The titles at | June 2023 (I)

  • Addressing hate speech through education: a guide for policy-makers (UNESCO)
  • Marking International Day for Countering Hate Speech, Secretary-General Calls for Renewed Efforts Promoting Peaceful, Just Societies (United Nations)
  • International Day for Countering Hate Speech (United Nations Population Fund)
  • UN Human Rights Chief: Hate speech has no place in our world (OHCHR)
  • Disrupting hate: The effect of deplatforming hate organizations on their online audience (PNAS)
  • Detecting Harmful Content on Online Platforms: What Platforms Need vs. Where Research Efforts Go (ACM Digital Library)
  • Contextures of hate: Towards a systems theory of hate communication on social media platforms (The Communication Review)
  • Role of Informal Social Control in Predicting Racist Hate Speech on Online Platforms: Collective Efficacy and the Theory of Planned Behavior (National Library of Medicine)
  • Hate Speech Detection using Deep Learning and Text Analysis (IEEE Xplore)

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