The titles at | October 2023 (I)

  • Addressing Hate Speech through Education – a guide for policy makers (UNESCO)
  • Online Hate Speech In Australia: The Role of News Media and Pathways for Change (Purpose)
  • A Toolkit on Using Counterspeech to Tackle Online Hate Speech (the future of free speech)
  • Report: A human rights response to online ethnic hate speech in Kenya (alt advisory)
  • Taking Stock of Approaches to Counter Hate Speech in the Western Balkans, September 2023 (EU RAN)
  • The Economics of Content Moderation: Theory and Experimental Evidence from Hate Speech on Twitter (SSRN)
  • The Impact of Data Pre-Processing on Hate Speech Detection in a Mix of English and Hindi–English (Code-Mixed) Tweets (MDPI)
  • Can We Counteract Hate? Effects of Online Hate Speech and Counter Speech on the Perception of Social Groups (Sage)
  • What Did You Learn To Hate? A Topic-Oriented Analysis of Generalization in Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology)

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