Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. August 2023 (II/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 120 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of August 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are as follows:

  1. Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Fund (Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, New Zealand):
  2. Call for chapter proposals: Weaponizing Language: Discourse and the Construction of Violence (H-Announce):
  3. International Day of Remembrance of and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism (21 August 2023) (France Diplomacy):
  4. QatarDebate Center holds debate on countering extremism in social media (The Peninsula, Qatar):
  5. Why media is critical in fighting violent extremism (People’s Daily, Kenya):

Enjoy browsing and reading these and other documents on our list!

The Gangster and the Bride: The Media Representation of Masculinity and Femininity in News Coverage of Jihadi Terrorists (Terrorism and Political Violence):

UNDP and Denmark partner to strengthen community resilience to combat violent extremism in West Africa (GhanaWeb):

Hackers get AI to share credit card info and endorse hate speech (Freethink):

White Jihad: The Jihadification of White Supremacy (GNET Research):


Politique de prévention de la radicalisation violente en milieu scolaire (Eduscol):

Study identifies three distinct “incel” profiles and suggests “incels” should not be broadly labeled as violent extremists (PsyPost):

Importance of Incorporating UN Resolution 1325 in Countering Violent Extremism (Paradigm Shift, Pakistan):

UNDP and Denmark partner to strengthen community resilience to combat violent extremism in West Africa (UNDP):

Susceptibility to Violent Extremism: Integrating Personality and Social Psychological Factors (Stockholms universitet):

KP Center Of Excellence On Countering Violent Extremism Holds International Conference (Urdupoint, Pakistan):

International Day of Victims of Terrorism: 21 August 2023 (United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism):

Deradicalization and Rehabilitation of Violent Extremist Offenders in Bangladesh (Sasakawa Peace Foundation):

Preventing extremism and radicalisation (West Sussex City Council):

Denmark Buckles Under Pressure, Moves to Restrict Speech That Insults Other Cultures and Religions (Fee Stories):

Defending Against Domestic Violent Extremism: A Discussion with Brian Michael Jenkins (Legal Talk Network):

Cyberbullying is dangerous. The case of South Africa (MEER):

Education to Combat Extremism (Academia, Pakistan):

Meta Terror?: The Threats and Challenges of the Metaverse (GNET Research):

Reforming curriculum to counter extremism (The Express Tribune, Pakistan):

Arabic Hate Speech Detection Using Different Machine Learning Approach (The International Conference of Advanced Computing and Informatics):

Prosecuting Extremists In The UK: An Exploration Of Charging, Prosecution, And Sentencing Outcomes (CREST Research):

What impact will the EU’s Digital Services Act have? (DW):

Tuning in to Hate: How Extremists Utilise Podcasts (Tech Against Terrorism):

Teens & Extremism: ending the spread of harmful messages online (News on Ambition):

Peace Education for Youth: A Toolkit for Advocacy and Planning (Global Campaign for Peace Education):

Mob Psychology and Effects on Religious Extremism (Daily Times, Pakistan):

BRICS nations condemn terrorism in all its forms (The Statesman, India):

VIDEO: Powerful photos combat bullying (ABC News, Australia):

Counterterrorism expert Thomas Renard: ‘Everyone is struggling to identify how to best respond to extremism’ (Asser Institute):

Social Media Platforms Are Demanded to Strictly Regulate Illegal Content (Kompas, Indonesia):

Managing exits from violent extremist groups: lessons from the Lake Chad Basin (Institute for Security Studies):

Teenage cyberbullying: A toxic side effect of online socialization (Medical Xpress):

Peer bullying victimization in adolescence is associated with substance use: cross-sectional findings from French high school students (Journal of Addictive Diseases):


AI is the latest weapon in the arsenal of school bullies (The New Daily, Australia):

Pentagon watchdog finds lax oversight and screening of military recruits with extremist ties (Boston Globe):

Big Tech firms first in line for fines under the EU’s content law (Politico):

What do we mean when we talk about ‘resilience’ to violent extremism?’ (ICSR):

NCITE wins contract to help federal courts manage release of federally incarcerated extremists (University of Nebraska Omaha):

Freedom of Expression and Media Development (UNESCO):

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Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace (Routledge):

Islamabad police intensify crackdown on online hate content (Hum Network Pakistan):

Weaponising the climate crisis: How extremists and politicians are polarising the debate (Euronews Green):

US tech firms offer data protections for Europeans to comply with EU big tech rules (Cyberscoop):

Europe is cracking down on Big Tech. This is what will change when you sign on (El País English):

Polarization, Social Cohesion, and Atrocities: Approaches for a Safer World (Search for Common Ground):

Cross-functional Analysis of Generalization in Behavioral Learning (Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics):

Cross-functional Analysis of Generalization in Behavioral Learning (Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics):

Big Tech braces for roll-out of EU’s Digital Services Act (Reuters):

Consequences of affective polarization: Avoidance, intolerance and support for violence in the United Kingdom and Norway (Journal of Political Research):

Combating Dark Web Terrorism: Strategies for Disruption and Prevention (International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology):

DCC Calls For Concerted Efforts To Combat Radicalization (Kenya News Agency):

Coping with Hate: Exploring Indian Journalists’ Responses to Online Harassment (Journalism Practice):

Assessing the Prevalence and Predictors of Incivility in Online News Comments Across Six Countries (Journalism Practice):

A language framework for modeling social media account behavior (EPJ Data Science):

‘Hate Speeches From All Sides Will Be Treated Alike’ : Supreme Court (Live Law, India):

Why aren’t more African Union decisions on security implemented? (ISS):

UN peacekeepers fight deadly disinformation (United Nations):

Opting for an Integrated Approach to Countering Violent Extremism from Educational Institutions: A case of Southern Punjab (Sustainable Development Policy Institute):

Commentary: Reporting a radicalised loved one or friend need not be a dilemma (Today, Singapore):

Ethical Impact Assessment: A Tool of the Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (UNESCO):

‘Need Effective Practical Steps Against Hate Speech’: Supreme Court Seeks Responses From States On Appointment Of Nodal Officers (LiveLaw, India):

Audio (Reshare)…
Episode 10. Reintegration with Sarah Marsden (“Going to Extremes” by UNOCT):

Western Balkans Regional Hub Multiagency Coordination on Preventing Hate, Extremism & Polarisation: Founding the Local Safety Council of the Municipality of Danilovgrad (Strong Cities Network):

Everything you need to know about Europe’s new Big Tech regulations (PBS News Hour):

Analysis: Big Tech’s compliance efforts as EU Digital Services Act is enforced (Euractiv):

Launch of Addressing Hate Speech through Education: A Guide for Policy-makers (UNESCO):

Resident Handbook: Free Speech and Hate Speech (University of Massachusetts):

Towards Knowledge-Grounded Counter Narrative Generation for Hate Speech (arXiv):

Terrorist Content Analytics Platform: Second Annual Transparency Report (Tech Against Terrorism):

Preventing Violent Extremism and Narcortic Menace In Schools (Ceylon Today, Sri Lanka):

Education for building youths’ resilience to violent extremism (Pakistan Observer):

Insights for Educators and School Leaders: Understanding and Addressing Online Hate Speech (Berkeley School of Education):

Responsibility gap or responsibility shift? The attribution of criminal responsibility in human–machine interaction (Information, Communication & Society):

Violent extremism and terrorism: conceptual and normative limitations (III Seven Multidisciplinary Congress):

Preventing Terrorism and Extremism in Pakistan after re-emergence of Taliban in Afghanistan: A perspective from southern Punjab (SDPI, Pakistan):

Sweeping EU digital misinformation law takes effect (LegalDive):

Lived Experiences of Contact with Counter-Terrorism Policies and Practices (Homeland Security News Wire):

Multimodal hate speech detection via multi-scale visual kernels and knowledge distillation architecture (Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence):

WHO DO YOU SPEAK FOR? AND HOW? Online Abuse as Collective Subordinating Speech Acts (Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy):

Unleashing the Power of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning: Transforming Social Media Content Moderation (Alliance College of Engineering and Design, India):

The Putative Effect of Identity on Extremist Radicalization: A Systematic Review of Quantitative Studies (Studies in Conflict & Terrorism):

VOX-Pol Workshop: Evolving Contours of (Online) Extremism and P/CVE in Sub-Saharan Africa (VOX-Pol):

The ‘Public Health Approach’ to Prevention (ISD):

Trends in the Return and Prosecution of ISIS Foreign Terrorist Fighters in the United States (ICCT):

LPBI SERIES FACT SHEET | Peace (Re)building Initiatives: Insights from Southern Kaduna, Nigeria (RESOLVE Network):

Fostering Community Resilience: Harnessing Pashtun Folklore and Local Voices against Violent Extremism PB-99 (SDPI, Pakistan):

Moral disengagement, self-control and callous-unemotional traits as predictors of cyberbullying: a moderated mediation model (BMC Psychology):

Former Google exec on how AI affects internet safety (TechTarget):

Disinformation and the role of influencers in times of conflict (Aspen Institute Germany):

Densus 88 focuses on preventive measures, deradicalization: Police (Antara, Indonesia):

Multimodal Hate Speech Detection from Videos and Texts (EasyChair):

Opting for an Integrated Approach to Countering Violent Extremism from Educational Institutions: A case of Southern Punjab (SDPI, Pakistan):

Speakers for long-term strategies to counter extremism in KP (Business Recorder, Pakistan):

Cyberbullying in teenagers – a true burden in the era of online socialization (Medicine, Lippincott):

Introduction & Navigating the Transition from Violent Radicalization in the Context of Autocracy (FSMH IpevLIVE):

Shaping Europe’s digital future: The Digital Services Act package. [With Impact Assessments and Public Consultations] (European Commission):

Stamp out hate speech, persecution based on faith: Guterres (United Nations):

Moral Perfectionism and the Three Faces of Extremism: A Look from the Perspective of Psychoanalysis (Scientific Research):

Persistent bullying and the influence of turning points: learnings from an instrumental case study (Pastoral Care in Education):

Public Mental Health Approaches to Online Radicalisation: An Empty Systematic Review (MDPI):

Time Trends in Adolescent School Absences and Associated Bullying Involvement Between 2000 and 2019: A Nationwide Study

Audio (Reshare)…
Episode 9. Reintegration with Noah Tucker (“Going to Extremes” by UNOCT):

An Ensemble Approach to Hostility Detection in Hindi Tweets (International Conference on Computer, Communication, and Signal Processing):

E-mpoliteness – creative impoliteness as an expression of digital social capital (Journal of Politeness Research):

Discrepancies Between Social Media Policy and User Experience: A Preliminary Study of Extremist Content (GNET Research):

Tit for Tat: An Unacknowledged Institutional Response to Targets of Academic Bullying and Harassment (ACS Publications):

Understanding and Recognizing Tech Abuse (Secureworld IO):

Countering Violent Extremism through Social Cohesion and Community Resilience Approach PB-96 (SDPI, Pakistan):

UNODC Supports Central Asian Countries Through Regional Training on Transborder Operations (UNODC):

‘Peace, Harmony and Brotherhood must be maintained in Society’: Will strengthen norms to tackle hate speech, says Supreme Court (Latest News, India):

Spotlight on Games, Gaming and Gamification (EU RAN):

Virginia Tech psychologist offers tips for parents and schools to help address bullying (The Patriot):

We will fight extremism; surrender not an option: PM (Associated Press of Pakistan): |

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