Free Resources on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech, November 2023 (I/II)

Browse and read from a list of the 100 most popular LinkedIn posts about counter-extremism and countering hate speech by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of November 2023.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue:

  1. Free eBook…
    Violent Extremism. A handbook of risk assessment and management (UCL PRESS):
  2. Here’s How Violent Extremists Are Exploiting Generative AI Tools (WIRED):
  3. Evaluation of secondary and tertiary level P/CVE programmes, October 2023 (EU RAN):
  4. Rethinking Counterterrorism (Just Security):
  5. Global Study on the Impact of Counter-Terrorism on Civil Society & Civic Space (UNSR via ICNL): (News) (PDF)

Background: since 2017, we have filed more than 12,000 of shares on LinkedIn to a network of – now – more than 6,100 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism, radicalization, and on countering hate. This is one of the bi-weekly reviews of our posts, hosted on the website

Project Manager Competencies and Implementation of Counter-extremism Programs: a Case of Somali Youth Livelihoods Program in Mogadishu, Somalia (University of Nairobi Research Archive):

Online Hate: Is Hate an Infectious Disease? Is Social Media a Promoter? (Journal of Applied Philosophy):

Reconciliation center to combat extremism, rehabilitate convicted individuals (HESPRESS):

The 3R Model for Youth PVE Restore, Repair, and Reframe (Exploring trends & research in countering and preventing extremism & violent extremism):

Action plan to relate social media platforms (UNESCO):

Evaluation of secondary and tertiary level P/CVE programmes, October 2023 (EU RAN):

When radicalization does not lead to terrorism (LinkedIn Pulse):

Criminal justice interventions for preventing radicalisation, violent extremism and terrorism: An evidence and gap map (Campbell Collaboration):

3rd International Conference on Countering Violent Extremism Kicks Off in Rabat (Maghreb Arabe Presse):

Special issue: The (international) politics of content takedowns: Theory, practice, ethics (Policy & Internet):

UNODC and the European Union Join Efforts to Address Terrorism on the Basis of Xenophobia, Racism and other forms of Intolerance, or in the Name of Religion or Belief / Violent Right-Wing Extremism (UNODC):

Factoring Hate Speech: A New Annotation Framework to Study Hate Speech in Social Media (arXiv):

AVERT International Research Symposium 2023. SYMPOSIUM RECORDINGS (AVERT):

Free eBook…
Challenges and Perspectives of Hate Speech Research (Digital Communication Research):

INTERVIEW: Religious leaders should do more to reduce hate speech, says int’l lawyer Morten Bergsmo (Ahram Online):

Countering Online Hate Speech: How Does Human Rights Due Diligence Impact Terms of Service? (Computer Law and Security Review):

Beyond Denouncing Hate: Strategies for Countering Implied Biases and Stereotypes in Language (arXiv Vanity):

Police complete crucial training in countering violent extremism (K24 TV, Kenya):

Anti-Institutional Extremism In The Netherlands (AIVD, Netherlands):

Anti-Institutional Extremism In The Netherlands (AIVD, Netherlands):

Religious scholars condemn extremism, terrorism during meeting with army chief (Hum News, Pakistan):

Tracking online extremism to tackle violence (UK Research and Innovation):

Social Media 4 Peace Training for Religious Leaders ahead of the 2024 Indonesian Elections (UNESCO):

Global Initiative To Curb Online Extremism Expands Despite Tech Giant Absences (Crytopolitan):

Audio, transcript…
Extremist Manifestos with J.M. Berger (Tech Against Terrorism Podcast):

Norway join forces with UNDP to build community resilience to prevent violent extremism in West Africa (UNDP via Modern Ghana):

5 Videos…
RADIS Ringvorlesung 2023. Islamismus in Deutschland und Europa: Gesellschaftlicher Umgang mit Ursachen und Wirkungen (PRIF via YouTube):

Measuring socio-psychological drivers of extreme violence in online terrorist manifestos: an alternative linguistic risk assessment model (Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism):

INDEED E-guidebook 2. How To Design PVE/CVE And De-radicalisation Initiatives And Evaluations According To The Principles Of Evidence-based Practice (INDEED):

Report: A human rights response to online ethnic hate speech in Kenya (ALT Advisory):

Hate Speech Detection based on Word Embedding and Linguistic Features (Indian Journal of Science and Technology):

8 warning signs to recognize when mental illness and violent extremism collide (Wolters Kluwer):

A New Normal of Hate on Social Media (GRAPHE):

A New Normal of Hate on Social Media (GRAPHE):

Preventive campaigning using biographical experiences from victims, survivors and former extremists (EU RAN via Journal EXIT-Deutschland):

Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit 2023: Tech Against Terrorism Calls for Effective Responses to Terrorist Crises (Tech Against Terrorism):

Cyber-Radicalization: A New Breeding Ground for Violent Extremism in Bangladesh? (International Journal of Research and Innovation in Social Science):

International Conference on Combating Violent Extremism kicks off at ICESCO headquarters (Azertag, Azerbaijan):

Meta’s Oversight Board and the Need for a New Theory of Online Speech

Social media regulation: how the EU came up with its strategy (In Cyber News):

Preventing and countering violent extremism online through media and information literacy focus of OSCE training programme (OSCE):

CCCPA conducts training in Mali on enhancing role of religious leaders in preventing extremism, terrorism (Daily News, Egypt):


Is there a blast radius of workplace bullying? Ripple effects on witnesses and non-witnesses (Current Psychology):

Revealed: plan to brand anyone ‘undermining’ UK as extremist (The Guardian):

Rabat: Participants in International Conference Highlight Growing Role of Scientific Knowledge in Understanding, Countering Terrorism (Kingdom of Morocco):

2023 Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit Joint Statement (Christchurch Call):

Japanese Supplementary Budget Project JFY2021: final narrative report; prevention of extremism through education in Africa (UNESCO International Institute for Capacity-Building in Africa):

UN Policing: Heads of Police Components Briefing (Security Council Report):

Online conflict resolution: Algorithm design and analysis (Information Sciences):

Crafting an Online Instrument to Conduct Research on Workplace Bullying (ACARINDEX): : les religions, terreau de la radicalisation (Le Quotidien, Luxemburg):

Combatting Extremism and Terrorism: The Signing of an Agreement to Create “ Moussalah Center” (

Schools sound alarm over radicalisation and extremism (Belga News Agency):

Joint Statement: Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit 2023 (ÉLYSÉE):

Europol TE-SAT 2023 (eucrim):

Study on preventing and combating hate speech in times of crisis (Council of Europe): (News) (PDF)

Study on preventing and combating hate speech in times of crisis (Council of Europe): (News) (PDF)

Japanese Ambassador calls for multi-country partnership to combat violent extremist crimes (Blueprint, Nigeria):

The Uli Dataset: An Exercise inExperience Led Annotation of oGBV (arXiv):

“Highly nuanced policy is very difficult to apply at scale”: Examining researcher account and content takedowns online (Wiley Policy & Internet):

Nordic Extremism (Tech Against Terrorism): (Podcast) (Transcript)

Radicalisation: Social media as a breeding ground for extremism (ARA City Radio, Luxemburg):

Towards Meaningful Accountability for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Linked to Terrorism (United Nations CTED):

How terrorist attacks distort public debates: a comparative study of right-wing and Islamist extremism (Journal of European Public Policy):

Behind the Instagram Posts: The Role of Female Influencers on the Far-Right (GNET Research):

Behind the Instagram Posts: The Role of Female Influencers on the Far-Right (GNET Research):

Bad Men, Good Men, and Loving Women: Gender Constructions in British State Messaging on Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism and Preventing Violent Extremism (Terrorism and Political Violence):

On the Identification and Suppression of Hate Speech in Online Contexts (DIVA Portal):

The Global Governance of AI: Tech Against Terrorism Remarks at the Elysée Palace (Tech Against Terrorism):

Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Returnees from Syria and Iraq: Ten Lessons from the Berlin Experience for Local Governments (Strong Cities Network):


Greg Barton – Terrorism, Jihadism & Extremism: Exploring Roots and Impacts of Radicalisation (The Voices of War):

UNDP Expands Partnership with Mahallas (UNDP Uzbekistan):

Creating safe digital spaces free of trolls, doxing, and hate speech (UN Women):

Article, Video…
Perhaps YouTube Fixed Its Algorithm. It Did Not Fix its Extremism Problem (Tech Policy Press):

Free eBook in German…
Kinder im Fokus der Prävention. Ausgewählte Beiträge des 27. Deutschen Präventionstages (Forum Verlag Godesberg):

CULTURAL GLOBALIZED COMMONS (CGC²) – And What They Mean for Diversity and Identity:

Sentimental analysis & Hate speech detection on English and German text collected from social media platforms using optimal feature extraction and hybrid diagonal gated recurrent neural network (Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence):

Consultation: Protecting people from illegal harms online (Ofcom, UK):

BNPT Chief Evaluate Deradicalization Program and Infrastructure Development in Nusakambangan (INP, Indonesia):

Time to prepare for Protect Duty (Aon):

Time to prepare for Protect Duty (Aon):

Unprecedented reach and recruitment paths for hate and extremism (arXiv):

Norway joins forces with UNDP to build community resilience to prevent violent extremism in West Africa (UNDP Ghana):

Spotlight on the 2023 APPAP Working Group on the Prevention of Hate Speech and Incitement 2023 (APPAP):

New report shines a light on the scope and scale of teenage terrorism offenders for the first time (University of Southampton):

Ex-rebels need deradicalization before reintegration (Philippine News Agency):

Disinformation and Hate Speech on Social Media, Data Protection in the European Union (West Science Law and Human Rights):

Statement by the Prime Minister to mark the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit 2023 (Prime Minister of Canada):

Unprecedented reach and recruitment paths for hate and extremism (arXiv):

Fighting Hate and Hate Speech: Raising Anti-Hate Awareness through Critical Analysis of Popular Cultural Texts on an Undergraduate Course (MDPI):

Hate Speech on Twitter: Vox in the Catalan Parliamentary Elections (Journalism Practice):

Internet for Trust. Guidelines for the Governance of Digital Platforms (UNESCO): (News) (PDF)

Juxtaposing violent extremism and critical radicalism in Europe: the role of reflexive awareness in pursuit of religious purity and cultural essence (Politics, Religion & Ideology):

Un rapport conforte les mesures prévues contre la diffusion de discours haineux (Le Conseil fédéral, Suisse):

Schools note upsurge in radicalisation among their pupils (VRT, Belgium):

How Gaming Platforms Will be Affected by Online Regulations (Trustlab):

A Systematic Literature Review on Cyberbullying in Social Media: Taxonomy, Detection Approaches, Datasets, And Future Research Directions (International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication):

Biased and Nonbiased Victimization at School: Perceived Impacts Among Victimized Youth in a National Sample (Journal of School Violence):

Social Media Cyberbullying Detection on Political Violence from Bangla Texts Using Machine Learning Algorithm (Journal of Intelligent Learning Systems and Applications):

Bericht stützt geplante Massnahmen gegen die Verbreitung illegaler Hassrede (Der Bundesrat, Schweiz):

RISE Action Guide: A New Approach for Disengagement from Violent Extremism (USIP):

‘We Don’t Co-parent with the Government’: Gender Ideology as a Global Culture War (GNET Research):

Draft Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015 (Risk of Being Drawn into Terrorism) (Revised Guidance) Regulations 2023. Debated on Tuesday 14 November 2023 (Hansard, UK Parliament):

Elections & social media: the battle against disinformation and trust issues (Ipsos):

Elections & social media: the battle against disinformation and trust issues (Ipsos):

Women activists in Albania face sexist language and hate online (Politiko):

Analyzing Hate Speech Against Women on Instagram (Open Information Science):

Over 35,000 persons have lost their lives to violent extremism – UNDP (TheGuardian, Nigeria):

Testimonials: Involving victims/survivors of terrorism in P/CVE, September 2023 (EU RAN):

Considerations of the Impact of Generative AI on Online Terrorism and Extremism (GIFCT):

10th Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism “Global terrorism’s new phase. Threat trends” (Real Instituto Elcano):

Childhood Innocence?: Mapping Trends in Teenage Terrorism Offenders (ICSR):

Prevention of Extremism through Education in Africa: end-of-project external evaluation report (UNESCO):

EU digital chief urges TikTok, X to increase clean-up efforts (Reuters):

Radicalisation as last resort? The disorientation in the “climate fight” and the limits of activism in extremism (Konrad Adenauer Stiftung):

Worrying trends highlight need for vigilance against homegrown terrorism (The Strategist, ASPO, Australia):

Towards an Internet for Trust: African Perspectives on Operationalising UNESCO’s Guidelines for Regulating Digital Platforms (CIPESA):

RAN C&N Working Group meeting – Preventive campaigning using biographical experiences from victims, survivors and former extremists, Berlin 13-14 June 2023 (EU RAN):

Free eBook…
Exploring Trends and Research in Preventing and Countering Extremism and Violent Extremism (Hedayah):

Recognizing and recording bias motives essential to counter hate crime and restore victims’ trust, OSCE human rights office says (OSCE): (News) (Website) (PDF)

AI should be better understood and managed — new research warns (Science Daily):

Cyberbullying in the UK: The Effect of Global Crises on the Victimization Rates (Journal of School Violence):

From the detection towards a pyramidal classification of terrorist propaganda (Journal of Information Security and Applications):

Restorative Justice vs Hate Speech (PsychiatricTimes):

Residents in western Benin feel safe despite fears of spillover of terrorists from the Sahel (africanews):

Restorative Justice vs Hate Speech (PsychiatricTimes):

Residents in western Benin feel safe despite fears of spillover of terrorists from the Sahel (africanews):

A Data-Driven Strategy for Online Hate Speech Spreader Identification using Modified Pagerank (Computer Science & IT Conference Proceedings):

The Family context in Cybervictimization: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Trauma, Violence, & Abuse):

Select Committee on Security and Justice, 8 November 2023 (Parliament of the Republic of South Africa):

Improving hateful memes detection via learning hatefulness-aware embedding space through retrieval-guided contrastive learning (arXiv):

Does Sport Promote Radicalization? The Place of Fighting Practices (HAL):

Violence on Reddit Support Forums Unique to r/NoFap (Deviant Behavior):

AVERT International Research Symposium: (Session 1) (Session 2) (Session 3) (Session 4) (Session 5) (Session 6) (Session 7) (Session 8) (Session 9) (Session 10) (Session 11) (Session 12) (Session 13) (Session 14) (Session 15)

Folge #18 | Psychische Gesundheit im Beratungskontext (KN:IX talks):

Hate Knows No Boundaries: Online Hate in Six Nations (

Early Terrorist Adoption of Generative AI (Tech Against Terrorism):

The development of anti-bullying, discrimination and harassment guidance: a survey among the Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) council members (National Library of Medcine, USA):

Internet Gaming Disorder And Problematic Internet Use: The Links Between Cyberbullying, Aggression, Loneliness And Psychiatric Comorbidities (National Library of Medicine):

Bringing back the concept of colonial pacification in the study of preventing violent extremism (PVE) practices: the case of Tunisia (Cambridge Review of International Affairs):

Partisan conflict over content moderation is more than disagreement about facts (ScienceAdvances):

Meta-analyses of the predictors and outcomes of cyberbullying perpetration and victimization while controlling for traditional bullying perpetration and victimization (Aggression and Violent Behavior):

Community engagement in curbing violent extremism: the Bangladesh context (Figshare, Macquarie University):

Countering Extremist Threats in the UK: An Address by Robin Simcox (RUSI):

Grand mufti’s timely observation (Arab News):

Preventing bullying in schools and online: “the hardest work is yet to come” (kolsquare):

Annotators’ Perspectives: Exploring the Influence of Identity on Interpreting Misogynoir (The Open University):

Annotators’ Perspectives: Exploring the Influence of Identity on Interpreting Misogynoir (The Open University):

Lecture Series: Luisa Conti – Online Tribalism: Hate Speech and Community Formation (ReDICo):

Piloting Multi-Actor Frameworks in Small-and Mid-Sized Cities in the United States (The Strong Cities Network):

“Consumed by creed”: Obsessive-compulsive symptoms underpin ideological obsession and support for political violence (Aggressive Behavior, Wiley):

Factoring Hate Speech: A New Annotation Framework to Study Hate Speech in Social Media (ACL Anthology):

Contextualizing involvement in terrorist violence by considering non-significant findings: Using null results and temporal perspectives to better understand radicalization outcomes (PLOS ONE):

Far-right social media communication in the light of technology affordances: a systematic literature review (Annals of the International Communication Association):

L’UE peut-elle combattre la radicalisation en ligne ? (ARTE via YouTube):


Translation and Transliteration based Hate speech identification in Code-mixed Language Dr. Sunil (Animesh Chaturvedi):

Erfahrungen mit Gefährdungssituationen in Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie bei Patienten mit extremistischer Einstellung (Der Nervenarzt):

9 facts about bullying in the U.S. (Pew Research Center):

The Pendulum Effect: Political Exclusion and Shifting Dominance between Moderate and Radical Factions in Opposition Groups (SSRN/MIT Political Science Department Research Paper):


L’UE peut-elle combattre la radicalisation en ligne ? (Arte):

A Conversation with Rebecca Weiner of the NYPD (NCITE via YouTube):

Year Three Working Groups. Blue Teaming: Alternative Platforms for Positive Intervention (GIFCT):

Methods for successful research related to Violent Extremism in the Somali-American community (National Institute of Justice e.a.):

Focus on social challenges (OECD):

Into the LAION’s Den: Investigating Hate in Multimodal Datasets (Open Review):

Discriminatory Speech on Digital Platform a case study of Twitter (Gender, Race, Politics, Sexuality) (Universitas Tartuensis):

‘It’s time to put the copes down and get to work’: a qualitative study of incel exit strategies on r/IncelExit (Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression):

Year Three Working Groups. Considerations of the Impacts of Generative AI on Online Terrorism and Extremism (GIFCT):

T5 for Hate Speech, Augmented Data, and Ensemble (Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence):

Disruptive AI technology and hate speech: A legal redress in Malaysia (University of Bradford):

Fighting Hate and Hate Speech: Raising Anti-Hate Awareness through Critical Analysis of Popular Cultural Texts on an Undergraduate Course (MDPI):

Survey on the impact of online disinformation and hate speech (UNESCO):

The Prevent Duty In Education (kelsi):

What Is It to Explain Extremism? (Terrorism and Political Violence):

Deutsche Telekom and FC Bayern: No hate speech (

Tad: A Domain-Aware Framework Learning to Adapt Target Shifts of Hate Speech (TechrXiv):

Understanding the association between moral disengagement and ethnic victimization: roles of bystanders in class (European Journal of Developmental Psychology):

Deep learning techniques for hate speech detection (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore):

‘Bangladesh maintains zero tolerance policy towards extremism’ (The Daily Star, Bangladesh):

How Far Can We Extract Diverse Perspectives from Large Language Models? Criteria-Based Diversity Prompting! (Papers with Code):

RISE Action Guide Launch Symposium: Opening Plenary (USIP):

In Search of the Radicalized Mainstream: Mobilizing, normalizing and normativizing farright ideologies from the centre (via Dezim-Institut):

AI firms rally behind Ardern’s Christchurch Call to fight extremist content online (digwatch):

Bullying: Teach Your Kids How To Stand Up for Themselves (Microsoft Start):

EU halts advertising on X over ‘hate speech’ (The Business Standard):

Building resiliency to ecofascist radicalisation: Preventing an emerging threat (ICCT):

At NTU International, we’re committed to contribute to combating radicalization and promoting invaluable knowledge exchange within the community (NTU International):

UNESCO and Meta empower young social media users (UNESCO):


Hate Speech, Historical Oppressions, and European Human Rights (Buffalo Human Rights Law Review):

Trolling and doxxing: Graduate students sharing their research online speak out about hate (EconoTimes):

Multilingual Code-Mixed Sentiment Analysis in Hate Speech (SCPE): |

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