Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. August 2023 (I/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 100 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of ASugust 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  2. Teenagers ‘risking prison over extremist content without leaving their rooms’ (Hereford Times):
  3. Saudi Arabia to Host Int’l Islamic Conference on Moderation, Extremism, Terrorism, Tolerance, Coexistence (Asharq Al-Awsat):
  4. GCERF Approves New Partnership with Indonesia for Prevention of Violent Extremism (GCERF):
  5. Exiting the Manosphere. A Gendered Analysis of Radicalization, Diversion and Deradicalization Narratives from r/IncelExit and r/ExRedPill (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

Enjoy browsing and reading these and other documents on our list!

Civil Society Engagement with the United Nations on Counterterrorism–A Perilous, Uphill Challenge (IPI Global Observatory):

Youth insights on Security Matters: Perspectives from Model OSCE Participants Western Europe (OSCE):

Germany’s Far Right Extremists Are Using AI Images To Incite Hatred (Worldcrunch):

Teachers’ Role in Countering Violent Extremism (Daily Times, Pakistan):

Video… How extremist views have become mainstream | Counter-terrorism expert (Times Radio):

UNDP calls for coordinated response to fight violent extremism (BusinessGhana):

Two new manuals on addressing hate speech available in Republic of Moldova and Armenia (Council of Europe):


Senate ‘drops’ Prevention of Violent Extremism Bill after strong opposition (The Express Tribune, Pakistan):

Conspiracy theories, war games, and international partnerships: NCITE announces new research projects (NCITE, University of Nebraska Omaha):


Adolescence as a “Radical” Age and Prevention of Violent Radicalisation: A Qualitative Study of Operators of a Juvenile Penal Circuit in Italy (MDPI):

The Game Plan. Implementing the Plan of Action to Counter Hate Speech through Engagement with Sport (Eradicate Hate & UN Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect):

Audio… Episode #002 – Professor Andrew Silke – Terrorism and the Climate Crisis (Totally Terrorism, a Pool Re Podcast):

Egypt calls for comprehensive approach to defeat terrorism, extremism (Arab News):

Battle plans against American terrorism, extremism take shape (American Bar Association):

Mental Health, Well-Being, and Adolescent Extremism: A Machine Learning Study on Risk and Protective Factors (PubMed):

Grants to prevent Violent Extremism – Kenya (fundsforNGOs):

Exploring the link between Smartphone Use, Violence, and Social Sharing in 50 case studies (Qeios):

Free eBook… Ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Case Studies and Options for Addressing Ethical Challenges (Springer):

Audio… ADL Releases First-of-its-Kind Report on Hate Against the LGBTQ+ Community (From the Frontlines, ADL):

Innovation and prevention of violence against women (UN Women):

Explaining online conspiracy theory radicalization: A second-order affordance for identity-driven escalation (information systems journal):

Minister Al-Sheikh to Asharq Al-Awsat: Moderate Islam to Triumph, Extremism to Cease (Asharq Al-Awsat):

Video… Contemporary extreme violence: radicalisation and violent extremism imaginaries (CESIE):

Hate Speech Detection via Dual Contrastive Learning (arXiv):

De-Radicalization Within Kenya Prison (EdinBurg):

The digital age, the spread of violence… ‘Us’ trapped in the palm of your hand (Korea Posts Online):

10 Ways Facebook AI is Tackling Hate Speech in 2023 (AtOnce):

Combating hate speech through a QR code (FMT, Malaysia):

A global definition of what is online harm (moonshot News):

The invisible sisters. Actors on TikTok and Instagram in the spectrum of extremism, Salafism, Islamism and activism (Violence Prevention Network):

Video… Social media has become the superspreader of hate and harassment, says ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt (CNBC):

From Margins to Mainstream: How Extremism Has Conquered the Political Middle (ICCT):

Fifth Discourse Report – Decoding Antisemitism (Centre for Research on Antisemitism, TU Berlin):

Supreme Court Highlights Challenges in Tackling Hate Speech, Emphasizes the Need for Effective Implementation of Laws (BNN Network, India):

Cults and Online Violent Extremism (Information Network Focus on Religious Movements via GNET Research):

Toolkit for Digital Safety Design Interventions and Innovations: Typology of Online Harms (World Economic Forum):

Report on violence, abuse and neglect of older persons (United Nations & OHCHR):

Combating Hate Crimes through Artificial Intelligence: A Technological Approach to Enhance Social Harmony (Countercurrents):

Incels in Australia: the ideology, the threat, and a way forward (ASPI):

AI language models are rife with political biases (MIT Technology Review):

Geographical visualization of tweets, misinformation, and extremism during the USA 2020 presidential election using LSTM, NLP, and GIS (Journal of Big Data):

De-radicalisation works better than post-terror muscular actions (NewsInAsia):

NZSIS publishes unclassified assessment of New Zealand’s threat environment (New Zealand Security Intelligence Service):

Don’t Just Counter-Message; Counter-Engage (ICCT):

Scams and digital harm rising: Tech professionals share how they stay safe online (New Zealand Herald):

Block/Filter/Notify: Support for Targets of Online Hate Report Card (ADL):

‘Police Sensitisation Required’: Supreme Court Calls For Enduring Solution To Hate Speeches (LiveLaw, India):

Videos… Artificial Intelligence and CVE (SEAN-CSO):

Our Brains Are Hardwired to Believe Lies and Conspiracy Theories, Research Shows (Homeland Security News Wire):

Terrorism: What’s behind surge in arrests of under-18s? (BBC News):

Radicalised teenagers a ‘new and emerging’ threat, warns terror chief (The Telegraph):

Funding available for Civil Society Organisations in Somalia (fundsforNGOs):

Social Media Platforms Fail to Support Targets of Online Hate, Finds ADL (Homeland Security Today):

New klicksafe working material by young people for young people (EU Klicksafe):

AI Hate Speech Detection to Combat Stereotyping & Disinformation (Unite AI):



India-Maldives join hands to counter terrorism, extremism & radicalization (DD News):

‘Defund the Spread of Misinformation and Hate Speech’: IIM-B Faculty Members To India Inc (The Wire, India):

Southeast Asia Regional Workshop: Strengthening National-Local Cooperation to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism (Strong Cities Network):

Growing relevance of reports of adolescent cyberbullying victimization among adult outpatients (BMC Public Health):

The 4 Stages of Conspiracy Theory Escalation on Social Media (The Conversation via Scientific American):

Côte d’Ivoire-Burkina Faso/Security: Media, civil society and FDS from Liptako-Gourma and Côte d’Ivoire share experiences (Jumelages & Partenariats):

Creating a common language to address online harm (World Economic Forum):

Definition of hate speech complex, real problem is execution of law: SC (The Shillong Times):

Conspiracy theories: how social media can help them spread and even spark violence (The Conversation):


Hate speech becomes a crime with 3-yr jail term (The Times of India):

Platform Problems and Regulatory Solutions: Findings from a Comprehensive Review of Existing Studies and Investigations (UNESCO via The Communication Initiative Network):

Security minister visits India to boost anti-extremism and anti-corruption work (Surrey Comet):

ESA Regional Hub Strategic Engagements in Burundi: Role of Local Governments in Prevention of Extremism, Hate and Polarisation (Strong Cities Network):

Facts and Figures: Ending Violence against Women and Girls (UN Women Arab States):

SSL-GAN-RoBERTa: A robust semi-supervised model for detecting Anti-Asian COVID-19 hate speech on social media (Natural Language Engineering):

Inequalities and content moderation (Global Policy):

Violent conflict and hostility towards ethno-religious outgroups in Nigeria (Household in Conflict Network):

A hierarchy of hate (LSE):

The Function Of Universities In Preventing Radicalism Of Thinking In Indonesia, Malaysia And Thailand (BiblioMed):

Video… Vortrag: Esther Reinhardt-Bendel | Antiziganismus damals und heute (FEX – Fachstelle Extremismusdistanzierung):

Playing Against Radicalization: Why extremists are gaming and how P/CVE can leverage the positive effects of video games to prevent radicalization (modus | zad):

Social media mostly fails new ‘online hate report card’ by ADL; Twitch in the lead (i24 News):

Defending Others Online: The Influence of Observing Formal and Informal Social Control on One’s Willingness to Defend Cyberhate Victims (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health):

Toolkit on dealing with conspiracy narratives, July 2023 (EU RAN):

Audio… Ways to protect children online (TechTank by Brookings):

Commentary: Understanding and countering the challenge of youth radicalisation in Singapore (M Today):

Hacktivism Unveiled, April 2023 Insights Into the Footprints of Hacktivists (Radware):

New research shows widespread antisemitism in universities and online (ABC News):

Hate crime strategy: easy read version (Scottish Government):

Stakeholders advocate collective action against terrorism, violent extremism (NEWSDIARY, Nigeria):

Supreme Court Calls for Committee to Address Hate Speech, Urges Harmony Between Communities (BBN, India):

AI language models are rife with different political biases (MIT Technology Review):

‘Significant’ number of young people with extremist views have special needs (Southern Daily Echo via MSN News):

Understanding Bullying And Its Causes (BetterHelp):

Social media companies falling short in protecting targets of hate, report says (Spectrum News): |

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