Review on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech. September 2023 (II/II) |

On the list below, you will find the 175 most popular LinkedIn posts on the topics of counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of September 2023.

Since mid-2017, we have filed many thousands of shares on LinkedIn to a network of now almost 6,000 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism and radicalization as well as on countering hate. This is a current selection of our posts.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue, are the following:

1. Misogynistic Extremism, The Manosphere, and Mainstream Social Media | September 2023 (Diverting Hate):

2. Patterns in terrorist propaganda can provide foundation for effective counter messaging (University of Buffalo):

3. Improving Your Counter-Terrorism Response: A Six-Step Guide to Adhering to the EU’s TCO Regulation (Tech Against Terrorism):

4. A Functional Approach to Violent Radicalization. Building a Systemic Model Based on a Real Case (RESI, Spain): (Website) (PDF)

5. Algorithmic extremism? The securitization of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on radicalism, polarization and political violence (Technology in Society):

Enjoy browsing and reading these and other documents on our list!

UNODC Launch Initiative on Youth-Led Action to Prevent and Respond to Terrorism (UNODC): (News) (Website)

First person: Surviving terrorism only to face stigma in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique (UNODC):

Reshare… and its Status as an NGO (

Open-Access eBook…

Understanding Mixed Ideology Extremism (Program on Extremism at GWU):

A Guide for Mayors: Preventing and Responding to Hate, Extremism & Polarisation (Strong Cities Network):

Good Practices on Women and Countering Violent Extremism (GCTF):

2023 Counter-Terrorism Week Visibility Report (United Nations office of Counter-Terrorism):

Stemming the Rising Tide of Hate and Extremism Around the Globe: Cities Need to be at the Table (Strong Cities Network):

Neuroimaging study reveals hate speech dulls brain’s empathy responses (PsyPost):

‘Climate Change and Violent Extremism: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions (GCERF via YouTube):

The Indonesian Foreign Minister Shares Three Rehabilitation and Reintegration Efforts for Former Terrorists in Indonesia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia):

UNHRC approves resolution, condemning religious hatred (Kuwait TImes):

Religiously Motivated Terrorism & Preventing Violent Extremism (Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses):

Hate Crime Laws: A Practical Guide. Revised Edition (OSCE):

Cyberbullying of children (United Nations Human Rights):

Be an Upstander: 7 Steps to Combat Bullying (Psychology Today):

French Content Moderation and Platform Liability Policies (JSIS, University of Washington):

Document, Summary, Video…
Preventing Extremism in Fragile States: A New Approach. Final Report of the Task Force on Extremism in Fragile States (USIP):

Cryptocurrency-based Terrorist Financing: Investigating and Prosecuting Cases under International Criminal Court (GCTI):

Disinformation and online political violence against women in Brazil (Wilson Center):

Exploring Tradeoffs in Ranking and Recommendation Algorithms (Lawfare):

Counseling towards the Deradicalization of Islamist Extremists: An Overview of Approaches Based on Two Qualitative Interview Studies with Prevention Practitioners in Germany (Journal for Deradicalization):

The Insurrection Wave: A Comparative Assessment of Anti-Government Attacks in Germany, the US, and Brazil (ICCT):

Norway. In: Routledge Handbook of Violent Extremism and Resilience (Routledge):

Aphasia and bilingualism: Using one language to relearn another (ScienceDaily):

Unintended but not unanticipated consequences: youth work, organized crime, and concealed radicalization (Journal for Deradicalization):

Content moderation through removal of service: Content delivery networks and extremist websites (Wiley):

Radicalization and Terrorism in East Africa (Politics Today):

The Rabat Memorandum on Good Practices for Effective Counterterrorism Practice in the Criminal Justice Sector (GCTF):

Book Chapter…
3.7 Radicalisation and conspiracy theories by Benjamin Lee (Routledge):

The Online Safety Bill has officially passed – we break it down in layman’s term (Cosmopolitan, UK):

X/Twitter scraps feature letting users report misleading information (The Guardian):

Ministers engage in a discussion on rehabilitation and reintegration of former terrorists at the 13th Ministerial Meeting (CGTF):

Testimonials: Involving victims/survivors of terrorism in P/CVE, September 2023 (EU RAN):

Dialogue 360 Project is “Triggering Social Transformation” in Somalia (KAICIID):

Open-Access eBook…
Book: Current Trends in Terrorism and Counter- Terrorism (USANAS Foundation):

Seminar on hate speech held at ULAB (The Business Standard, Bangladesh):

Terrorism (Palgrave Encyclopedia of Security Studies):

Policy Toolkits (GCTF):

Mitte-Studie (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung):

Audio, transcript…
Islamic State Online: Emerging Trends and Tactics (Tech Against Terrorism): (Podcast) (Transcript)

‘Deepfake Doomsday’: The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Amplifying Apocalyptic Islamist Propaganda (GNET Reaearch):

UN, ECOWAS sign MoU on counter terrorism (Radio Nigeria):

Focal Inferential Infusion Coupled with Tractable Density Discrimination for Implicit Hate Speech Detection (Paperswithcode):

Britain makes internet safer, as Online Safety Bill finished and ready to become law (GOV.UK):

Group-focused online hate: A danger to democracy (Telekom, Germany):

A Guide For Cities: Preventing Hate, Extremism & Polarisation (Strong Cities Network):

Editorial ‘The Theory and Practice of Counterspeech’ (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice):

Measuring Results in Counter-Terrorism and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism. Compendium of Good Practices (A Joint EU-UN Publication):

The Dynamics of Islamic Radicalization in Bangladesh: Confronting the Crisis (MDPI):

Day 2 of Eradicate Hate Summit focuses on violent extremism (Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle):

The Agency and Roles of Foreign Women in ISIS (The Center of Justice & Accountability):

France: Proposed law to limit easy access to illegal online content (digwatch):

A Graph-Based Context-Aware Model to Understand Online Conversations (ACM Digital Library): (see PDF)

Chapter Abstracts of eBook…
Extremism. A Philosophical Analysis By Quassim Cassam (Taylor & Francis Group):

Not a Drop to Drink: Water Scarcity Gives Rise to Local Violence, International Disputes (The Soufan Center):

OSCE Policy Brief – Linkages between Violent Misogyny and Violent Extremism (OSCE):

General theory of data, artificial intelligence and governance (Humanities and Social Sciences Communications):

Britain Passes Sweeping New Online Safety Law (The New York Times):

OVER-THE-HORIZON COUNTERTERRORISM. Implications of the new Western approach to counterterrorism (Djøf Publishing; Centre for Military Studies, Denmark):

Does Artificial Intelligence have a right to free speech? Only if it supports our right to free thought (Deccan Herald):

RAN in the WBs Study Visit – Management of Returnee Foreign Terrorist Fighters and their Family Members, Berlin 28-29 April 2022 (EU RAN):

Making the Nation Safer Through Social Science. The Psychology of It All (Stimson):

Violent Extremism: Agencies’ and Financial Institutions’ Efforts to Link Financing to Domestic Threats (U.S. Government Accountability Office):

Discovery and characterisation of socially polarised communities on social media (Springer Nature):

CO23131 | Weaponising of the COVID-19 Pandemic (RSIS, Singapore):

The Nature of Bullying in Higher Education: A Comparative Study of Students’ Experiences in Ghana and Norway (Journal of Comparative & International Higher Education):

Domain-adaptive pre-training on a BERT model for the automatic detection of misogynistic tweets in Spanish (Springer):

RAN Mental Health: Trauma, violent extremism and masculinity, Bologna 20-21 June 2023 (EU RAN):

‘Easy access to illegal content’ likely to be curbed in France (Euractiv):

Book review…

From hate speech to AI music: the YouTube chief trying to leap tech’s biggest hurdles (The Guardian):

Multi Platform-based Hate Speech Detection (ICAART 2023):

The Four Realms of Extremism and Mitigation Techniques By Adham Elmayergi (University of Alberta):

An Evolving Threat Landscape: Composite Violent Extremism and Prevention Efforts (GNET Research):

The Psychology Of Interoperability Animation (CREST Research):

Benin/Violent extremism: UNDP raises awareness among young people of the risks of indoctrination (Jumelages & Partnarinats):

Child Protection in Digital Education. Technical Note (UNICEF):

Improving Your Counter-Terrorism Response: A Six-Step Guide to Adhering to the EU’s TCO Regulation (Tech Against Terrorism):

Singapore’s education ministry takes on radicalisation (Borneo Bulletin):

US Supreme Court to hear cases over free speech and social media (Financial Times):

Multimodal Computation or Interpretation? Automatic vs. Critical Understanding of Text-Image Relations in Racist Memes (SSRN):

How Costa Rica drafted Latin America’s first ever anti-hate strategy (United Nations):

RAN HEALTH Personality disorders and mental illnesses with implications in preventing violent extremism, Helsinki 20-21 July 2022 (EU RAN):

Spotlight on Mental Health (EU RAN):

Online Hate Speech In Australia: The Role of News Media and Pathways for Change (Purpose Labs):

ECRI REPORT ON NORTH MACEDONIA (sixth monitoring cycle) (ECRI):

Select Committee on Security and Justice, 19 September 2023 (Parliament of the Republic of South Africa):

Eradicate Hate Global Summit wraps up with sharing and connecting of solutions (Pittsburgh Union Progress):

Open-Access eBook…
Proceedings of the 13th Conference of the Media Psychology Division (DGPs) (Melusina Press, Luxemburg):

Video, summary…
Victims of terrorism and their right to access justice: Challenges and solutions (ICCT):

Twitter hates speech detection using FastText (Parth Dholakiya via medium):

A Framework for Countering Organised Crime (SOC ACE):

Free Safety by Design course gives future tech leaders competitive edge (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

Qualitative Indicators of Transparency During an Incident Response (GIFCT):

Predictors of Bullying among Athletes in the Romanian Context (MDPI):

Singapore makes efforts to prevent radical views via social media (Vietnamplus):

Will the Dark Side of the Internet Lead to More Misinformation Beliefs? Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic and the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election (SSRN):

Kenya and Kuwait join the Global Counterterrorism Forum, strengthening multilateral security and counterterrorism efforts (GCTF):

Guide for Policymakers for the use of Sport for the Prevention of Violent Extremism (United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism):

EU parliament to push for more action with broad mental health report (Euractiv):

Eradicate Hate Global Summit returns to Pittsburgh for 3rd year (Triblive):

Does Social Media Cause Cyberbullying And Depression? (Security Boulevard):

Backlash Against and Resistance To Feminist Peacebuilding (PRIF, Germany):

Quantitative Indicators of Transparency During an Incident Response (GIFCT):

T5 for Hate Speech, Augmented Data, and Ensemble (MDPI):

Prevent duty animation – public sector staff working together to stop radicalisation (UK Home Office):

Balancing Content Moderation and Free Speech on Gov Platforms (CIVICPLUS):

The Hague Memorandum on Good Practices for the Judiciary in Adjudicating Terrorism Offenses (GCTF):

Select Committee on Security and Justice, 20 September 2023 (Parliament of the Republic of South Africa):

A Reporter’s Guide to Navigating Disinformation on Social Media (PEN America):

Freedom of Expression and Social Conflict (IFN Working Paper, Sweden):

Publication: Unemployment and Violent Extremism: Evidence from Daesh Foreign Recruits (OKR, World Bank):

Feminists Infiltrate The “Incelosphere” — Where Toxic Content Warps Modern Masculinity (WORLDCRUNCH):

Pittsburgh’s 3rd Annual ‘Eradicate Hate Global Summit,’ seeks to drive anti-hate solutions (90.5 WESA):

Dr. Jörg Walendy at ICT22 (2023) (International Institute for Counter-Terrorism):

Topological Data Mapping of Online Hate Speech, Misinformation, and General Mental Health: A Large Language Model Based Study (arXiv):

Recherche sur les évolutions de l’écosystème en ligne: Telegram, Discord et Odysee (ISD): |

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