Free Resources on Countering Extremism and Hate Speech, December 2023 (II/II)

Browse and read from a list of the 165 most popular LinkedIn resources that deal with counter-extremism and countering hate speech, as posted by Thorsten Koch, MA, PgDip, during the first half of December 2023.

The Top 5 posts, as part of this issue…

  1. Ideological obsession: Unraveling the psychological roots of radicalization (PsyPost):
  2. UNODC Youth-led action to prevent violent extremism and terrorism (UNODC):
  3. Empowering communities against violent extremism through livelihoods support systems (UNDP Ghana):
  4. Using custom GPT to create a hatespeech identification tool (via Medium):
  5. Dangerous Organizations and Individuals (Meta):

Background: since 2017, we have filed more than 12,000 of shares on LinkedIn to a network of – now – more than 6,200 followers and connections – shares of articles and documents about countering extremism, radicalization, and on countering hate. This is one of the bi-weekly reviews of our posts, hosted on the website

Safeguarding Information Integrity: Addressing Externality Costs of Misinformation in the Digital Age (ICT4Peace):

Countering reactionary co-radicalization (RC-R): using multi-representational ads (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Predicting Radicalism After Perceived Injustice: The Role of Separatist Identity, Sacred Values, and Police Violence (Journal of Social and Political Psychology):

“Je suis Samuel”: The hate crime of Samuel Paty (

Critical terrorism studies and numbers: engagements, openings, and future research (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Radicalization: An Educational Approach (Global War on Terrorism – Revisited):

Looking beyond waves and datasets: “cultures of terrorism” and the future of history in terrorism studies (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

2023 United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) Second Quarterly Briefing to Member States (UNOCT):

Risk of Radicalisation in Adolescents: Theory, Facts and Comments (Social Psychology and Society):

Reshare. Free eBook…
Violence and Trolling on Social Media (Amsterdam University Press):

Debunking Prevailing Assumptions About Monitoring and Evaluation for P/CVE Programmes and Policies (ICCT):

Indonesia-America Agree To Focus On Building Resilience Against Extremism (VOI, Indonesia):

Trends in Terrorism: What’s on the Horizon in 2024? (FPRI):

Empowering communities against violent extremism through livelihoods support systems (GhanaWeb):

Strategic Communications in FTF Repatriation & Reintegration: Guiding Principles for Policymakers & Practitioners (Journal for Deradicalization):

Autoregressive Feature Extraction with Topic Modeling for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis of Arabic as a Low-resource Language (ACM Digital Library):

Adverse Childhood Experiences and Bullying During Adolescence: A Systematic Literature Review of Two Decades (Adolescent Research Review):

Terrorism and Strategic Effect: A Conceptual Framework (Perspectives on Terrorism):

CO19123 | Countering Religious Extremism: The Need for Regional Collaboration (RSIS):

The Use and Exposure of Hate Speech Among Students: A Discourse Analysis Study (Theory and Practice in Language Studies):

Regulating online hate speech: the Singapore experiment (International Review of Law, Computers & Technology):

SEM analysis of agreement with regulating online hate speech: influences of victimization, social harm assessment, and regulatory effectiveness assessment (Frontiers in Psychology):

Community leaders worry about increased radicalization risk after arrest of youth in Ottawa (CBC News, Canada):

Research on Extremism in the U.K. Hobbled by Skewed Research Environment (Homeland Security News Wire):

Why Post That? Re-thinking the Problem of Absent Presence within Social Media (Communication & Language at Work):

Experiences of bullying behavior among students in the school: A qualitative study (Environment and Social Psychology via ResearchGate):

Preventing Cyberbullying and Online Harassment (Irma-International):

A new California law regulating online content moderation will force X to reveal how it reviews hate speech (Business Insider, India):

Popular platforms failed to detect hate speech in adverts (Newszroom Afrika):

Court document alleges Meta willingly designed its platforms to hook kids: report (FOX5 New York):

Social media users’ online behavior with regard to the circulation of hate speech (LERRN, Carleton University, Canada):

Muted: Multilingual Targeted Offensive Speech Identification and Visualization (ACL Anthology):

Social Cohesion. A Basis for the Primary Prevention of Radicalisation in Cities (Journal for Deradicalization):

Lawyers mull challenges to terror orders as extremist freed (The Age, Australia):

Parents should be on high alert for signs of radicalization, experts say (Herald Sun, Australia):

Beyond Bullets and Bombs: The Rising Tide of Information War in International Affairs (CSIS):

Inspiring Practices for the Meaningful Inclusion of Victims/Survivors of Terrorism in P/CVE Work (EU RAN):

The Regulations of The Law Concerning Hate Speech Offenses (Journal of Law and Sustainable Development):

Global Hate and Far-Right Extremist Groups (Global Project Against Hate and Extremism):

Use of Large Language Models for location detection on the example of the terrorism and extremism event database (Publications Office of the European Union):

Five Things About Individuals Who Engage in Violent Extremism and Similar Offenses (OJP.GOV):

United Against Online Abuse: A Call for Global Action in Sports (Clark Hill):

The affective nexus between refugees and terrorism: A panel study on how social media use shapes negative attitudes toward refugees (Political Psychology):

Expert-Annotated Dataset to Study Cyberbullying in Polish Language (MDPI):

HARE: Explainable Hate Speech Detection with Step-by-Step Reasoning (ACL Anthology):

Reducing Echo Chamber Effects: An Allostatic Regulator for Recommendation Algorithms (ResearchGate):

Interpreting The Radicalization Of Youth What Can Research On Nrm Converts Tell Us About Westerners Who Join Radical Islamic Groups (Radicalisation: A Global and Comparative Perspective):

Affect in Online Hate Speech (Ethnologia Fennica):

CTED releases new analytical brief: Enhancing effective public-private partnerships in countering the financing of terrorism (United Nations Security Council – Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate):

Cyberbullying Facts & Statistics (2024) (What’s the Big Data):

Comparative Analysis on Detection of Hate Speech/Offensive Language in Social Media (Tuijin Jishu/Journal of Propulsion Technology):

The Global Online Safety Regulators Network: An inaugural year of growth, building trust, and collaboration (eSafetyCommissioner, Australian Government):

Intent-conditioned and Non-toxic Counterspeech Generation using Multi-Task Instruction Tuning with RLAIF (OpenReview):

The Punishment of the Grave: A Neglected Motivation for Jihad and Martyrdom (Perspectives on Terrorism):

A Look at the State of Research on [Counter-]Terrorism and Violent Extremism (Perspectives on Terrorism):

How Local and Regional Governments Are Building Trust and Preventing Corruption (Strong Cities Network):

Radicalization: An Educational Approach (Global War on Terrorism – Revisited):

Unmasking Online Hate: Navigating the Shadows of Social Media (TheMindMatrix):

“Consumed by creed”: Obsessive-compulsive symptoms underpin ideological obsession and support for political violence (Aggressive Behavior):

Addressing hate speech in sport to build inclusive societies (Council of Europe):

Tackling terrorist content online – Propaganda and content moderation (NOTIONES & Tech Against Terrorism Europe):

Unmasking the Hidden Meaning: Bridging Implicit and Explicit Hate Speech Embedding Representations (Hal Science):

Repository of Extremist Aligned Documents (READ)

Council of Europe’s Role in Europe’s Counter-Terrorism Landscape (Tactics Institute for Security and Counter-Terrorism):

Reshare. Video…
Gaming: 35% of adult gamers having seen white supremacist content (EU RAN):

Detection of Hate-Speech Tweets Based on Deep Learning: A Review (Jurnal Informatika dan Sains):

Rising Extremism and Gendered Digital Abuse With Barbara Perry (Canadian Women’s Foundation):

DILG underscores resolute efforts to combat criminality, insurgency (Office of the President of the Philippines):

The annual analysis of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights notes a high increase in cases of hate speech (Sloboden Pechat, Northern Macedonia):

Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding (United States Institute of Peace):

No Space for Reddit Spacing: Mapping the Reflexive Relationship Between Groups on 4chan and Reddit (Social Media + Society):

Guidelines for the Governance of Digital Platforms (UNESCO):

6 Types of Bullying Your Child Might Encounter (Parents):

Online hate surges after Hamas attacks Israel. Why everyone is blaming social media (USA Today):

Key Takeaways from the Latest Country Reports on Terrorism (The Washington Institute for Near East Policy):

Towards a nation-based definition of hate speech based on Council of Europe standards (Council of Europe):

2023 And Avoidable Hate Speech! (Leadership, Nigeria):

Building Resilience to Extremism in Gaming: Identifying and Addressing Toxicity in Gaming Culture (EU RAN):

Why Are Bullies So Mean? A Psychology Expert Explains Their Harmful Behavior (The Conversation via The74):

Online hate speech can lead to real-world violence (The ConnectSafely Report with Larry Magid):

The EU’s Digital Services Act takes on “The Algorithm” (Chicago Policy Review):

RCMP warns of violent extremism among Canadian youth (CBC News):

Social Media Companies’ Moderation Efforts Lost Steam in 2023 (Bloomberg):

Episode 111: Free Speech, Political Speech, and Hate Speech on Campus (Harvard Radcliffe Institute):

Offensive Text Span Detection in Romanian Comments Using Large Language Models (MDPI):

A typology of disinformation intentionality and impact (Information Systems Journal):

Towards comprehensive cyberbullying detection: A dataset incorporating aggressive texts, repetition, peerness, and intent to harm (Computers in Human Behavior):

Self-Efficacy with Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Efforts in Supporting Implementation SDGs: Literature Review (Jurnal Kesehatan Komunitas Indonesia):

Social media users’ online behavior with regard to the circulation of hate speech (Frontiers in Communication):

Growing concern at rise of political extremism, Drew Harris says (Breaking News, Ireland):

The Media Bias Taxonomy: A Systematic Literature Review on the Forms and Automated Detection of Media Bias (arXiv):


‘Eradicating Hate Begins With Young People’ (Richmond Pulse, California):

Is the Israel-Hamas War Spilling Over Into Europe? (Lawfare):

Cross-Linguistic Offensive Language Detection: BERT-Based Analysis of Bengali, Assamese, & Bodo Conversational Hateful Content from Social Media (arXiv):

Analyzing Zero-Shot transfer Scenarios across Spanish variants for Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology):

Victims of Terrorism and Reparation: Applying the 2005 UN Basic Principles and Guidelines on the Right to a Remedy and Reparation (ICCT):

UCD: YouTube algorithm fuels extremism (Davis Enterprise):

TuPy-E: detecting hate speech in Brazilian Portuguese social media with a novel dataset and comprehensive analysis of models (arXiv):

Moderating New Waves of Online Hate with Chain-of-Thought Reasoning in Large Language Models (arXiv):

Nigeria Leads Other ECOWAS Members To Tackle Terrorism, Extremism (Leadership, Nigeria):

Annual Coordination Meeting of the National Commissions on Small Arms and Light Weapons (NATCOMs) held in Dakar (UNODA):

The Role of the US Department of State in Countering Terrorism (Tactics Institute for Security and Counter-Terrorism):

The Intersection of Hate Speech and the First Amendment (Decalogue Society):

Online Media, Civic Engagement, and the Prevention of Religious Radicalism: Together for an Inclusive Future (A View of Empirical Evidence) (MDPI):

A social network approach to jihadist mobilization analyzing radicalization and recruitment among underage youth in Spain (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos):

Obstacles and facilitators to intimate bystanders reporting violent extremism or targeted violence (Critical Studies on Terrorism):

Disrupting Terrorism Online in 2023 (Tech Against Terrorism):

Graph Neural Networks for Antisocial Behavior Detection on Twitter (Papers With Code):

SAIRUS: Spatially-aware identification of risky users in social networks (Information Fusion):

Adolescents’ cyberbullying experience and well-being: Sex difference in the moderating role of cognitive-emotional regulation strategy (Computers in Human Behavior):

Prevention of violent radicalisation and extremism in vocational education and training (Finnish National Agency for Education):

MENA Regional Hub: Moroccan Cities Efforts in Preventing and Responding to Hate, Extremism and Polarisation (Strong Cities Network):

Social media kindness intervention increases innovation in college students (Computers in Human Behavior Reports):

HSA@20 Episode Companion: Domestic Terrorism (Congressional Research Service, U.S.A.):

Acknowledge media’s role in fighting violent extremism, journalists tell state (The Sunday Standard, Kenya):

Deep learning techniques for hate speech detection (Nanyang Technological University):

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (EU FRA):

Doubling Down on Accountability in Europe: Prosecuting ‘Terrorists’ for Core International Crimes and Terrorist Offences Committed in the Context of the Conflict in Syria and Iraq (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Imagined Extremist Communities: The Paradox of the Community-Driven Lone-Actor Terrorist (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Addressing violence in schools in Serbia: the Protector of citizens presented his Special report (Council of Europe):

Data-Efficient French Language Modeling with CAMEMBERTA (ACL Anthology):

Violent Extremism and Sports in the Western Balkans, December 2023 (EU RAN):

SCO’s Regional Security Mandate (Tactics Institute for Security and Counter-Terrorism):

Christchurch Call Youth Engagement Session (Christchurch Call):

Prevent: Rise in climate activists referred to anti-terror scheme (BBC News):

CERIS annual event 2023 – Fighting Crime and Terrorism/Resilient Infrastructure (NTU International):

“Maybe Tomorrow Could Be Different” – The Thought That Saved Kevin’s Life (Breaking Bullying):

Individual and Contextual Factors of Radicalisation (Perspectives on Terrorism):

Militant jihadist exploitation of youth and young adult vulnerabilities in the Maldives (Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism):

How to talk to your children about hate speech (UNICEF):

Unmasking Digital Deception – OpEd (Eurasia Review):

Mahfud MD Explains 3 Extremism That Leads To Terrorism (VOI, Indonesia):

What verbal de-escalation techniques are used in complaint handling? (Journal of Pragmatics):

RAN REHABILITATION Working Group Meeting – Mentorship in a rehabilitation setting, Stockholm 25-26 May 2023 (EU RAN):

Gender Constructions in the Prevention of and Deradicalization from Islamism in Germany (Journal for Deradicalization):

Leveraging Zero and Few-Shot Learning for Enhanced Model Generality in Hate Speech Detection in Spanish and English (MDPI):

Mayoral and City Officials’ Learning Visit on Enhancing City-Youth Engagement in Preventing and Responding to Hate, Extremism and Polarisation (Strong Cities Network):

Graph Neural Network Approaches for Classifying Radicalization (SSRN):

Debunking Misconceptions About Monitoring and Evaluation for Counter-Terrorism and Preventing/ Countering Violent Extremism Programmes and Policies (ICCT):

Semantic speech analysis using machine learning and deep learning techniques: a comprehensive review (Multimedia Tools and Applications):

Outsider Women: Understanding Women’s Roles in White Supremacist Deradicalization (Journal for Deradicalization):

Twitter Threatened With Hefty Fines Over Handling of Hate (The Daily Beast):

Are Some Born to Bully? (Psychology Today):

FIU professor explains origin of hate (CBS Miami via Yahoo! Finance):

High-Profile Crime and Perceived Public Safety: Evidence From Cologne’s New Year’s Eve in 2015 (

Religious Mobilisation to Terrorism and Implications for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism: The Case of Abdullah Azzam (Journal for Deradicalization):

Witnessing workplace bullying — A systematic review and meta-analysis of individual health and well-being outcomes (Elsevier):

United Nations Security Council Arria-Formula meeting on Artificial Intelligence (UN Web TV):

Thesis Distillation: Investigating The Impact of Bias in NLP Models on Hate Speech Detection (ACL Anthology):

Insurgency and Violent Extremism in Pakistan (Small Wars & Insurgencies):

HATE SPEECH. Ein Schatten auf der digitalen Bühne (edit-magazin):

Im toten Winkel – Rechtsextreme auf alternativen und etablierten Plattformen (ISD Germany):

700% increase in terror, extremist sites taken down in ’23 (ANSA, Italia):

Free Speech, Hate Speech, Misinformation and YOU! (Town Meeting TV): |

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