Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. June 2023 (I/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 160 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the second half of May 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  1. The Role Of Religious Institutions In Preventing And Countering Violent Extremism In Iraq – IOM (United Nations Iraq):
  3. Hate Speech Classifiers are Culturally Insensitive (ACL Anthology):
  4. The Evaluation of Case-managed Programs Targeting Individuals at Risk of Radicalisation (Terrorism and Political Violence):
  5. Misogyny is often the connection between overlapping far-right ideologies. A holistic approach to addressing violent extremism starts with confronting deep-seated societal issues (The Interpreter, Lowy Institute):

Enjoy browsing and reading these and other documents on our list!

AI poses national security threat, warns terror watchdog (The Guardian):

2023 GENDER SOCIAL NORMS INDEX (GSNI). Breaking down gender biases: Shifting social norms towards gender equality (UNDP):

‘RedPilled AI’: A New Weapon for Online Radicalisation on 4chan (GNET Research):

Reshare… A Guide to Deradicalisation & Disengagement Programming: Designing and Implementing Interventions through the Lens of the ABC Model (CREST): (Full PDF) (Executive Summary PDF)

Trafficking in the Sahel: Muzzling the illicit arms trade (United Nations):

Women against radicalisation and violent extremism in Burkina Faso (Pax for Peace):

Africa, epicenter of violent extremism: a challenge for peace and development (UNDP) (day FR EURO):

“White Jihad” and “White Sharia”: Jihadism as an Instrument of Intra-Extremist Outbidding among Right-Wing Extremists (Terrorism and Political Violence):

Action plan to counter violent extremism launched (The Standard, Kenya):

Guardrails Urgently Needed to Contain “Clear and Present Global Threat” of Online Mis- and Disinformation and Hate Speech, says UN Secretary-General (UN Sustainable Development):

Links between Terrorism and Migration: An Exploration (ICCT):

Video… The Third Annual GNET Conference (2023) – An Update on the Online Extremist Landscapes (ICSR):


Can the European Union Still Be Trusted to Regulate the Internet? (Lawfare):

Communicating on social media for researchers (Universität Kassel):

Religious leaders urged to preach against violent extremism (GNA):

What Does Sustained Desistance from Violent Extremism Entail: A Proposed Theory of Change and Policy Implications (Terrorism and Political Violence):

Terrorism and Cybersecurity: An Intertwined Threat Landscape (Politics-DZ):

IntelBrief: Addressing Terrorist Exploitation of Crises and Disaster (The Soufan Center):

Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism in Eastern Africa in the COVID-19 Era (Wilson Center):

Demonising Migrants in Contexts of Extremism: Analysis of Hate Speech in UK and Spain (Politics and Governance):

Cultural Threats Can Lead to Violent Extremism (Homeland Security News Wire):

Annoying or dangerous: How should managers deal with extremists in the workplace? (Stuff, NZ):

Contextures of hate: Towards a systems theory of hate communication on social media platforms (The Communication Review):

What Does Sustained Desistance from Violent Extremism Entail: A Proposed Theory of Change and Policy Implications (Terrorism and Political Violence):

AI policing: Can Sunak make the UK the centre of regulation? (Upday):

Key dilemmas in the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism (DiVA):

Transnational linkages between violent right-wing extremism, terrorism and organized crime (Counter Extremism Project):

TWITTER FAILS TO ACT ON 99% OF TWITTER BLUE ACCOUNTS TWEETING HATE. How Twitter fails to rein in toxicity among Twitter Blue users (Center for Countering Digital Hate):

Terrorism in the EU in 2022 – facts and figures (EUROPOL):

Yes, the incel community has a sexism problem, but we can do something about it (The Conversation):

Significance Quest: A Meta-Analysis on the Association Between the Variables of the 3N Model and Violent Extremism (Laboratoire interdisciplinaire en études culturelles, Université de Strasbourg):

Discord & Extremism (ISD):

AI: the judge of speech (Leiden Science Magazine):

Male Supremacist Terrorism as a Rising Threat (ICCT):

AI generated content should be labelled, EU Commissioner Jourova says (Reuters):

New UN report reveals chronic bias against women over last decade (United Nations):

Understanding (non)involvement in terrorist violence: What sets extremists who use terrorist violence apart from those who do not? (Criminology & Public Policy):

Why ISIS can’t make much headway with Muslims in India (Indian Defense Review):

The Conversation around Islam on Twitter: Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis of Tweets about the Muslim Community in Spain since 2015 (MDPI):

Social and individual grievances and attraction to extremist ideologies in individuals with autism: Insights from a clinical sample (SHERPA University Institute):

Spain: UN expert calls for stronger protection for victims of sexual violence (United Nations):

Resilience in radicalization prevention (University of Groningen):

Women working on the frontlines of the prevention of violent extremism in Mauritania (UNODC):

EU Commission statement on the European Remembrance Day for Victims of Terrorism (European Commission):

An In-depth Analysis of Implicit and Subtle Hate Speech Messages (ACL Anthology):

Unlocking the Strength of Iraqi Cities: Strengthening National-Local Cooperation for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (EUAM Iraq):

ISD provides feedback to the EU Commission on data access for researchers under the Digital Services Act (ISD):

Trauma and the reintegration of ex-combatants (King’s College, London):

Hate Speech In Digital Space And Online Gender-based Violence (ASJP):

Enhancing penitentiary capacities in addressing radicalisation in prisons in Western Balkans (European Union & Council of Europe):

Towards Legally Enforceable Hate Speech Detection for Public Forums (arXiv):

AI governance must balance creativity with sensitivity (Chatham House):

Big Tech crackdown looms as EU, UK ready new rules (Courthouse News Service):

The U.S. National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism: Key Actions by Pillar (THE WHITE HOUSE):

Digital Resilience Initiative can prevent violent extremism: Zambry (The Vibes, Malaysia):

Video… Confronting Far Right Extremism (MIRR Alliance):

Generative AI and its Implications for Social Media Analysis (StratComCOE Virtual Manipulation Brief):

Second regional peer-to-peer workshop within the framework of the CONTACT Southeast Asia project (UNICRI):

A Practitioner’s Guide to Working with Children in VE-Affiliated Families: Protecting the Rights of the Child (PREPARE via ICCT):

Good governance guarantees national stability – Francis Poku (BusinessGhana):

West Mamprusi NCCE engages groups on preventing violent extremism (National Commission for Civic Education, Ghana):

Left-wing extremism in Germany: How much of a threat is it? (DW):

Regulation essential to curb AI for surveillance, disinformation: rights experts (UNITED NATIONS):

A Decade of Stagnation: New UNDP data shows gender biases remain entrenched (UNDP):

Video… The Third Annual GNET Conference (2023) – Online Extremism in the New South (ICSR):

Social media, trauma, hate speech add to youth mental health crisis, U.S. Senate panel told (ABC Kake):

Susceptibility to Violent Extremism. Integrating Personality and Social Psychological Factors (Stockholm University):

National Authority on Preventing / Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism (Ceylon Today):

Civilian-state security cooperation in Benin and Togo: a double-edged sword (Institute for Security Studies):

Council conclusions on the role of the youth sector in an integrated and cross-sectoral approach to preventing and combating violent radicalisation of young people (European Council):

Audio… Society, Sacrifice, and Devotion (XCEPT Research via Soundcloud):

Free eBook… HATE SPEECH ON SOCIAL MEDIA: A GLOBAL APPROACH (LabCom, Universidade da Beira Interior):

Audio… The Manosphere | Dr Ben Rich and Dr Francis Russell (Curtin University):

Rishi Sunak planning AI watchdog: Report (The Economic Times):

Special Issue on Bright Information and Communication Technologies in the 21st Century (Information Systems Frontiers):

Media Reports on Religious Extremism and Terrorism (International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, Pakistan):

Video… A Guide To Deradicalisation and Disengagement Programming (CREST via RUSI):

Political Extremism in a Global Perspective (Journal of Global Awareness, St John’s University):

Detecting Harmful Content on Online Platforms: What Platforms Need vs. Where Research Efforts Go (ACM Digital Library):

Support for Pro-Climate and Ecofascist Extremism: Correlates and Intersections (Democracy and Security):

Does Artificial Intelligence Dream of Antisemitism? (GNET Research):

Misogynistic Extremism: A Scoping Review (PubMed):

Left-wing extremism in Germany: How much of a threat is it? (DW):

Identifying Hate Speech Trends and Prevention in Indonesia: a Cross-Case Comparison (Global Responsibility to Protect):

UNESCO partners with Aljazeera Balkans to address online hate speech (UNESCO):

UN chief calls for new era of social media integrity in bid to stem misinformation (United Nations):

Video… UN Chief on Digital Platforms policy brief – Press Conference (12 June 2023) (United Nations):

OMCD: Offensive Moroccan Comments Dataset (Language Resources and Evaluation):

A 10-Step Roadmap for Enhancing City-Led Support for Community-Based Programmes to Address Hate and Extremism (Strong Cities Network):

Perceived challenges affecting user engagement in online community: an analysis of interrelationships and interaction (Emerald Insight):

Leveraging Language Identification to Enhance Code-Mixed Text Classification (Papers with Code):

Generative AI: The new attack vector for trust and safety (Help Net Security):

Facts and Figures: Ending Violence against Women and Girls (UN Women):

Audio… Trauma and the reintegration of ex-combatants (XCEPT Research via Soundcloud):

Social media, trauma, hate speech add to youth mental health crisis, U.S. Senate panel told (Alaska Beacon):

Po­li­tisch mo­ti­vier­te Krimi­nalität 2022 – Vor­stel­lung der Fall­zah­len in ge­mein­sa­mer Pres­se­kon­fe­renz (Bundeskriminalamt):

Video… RAN Webinar: Anti-government extremism, experiences and challenges (EU RAN):

Be the Change: A Path to Counteract Hate Speech (SMERCONISH):

What you need to know about hate speech (UNESCO):

RAN Y&E meeting. Tools for post-lockdown resilience building in youth, online 07-08 March 2023 (EU RAN):

Our Common Agenda Policy Brief 8. Information Integrity on Digital Platforms (United Nations): (PDF)

Video… The Third Annual GNET Conference (2023) – Gendered Approaches to Online Violent Extremism (ICSR):

Identifying Hate Speech Trends and Prevention in Indonesia: a Cross-Case Comparison (Brill):

AI-generated hate is rising: 3 things leaders should consider before adopting this new tech (TechCrunch):

Video… Tackling Online Hate Against Religious Minorities (Migs Montreal):

First-Person Propaganda, First-Person Shooters, and Gamification: A Different View (GNET Research):

Shockwavelike Behavior across Social Media (Physical Review Letters):

The Online Gaming Ecosystem: Assessing Digital Socialisation, Extremism Risks and Harms Mitigation Efforts (GNET Research):

Extremist NFTs Across Blockchains (Lawfare Blog):

Building Networks & Addressing Harm: A Community Guide to Online Youth Radicalization. Impact Study (PERIL & Southern Poverty Law Center):

From the streets to cyberspace. The evolution of law enforcement’s role amid the rise of online radicalisation, hate groups, and hybrid threats (gerulata):

Twitter Fails to Remove Hate Speech By Blue-Check Users: Report (The Daily Beast):

Episode 9: Reintegration with Noah Tucker (UNOCT Going to Extremes):

Digital Threats to Democracy Dialogue summary report (Lowy Institute):

GAAMAC: Platform for Prevention (GAAMAC):

RAN Practitioners Study Visit – Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE)/Violent Right-wing Extremism (VRWE) in the US and EU, New York City 15-16 March 2023 (EU RAN):


End violent extremism, armed conflicts, Uhuru tells IGAD conference (The Standard, Kenya):

The Media and Polarisation in Europe: Strategies for Local Practitioners to Address Problematic Reporting, May 2023 (EU RAN):

ReaCT2022 Report on Terrorism and Radicalization in Europe – N. 3, Year 3 (START InSight):

Social Media and Morality (via PsyArXiv):

Importance of Security Agencies’ Efforts and Collaboration in Effectively Preventing Radicalization and Extremism Conducive to Terrorism (Reichman University):

Episode 8: Disengagement with Jamie Khalil (UNOCT Going to Extremes):

Recommendation Systems. Moderation (Vinija’s AI Notes):

Ten Videos… Recorded sessions (Stockholm Criminology Symposium):

What are disinformation and extremism? And why should troops be aware? (AirForceTimes):

Accelerationism Meets Gamification: A Look at the Convergence in the Framing of Online Narratives (GNET Research):

Video… The REASSURE Report Online Launch (VOX-Pol): (Recording) (PDF)

Detecting Harmful Content on Online Platforms: What Platforms Need vs. Where Research Efforts Go (ACM Digital Library):

All You Need To Know About Bullying: Online and Off. Anti-bullying Guide to Cyberbullying & Offline Bullying (RouterNetwork):

Regulating Hate Speech On Social Media Platforms: Challenges Faced By Indian Courts (Aklegal, India):

Online hate and lies causing grave global harm: UN Chief (UN Sustainable Development Group):

Moral Disengagement, Herd Mentality, Moral Identity, and Empathy in Cyberbullying Roles (Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma):

Video… Table ronde : Elles parlent… de la radicalisation des garçons (Action ontarienne):

We must fix our failure to fight online hate and harassment (Business in Vancouver):

From Keyboard to Violence: The Role of the Internet in the Radicalization of Extremists (Political Chronicle):


BC Human Rights Commissioner talks battling hate during Okanagan visit (Castlegar News):

Uzbekistan steps up efforts to curb online extremist ideology (Central-Asia News):

Disrupting hate: The effect of deplatforming hate organizations on their online audience (PNAS):

Video… The Third Annual GNET Conference (2023) – Impact of Extremism Research on Researcher Mental Health (ICSR):

Video… VOX-Pol Workshop: Evolving Contours of (Online) Extremism and P/CVE in Sub-Saharan Africa (VOX-Pol):

Teachers Classroom resources Secondary About Islamist Extremism (educate.against.hate):

Understanding Conspiracist Radicalisation. QAnon’s Mobilisation to Violence (ICCT): (PDF)

Social Discourse of Cyber Hate in Indonesia: The Potential Transition from Hate to Crime (Asian Institute of Research):

Audio… Episode 7: Disengagement with Ryan Scrivens (UNOCT Going to Extremes):

Understanding and appraising ‘hate speech’ (Journal of Language Aggression and Conflict):

Young people take a stand against cyberbullying and online hate speech (UNICEF):

‘Is This a Hate Speech?’ The Difficulty in Combating Radicalisation in Coded Communications on Social media Platforms (European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research):

A Decade of Stagnation: New UNDP data shows gender biases remain entrenched (UNDP): (PDF)

Putting hate speech on mute: An Indian project helps social media users filter out abuse to feel safe online (DW Akademie):

Initiative to enhance crucial role of women in countering hate speech launched (United Nations):

Do extremists use Discord? In online gaming chatrooms, hate isn’t hard to find (USA Today):

Identifying Hate Speech and Attribution of Responsibility: An Analysis of Simulated WhatsApp Conversations during the Pandemic (Healthcare):

Industry Voices: AI is an essential tool in tackling online hate in gaming (MCV UK): |

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