Age-Sensitive Approach (ICCT):

Let’s unite to fight against violent extremism, terrorism-NCCE urges Jaman North residents (GNA, Ghana):

Challenges Law Enforcement Faces in Utilizing Community Policing to Counter Violent Extremism (Liberty University):

Understanding left-wing authoritarianism: Relations to the dark personality traits, altruism, and social justice commitment (Current Psychology):

Putting hate speech on mute: An Indian project helps social media users filter out abuse to feel safe online (DW):


Reducing Reactive Aggression in Prisons through VR-based Training (IPS Innovative Prison Systems):

Developing A Robust Legal System Through Scale for Youth Extremism Across Arab Cultures (International Journal of Criminal Justice Science):

Integrated efforts imperative to prevent women extremism (BSS, Bangladesh):

Hate on the rise: Advocates say more needs to be done to stem tide of incidents in Canada (Capital Current Ottawa):

Hate Speech and Offensive Content Identification in English and Indo-Aryan Languages using Machine Learning Models (CEUR-WS):

Civil Rights Advocates Bring Groups Together to Fight Hate (Public News Service, USA):

MOOC: Think Critically, Click Wisely: Media and Information Literacy in the next normal (UNESCO):

Ways to fight violent extremism discussed (The Express Tribune, Pakistan):

Digital frontlines: Analysis of Harmful Content during Elections (UNESCO):

A web framework for information aggregation and management of multilingual hate speech (PubMed):

Audio… Filter bubbles and free speech (The Society Column):

Harnessing the transformative power of music and arts to counter violent extremism (KBC, Kenya):

“Evil elite” conspiracy theory has thousands of believers in the Netherlands: report (NL Times):

Identifying Hate Speech and Attribution of Responsibility: An Analysis of Simulated WhatsApp Conversations during the Pandemic (MDPI):

Des expertes veulent « aplatir la courbe » de la violence au Québec (La Presse):

Tech Against Terrorism Welcomes Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation Annual Report (Tech Against Terrorism):

Audio… Episode 8: Disengagement with Jamie Khalil (“Going to Extremes”, UNOCT):

Gaming und Rechts­extremismus (Violence Prevention Network) :

Audio… Extremist Memes: The Dark Side of Internet Culture (Tech Against Terrorism):

Is Violent Extremism /Terrorism A Psychological Disorder? (Ceylon Today):

Audio… Are we entering a new age of radicalisation? (RRR, Australia):

eSafety and Queensland Police forge closer links to fight harms (eSafety Commissioner, Australian Government):

The Enemy Hates Best? Toxicity in League of Legends and Its Content Moderation Implications (European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research):

Young Canadians in a Wireless World, Phase IV: Digital Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship (Media Smarts, Canada): |

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