The titles at | August 2023 (I)

  • Toolkit for Digital Safety Design Interventions and Innovations: Typology of Online Harms (World Economic Forum)
  • The Hate Speech on Instagram: An Analysis of Famous Women in Spain (JDMI)
  • Inequalities and content moderation (Policy Insights, Wiley)
  • Social Media Platforms Fail to Support Targets of Online Hate, Finds ADL (ADL)
  • Addressing hate speech through education: a guide for policy-makers (UNESCO)
  • AI Hate Speech Detection to Combat Stereotyping & Disinformation (Unite AI)
  • Whitepaper Desinformation und Hate Speech (Corporate Digital Responsibility Initiative)
  • Combating Hate Crimes through Artificial Intelligence: A Technological Approach to Enhance Social Harmony (Countercurrents)
  • Lack of Critical Approach in the Hate Speech Research as Ideological Practice in Indonesia (SHS Web of Conferences)
  • Hate speech and abusive language detection in Indonesian social media: Progress and challenges (Heliyon)
  • An In-depth Analysis of Implicit and Subtle Hate Speech Messages (ACL Anthology)
  • What Did You Learn To Hate? A Topic-Oriented Analysis of Generalization in Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology)
  • Causality Guided Disentanglement for Cross-Platform Hate Speech Detection (paperswithcode)
  • Robust Hate Speech Detection in Social Media: A Cross-Dataset Empirical Evaluation (catalycex)

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